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To remain competitive, businesses today seek out the best Business Intelligence Software. Are you trying to make a choice between Snowflake vs Salesforce? In this article, we assist you in selecting the optimal solution by comparing Salesforce Analytics Cloud and Snowflake in 7 critical points. You can choose which software suits you the best after reading and analyzing the differences between the two.

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Key Differences in Snowflake vs Salesforce

Below we have mentioned 7 key points of difference in Snowflake vs Salesforce which can help you make the right choice according to your needs. 

General Information

-Snowflake is a data warehouse designed for the healthcare, gaming, media and advertising, financial services, software, supply chain and logistics industries.-Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that helps businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and provide better customer service.

Features of Snowflake

  • Cloud provider agnostic (i.e., it is compatible with any cloud infrastructure and can be moved to and from different cloud environments)
  • Scalability
  • Concurrency and workload separation
  • Near-zero Administration
  • Semi-structured data

Features of Salesforce

  • Custom dashboards
  • AI-powered predictions
  • Interactive data visualization
  • Custom analytics apps
  • 100M data rows
  • Einstein Suggested Visualizations
  • Online learning
  • Analytics dashboard designer
  • Partner analytics apps on AppExchange
  • Visual data preparation
  • Embedded predictive insights.
  • HIPAA, SOC 1 and 2, ISO, and GDPR compliant

Pricing Information

Snowflake offers four quote-based enterprise pricing plans. 

Standard Edition: 
-Complete SQL data warehouse.
-Native support for Avro, JSON, Parquet, and XML.
-Has connectors for ETL, BI, and other apps.
-Unlimited data size.
-Web-based user interface.
-Support only during business hours.
-Adat encryption is always enabled.
-Multifactor authentication. 
-Role-based access control. 
-Service response time is 4 hours.
-SOC 2type 2.

Premier Edition:
-Everything that’s included in the standard edition. 
-Premier support available.
1 hour response time for service.
-Instant zero-copy cloning feature.
-Service availability SLA (Service level Availability).
-1-day data retention.

Enterprise Edition: 
-Everything that’s included in the premier edition.
-Multi-cluster warehouse.
-Data retention history for 90 days.
-Federated authentication.
-Annual rekeying of encrypted data.

Enterprise Edition (for sensitive data):
-Everything that’s included in the Enterprise edition. 
-Enhanced data and security policies.
-Data transmission is encrypted inside Snowflake.
-Support for PHI HIPAA data.
-PCI DSS compliance.
-HIPAA compliance is supported.
Salesforce Analytics offers the following plans, all of which are billed annually.

Einstein Predictions: $75/user/month.
-Einstein Prediction Builder suite.
-Core Einstein Discover functionalities available.
-HIPAA, ISO, and GDPR compliant.

Einstein Analytics Growth: $125/user/month.
-Analytics Studio suite, excluding the Einstein Discover Templates.
-Data platform suite with 100 million storage rows of data.
-HIPAA, SOC 1 and 2, ISO, and GDPR compliant.

Einstein Analytics Plus: $150/user/month
-Full access to Analytics Studio suite.
-Full access to Einstein Discover suite.
-Einstein Prediction Builder suite included.
-HIPAA, ISO, and GDPR compliant.

Tableau Creator: $70/user/month
-One creator license for either Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
-Tableau desktop available.
-Tableau prep builder included.

Tableau Explorer: Starting price at $35/user/month
-At least 5 explorers (users) are required.
-Tableau Server explorer license provided.

Tableau Viewer: Starting at $12/user/month
-Minimum of 100 users or viewers required.
-Tableau Server Viewer license provided.

Company Size

-Suitable for Large Enterprises and Medium Businesses.-Suitable for Medium Businesses and Larger Enterprises.

Customer Support

-Live Support 
-Tickets. When customers encounter issues, they submit support tickets. To interact with customers, service agents respond to support tickets. The ticket is closed when the issue is resolved.

User Personas

Snowflake has a variety of users with database engineers making up of the vast majority. 

Snowflake vs Salesforce: Snowflake user personas.
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Salesforce is mainly used by:

  • Sales Managers
  • Field Sales and Inside Sales professionals: To track leads and convert them to customers effectively.

Final Thoughts

In this blog post, we have discussed Snowflake vs Salesforce and their key features and compared them against different parameters.

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