Workato is a cloud-based integration and automation platform. Workato enables business, and IT teams to connect applications and automate business processes. This enables businesses to track the outcomes of business events in real time.

Who should use Workato?

Ideal for small-scale organizations, with a workforce of size ranging from 1-200 employees.

Workato is a suitable solution for businesses that use SaaS applications. These applications have API capabilities and need integrations with low data volumes.

Most individuals use Workato for API, access controls/permissions, and data analysis tools.

What to look for in a Workato Alternative?

  • Workato provides a brilliant team of technical experts to answer your questions. But customization of the integrations requires programming knowledge. You could opt for a tool that has a no-code feature.
  • The software’s fundamentals are easy to master. But there is a steep learning curve involved in getting your Workato recipes to operate. Hence, you need to look for a tool that is easier to use.
  • Recipes are user-created automated workflows that can span many applications. Debugging errors that occur within recipes can be challenging. The API of one of the software that is connected to Workato returns the errors and not Workato itself. You need to look for a tool in which debugging process is easy to understand and solve.
  • Although Workato’s pricing plans are not public, their price ranges from $10000 to $15000 per year. This might be a little expensive for you. Hence, you should consider something that fits your price range.

Here is a list of Workato alternatives based on factors like ease of use, pricing, debugging errors, etc. We hope this helps you choose the best option that suits your needs.

1. Hevo

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Hevo is a data pipeline platform. It enables you to replicate data from all your sources to the destination of your choice. You can run transformations for analytics, and deliver operational intelligence to business tools.

Hevo is easy to use even for non-technical users, as it is a no-code data pipeline. You can save time and effort because it is completely automated. It requires almost zero maintenance.

You can scale your data infrastructure as required. The platform supports 150+ ready-to-use integrations and 40+ free sources.

Hevo has a very intuitive UI to make setting up a pipeline easier for you.

Hevo provides you with drag n drop feature. It also has python-based & SQL pre-load complex data transformation capabilities.

Hevo has a very transparent pricing model with no hidden costs. You can try out Hevo’s 14-day free trial to see if it fits your needs.



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Image Source assists e-commerce businesses in developing a 360-degree view of the customer. It improves customer insights by increasing operational insights and advertising ROI.

The company’s skilled support staff is one of its greatest assets. They offer excellent help with technical products.

It can be difficult to determine the cause of a log failing. This is because the Error Log provided is often quite minimal.

But, the user experience is outstanding. Simplification of every function and usability makes it easy to use.

Pricing information is not public. You must contact for pricing details.

3. Stitch Data

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Stitch is an open-source ETL service. It connects various data sources to desired destinations and replicates the data.

Stitch is simple to use and does not need any coding experience. It is quick and has an excellent user interface and a friendly GUI.

Data replication from NoSQL databases such as MongoDB is difficult in Stitch. Object flattening of unstructured data in NoSQL databases results in inaccuracy. This leads to a loss of data. You cannot unflatten data unless you have the extra information stored somewhere else.

Stitch lacks pre-load and post-load data transformation capabilities. But it can manage the conversion of data types and schemas. Hence, you can dump all the raw data into your data warehouse. Then define transformations in SQL and run them at query time.

You need a refined error messaging and notification system to identify the errors.

Stitch is cheaper than Workato. Especially for smaller organizations as they can choose from a range of prices. Starting from 100$ up to 1250$, depending on your needs, Stitch offers a wide range of pricing plans. It also has a free plan for limited membership.

4. Panoply

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Panoply is a cloud-based data management system. Panoply is an ELT platform that offers storage optimization algorithms and visualization capabilities.

The availability of helpful community support is one of Panoply’s most significant advantages.

The Automated Materialized Views (AutoMV) is an excellent feature. It permits the creation of complex views without regard for runtime. In general, support agents are responsive and helpful.

Yet, materialization processes sometimes experience problems (downtime). They are not visible on the platform.

Panoply lacks built-in visualization tools. If you want to visualize your data, then you need to use external software.

Panoply is cheaper than Workato. They offer five different pricing tiers, and costs can reach $2729. They also offer a free trial.

5. Zapier

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Zapier is an online platform that automates workflows. You can connect your applications and the services you use.

Zapier is simple to set up. The learning curve is flat and intuitive. You only need to locate the application within the Zapier catalog. Zapier provides the connection details and links the application too. But, you need to integrate the application into Zapier first.

Zapier’s user interface could be improved. Syncing data between different environments also takes time.

There are 5 pricing plans out of which you can choose which suits you the best, ranging from $0 to $599 a month.


Some people may be looking for more affordable prices, ease of use, or an easier debugging process. There are alternatives available for each of these aspects. We have listed the 5 Workato alternatives in this article.

We hope this article will assist you in finding a Workato alternative. The following is a list of all the different options discussed in this article:

  • Hevo
  • Stitch
  • Panoply
  • Zapier

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