CoinList switches to Hevo for a Scalable, Secure, and Maintenance-Free ETL Experience

Jim Walnum, Senior DevOps Manager uses Hevo to meet CoinList’s growing data needs by eliminating manual data pipeline processes and achieving fully automated ETL. Switching to a modern data stack has allowed him to significantly reduce reporting time and improve query reliability.

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150M+ Events/Month

CoinList uses Hevo to securely unify 150 million events per month with 100% accuracy and zero data loss

10+ Hrs Saved

CoinList’s DevOps team saves over 10 hours per week that was earlier spent on maintaining data pipelines

~15 Minutes

Business users now have access to analytics-ready data with a latency of as little as 15 minutes

CoinList, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms, enables participants from all across the globe to buy, lend, trade, and stake the best new tokens like Filecoin, Flow, and Solana before they list on other exchanges. Crypto companies can run their token sales, meet compliance requirements, and manage custody and staking with Coinlist’s battle-tested infrastructure. CoinList’s platform orchestrates the trade of crypto assets worth around $3 billion, generating a huge volume of data regularly.

Meet Jim Walnum, Senior DevOps Manager at CoinList. Jim and his team are responsible for CoinList’s infrastructure and onboarding data tools and system management products. He has extensive hands-on experience converting legacy development processes to cloud-based continuous integration frameworks along with implementing dev and production frameworks.

Jim Walnum
Jim Walnum

Senior DevOps Manager

Data Challenges

As the trading volume skyrocketed, CoinList’s platform started generating huge volumes of data. Manually aggregating this data from multiple sources was a cumbersome and maintenance-heavy task, not to mention, prone to a lot of human errors.

We currently have a very small DevOps team who jointly manages and supports our systems. With the increasing trading volume moving data manually is a very unscalable process. We do not have any reliable and stable tool to sync our data across multiple sources.

- Jim Walnum, Senior DevOps Manager, CoinList

In addition to that, generating real-time reports using unified data was almost impossible and with a growing data volume, this problem was bound to get worse.

We were unable to run reports based on data from multiple sources. Reporting speed was at an all-time low and periscope (now Sisense) widgets often timed out on business users. To make things worse, there was a lot of human intervention, so there was no way of knowing if these reports were accurate.

- Jim Walnum, Senior DevOps Manager, CoinList

To address CoinList’s data challenges, Jim started looking for a cloud data warehouse and an all-in-one ETL solution to enable accurate, real-time reporting with unified data.

The Solution

After settling on AWS Redshift as a data warehouse, Jim looked for a data pipeline tool that -

  • Follows Industry-standard practices to secure its servers and databases
  • Is fully automated, fault-tolerant, and does not require frequent maintenance
  • Has an excellent customer support
  • Supports a wide range of integrations

Before going ahead with Hevo, we evaluated AWS Glue and but none of those fit our use case as perfectly as Hevo did. It was pretty easy to get started with Hevo due to a straightforward UI and helpful support.

- Jim Walnum, Senior DevOps Manager, CoinList

CoinList now loads more than 150 Million events per month from their MySQL, Postgres, and Google Sheets data sources to a Redshift data warehouse with zero data loss and 100% accuracy. Their Redshift data warehouse serves as a single source of truth which is connected to periscope (now Sisense) for data analysis.

Hevo CoinList Data Stack

Key Results

Before onboarding Hevo, CoinList's engineering team used to spend about 10 hours every week manually loading and aggregating data from different sources. Now that data aggregation is handled by hevo, the engineering team can focus on more important projects. Also, Business users have access to analytics-ready data in real-time and they no longer have to worry about stale numbers on periscope (now Sisense) dashboards.

Hevo moves our data very well, it acts as the nexus for all of our ETL needs. Business users can now ask advanced analytics questions without having to wait for the engineering team to manually aggregate data from different sources. As a result, reporting speed and query reliability have improved significantly and data is available within 10-15 mins after it is produced.

- Jim Walnum, Senior DevOps Manager, CoinList

CoinList’s platform continues to grow disruptively and in the last year, its user base has doubled to 3.5 million. The number of users who participate in staking has increased from around 400 in July 2020 to more than 22,000 in May 2021. Hevo is happy to be a part of CoinList’s growth journey and looks forward to strengthening this partnership in years to come.

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