WellBefore Powers a Seamless eCommerce Experience using Hevo

Javier Barragan, Co-founder of WellBefore uses Hevo to aggregate Shopify, Inventory, and Sales data to a BigQuery data warehouse to deliver the best in class eCommerce experience to its customers and improve operational efficiency.

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10 hours/week

Javier estimates that having Hevo helps him save ~10 hours per week that was earlier spent on pipeline maintenance

100% Accuracy

Javier uses Hevo to load ~300K events per month with 0 data loss and 100% accuracy

15% Increase in Efficiency

Fully automated inventory management with a modern data stack has increased the operational efficiency by 15%

WellBefore is a medical and health supplies eCommerce company born out of the need for essential personal protective equipment supplies directly to combat the pandemic in the US. Now, they have expanded their offering to include a wider range of medical supplies. WellBefore uses an array of applications to manage logistics and eCommerce data to keep things running smoothly and deliver a high-quality experience to its customers.

Meet Javier Barragan, Co-founder of WellBefore. He is the main stakeholder of all data and analytics processes at WellBefore which includes extracting insights from data housed in Shopify and managing inventory data to keep operations up and running smoothly.

Javier Barragan
Javier Barragan


Data Challenges

At an early stage of inception, Javier knew that loading data manually wasn’t feasible as it would take up too much time and won’t scale with WellBefore’s increasing data needs. To avoid this situation altogether, Javier set up a cloud-based ETL tool, Skyvia, which worked out fine for some time, but eventually, he started facing some deal-breaking problems.

Our previous solution, Skyvia, wasn't as advanced as Hevo. It didn’t have a REST API or any equivalent and that was important for us as we needed it to load data from our inventory platform, QuickBooks Commerce.

- Javier Barragan, Co-founder, WellBefore

Due to a lack of REST API functionality, Javier started looking for an alternative solution that could connect to their inventory platform, QuickBooks Commerce, and provide more flexibility in terms of connecting more data sources in the future.

The Solution

After evaluating some of the other cloud data pipeline providers, Javier decided to go ahead with Hevo primarily because of its REST API functionality and Shopify integration coupled with a user-friendly interface. The drag and drop transformations are also a handy way to format data before loading it into the warehouse.

We were able to switch to Hevo from Skyvia within an hour, after that it was just a day or two’s work to migrate all the pipelines to Hevo. The entire process was really quick and efficient. Hevo is an extremely easy to use and feature-rich platform that has helped us move quickly with all our data needs.

- Javier Barragan, Co-founder, WellBefore

Now, Javier uses Hevo to sync sales and eCommerce data from Shopify to Wellbefore’s BigQuery data warehouse to build custom reports. Additionally, he integrates data from QuickBooks Commerce using the REST API and Google Sheets to BigQuery, this data is then used to manage and update inventory on the WellBefore website.

Hevo WellBefore Data Stack

Key Results

Hevo is a fully managed solution that helps Javier save almost 10 hours per week. Pipelines created with Hevo are fault-tolerant and the auto-schema management feature ensures that the source schema is automatically reflected in the destination without any manual intervention or data loss. This has helped Javier save a lot of time that was otherwise spent on pipeline maintenance. He is now able to focus on delivering the best-in-class eCommerce experience to its customers with the help of unified data and it has increased their overall operational efficiency.

One of the best things about Hevo is that I don’t have to go on the platform very often, I can just set up my data pipelines and forget about them. Hevo’s support is great, best in class for sure. Then the way things are set up in terms of building pipelines is very intuitive and the new paginated logic is awesome. To date, I haven’t encountered any discrepancies as far as accuracy is concerned. It’s user-friendly and overall a very well thought out platform.

- Javier Barragan, Co-founder, WellBefore

Javier uses Hevo to load close to ~300k events per month with 100% accuracy. He is also planning to use Hevo to integrate data from Klaivyo to BigQuery to obtain deeper insights into WellBefore’s customer data. WellBefore has emerged to be a key player during the pandemic for providing essential medical supplies at an affordable price to all. Hevo is extremely happy and proud of the growth that WellBefore has achieved in such a short time and we’re looking forward to working together in solving more business problems with the help of data and analytics.

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