StockGro Upgrades to Hevo for Reliable, Maintenance-free, and Scalable Data Replication, Saves Engineering Bandwidth

Raman Tehlan, the Founding Engineer of StockGro switches from an on-prem data pipeline solution to Hevo for a faster, scalable, and zero-maintenance data pipeline experience ensuring that StockGro’s team has access to accurate data in real-time to power decision making and deliver a superior customer experience to its 5M+ users.

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5-10 Hrs Saved

StockGro is saving 5-10 hours per week on pipeline maintenance after switching to Hevo

5X Growth

Even after a 5X growth in data volume, Hevo has maintained the same data accuracy and syncing speed

100% Accuracy

StockGro’s team now has access to 100% accurate data in real-time

StockGro is India’s first social investment platform where users can build their trading skills through a gamified experience of trading stocks. Today, over 5M users are actively using this platform to connect with other investors, follow experts, and build their skillset. Partner education institutes and student bodies can also host trading competitions on the platform.

As a startup, Stockgro is a small team with a flat structure and flexible job responsibilities. Meet Raman Tehlan, Founding Engineer at Stockgro. Being a founding engineer, Raman wears multiple hats. His primary responsibility is to create backend infrastructure based on the business requirements. This includes creating and scaling microservices, building internal tools, setting up cron jobs, pipelines and generating business reports, ensuring that complete and accurate real-time data is accessible to StockGro’s team, which uses internal tools to resolve users’ issues, and BI dashboards to make critical business decisions.

Raman Tehlan
Raman Tehlan

Founding Engineer

Data Challenges

Data plays a significant role at StockGro as it is used to make decisions on upcoming features, monitor KPIs, track growth, and power some of the application's main features. As StockGro’s platform matured with the addition of more features and a growing user base, the volume of data generated started increasing exponentially.

For instance, there are millions of transactions happening on StockGro’s application every day. All this data is stored in multiple MongoDB instances and is synced with StockGro’s BigQuery data warehouse.

Before Hevo, StockGro had built an on-premise data pipeline solution but this solution required constant maintenance, frequent manual intervention, and was unable to keep up with the exponential growth in data volume and number of data sources.

Earlier, Our pipelines were built using self-hosted Airflow, which required constant maintenance and couldn't handle schema updates. In addition, it was slow, and as a result, it wasn't real-time and often missed syncing some data. We spent between 5-10 hours per week to maintain these pipelines, plus additional hours to add new collections for syncing. And despite this, we had to run the scripts manually to generate some critical reports.

- Raman Tehlan, Founding Engineer, StockGro

After 2-3 months of using Airflow, Raman and his team realized that it wouldn’t be a long-term solution as the current data challenges will only be aggravated with the anticipated increase in data volume. To resolve current data challenges and future-proof StockGro’s data stack, Raman started looking for a 3rd party data pipeline tool.

The Solution

After evaluating Hevo and some of the popular data pipeline tools in the market, Raman found that most were very expensive. Even then, he experienced data losses and faced problems connecting to data sources. Raman came across Hevo and decided to try it out.

We stumbled upon Hevo and decided to use it for some of the collections. It was a great first experience, as we were able to set up our pipelines within a few hours. We decided to move all the pipelines to Hevo, and it took only a few days to complete this process.

- Raman Tehlan, Founding Engineer, StockGro

After finishing the initial setup process and getting used to the platform, here are some of the features and qualities that Raman and his team like the most about Hevo -

  • Auto Schema Mapping: StockGro doesn’t have to worry about adding a new collection or table to the sync as Hevo will automatically map all the attributes.
  • Zero Maintenance: Hevo is built on fault-tolerant architecture so Raman can schedule all data pipelines with predefined transformations using Hevo’s pipeline scheduling, workflows and models features enabling a zero maintenance experience.
  • Wide range of sources and destinations: Raman is confident about having Hevo as StockGro’s data pipeline tool in the long run because of its existing and growing list of pre-built connectors to sources and destinations. Plus, he also appreciates how easy it is to connect to sources and build data pipelines.

Raman and his team use Hevo to load the transactional data generated by StockGro’s 4 million users from multiple MongoDB instances and sync it with their Google BigQuery data warehouse, which works as a single source of truth. StockGro’s team uses Redash and custom tools to analyze the data in BigQuery and build dashboards.

Hevo StockGro Data Stack

Key Results

Before Hevo, it used to take Raman and his team 5-10 hours every week to maintain their on-premise data pipelines. Now, the whole process is maintenance-free and the team can redirect their focus to analyzing the data without worrying about its availability.

Everyone in the team now has access to real-time, accurate data, making it easy to move fast. In addition, Hevo has made it effortless for us to maintain the pipelines, and the whole process is very reliable and scalable. In the last few months alone, our data has grown 5X, and Hevo maintained the same data accuracy and syncing speed.

- Raman Tehlan, Founding Engineer, StockGro

Recently, StockGro raised $5 million in a pre-series A funding round to grow its user base, hire talent and build new features. Hevo is proud to be StockGro’s growth partner in its mission to democratize investments for the next generation

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