Harmoney Upgrades to a Powerful Data & Analytics Stack with Hevo, Snowflake, and Tableau

Miles Davis, Data & Analytics Manager at Harmoney, uses Hevo to combine their first-party data from multiple source systems into Snowflake, which then powers their Machine Learning Models to effectively run Google Ads Smart Bidding campaigns.

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30% Time Saved

Automating data pipelines using Hevo helped Harmoney’s data & analytics team save 30% of their time

100% Data Accuracy

Hevo’s fault-tolerant architecture ensures uninterrupted data flow with full accuracy and quality

5M Events/Day

Harmoney securely processes over 5M events each day using Hevo

Since its inception in 2014, Harmoney has sought to transform the way people borrow and lend money. They’ve created Australasia's largest personal loan platform, having facilitated over $2.0 billion in loans to over 50,000 customers on both sides of the Tasman, giving people more choice and options. Along the way, they’ve created a purpose‑driven culture focusing on helping people do better through technology, big data, and responsible lending.

All of Harmoney's business processes are online, this includes everything from the loan application process to credit decision to disbursement. To analyze the impact of each of these processes, capturing the right customer data at the right time is very important. Their business teams heavily rely on this data as it powers their machine learning algorithms to accurately calculate the credit score and target the right customer with the help of marketing campaigns.

The data and analytics team at Harmoney consists of 5 members, which includes 2 Data Scientists, a Data & Analytics manager, a Data Engineer, and a Credit Risk Analyst. Meet Miles Davis who works as a Data & Analytics Manager at Harmoney and is responsible for building and maintaining the data warehouse, data pipelines, marketing data components, and building the org-wide analytics/reports using Tableau. Miles reports to Harmoney’s Head of Data Science, Andrew Cathie, who is responsible for building their business-critical credit score components.

Miles Davis
Miles Davis

Data & Analytics Manager

Data Challenges

The data is the core of Harmoney’s business. They capture the session information of every user that visits their website, record every single event, and store this information in Snowflake. Multiple teams use this data in different ways, like the marketing team who uses it for media buying and to train Google’s Machine Learning models, the finance team who uses it for modeling with regards to forecasting, payback on loans, profitability, and expenses, the product team who uses it for understanding opportunities within the product, and the management team who uses it in the form of daily reports covering the position, transactions, and balances.

Miles and his team were using Tableau to create their business reports and dashboards, Snowflake to centralize their data, and Alooma to replicate their data from multiple data sources into Snowflake. However, Alooma was acquired by Google and they stopped supporting Snowflake as a destination which meant a new data pipeline tool had to be identified.

Our product evaluation criteria are very stringent and we put emphasis on the product reliability, versioning, documentation, social media engagement, features, and support. After extensive research and reviewing twelve different data integration tools, we chose Hevo. We were truly surprised with the speed and simplicity at which Hevo processes our data.

- Miles Davis, Data & Analytics Manager, Harmoney

The Solution

Getting onboarded to Hevo was quick and simple. It took us just 1 month to migrate and set up all our pipelines from Alooma to Hevo, which shows how easy it is to use this platform for creating, migrating, and managing the pipelines. Hevo’s Python interface to transform data is extremely powerful. The best part is that they continuously innovate and introduce new features and connectors. Hevo provides a range of SaaS connectors and integrates our data into Snowflake in a most reliable way.

- Miles Davis, Data & Analytics Manager, Harmoney

They use Hevo to solve one of their biggest use cases, which is calculating the lifetime value (LTV) of each website visitor and training Google’s machine learning model to effectively target online ads to visitors. Whenever a website visitor gets added to their marketing funnel, its data from Salesforce gets mapped with Google using Hevo, and this way they find out their most valuable customers and target them using Google’s smart bidding strategy called target return on ad spend (TROAS).

Miles and his team use Hevo to integrate data from Salesforce, Intercom, Marketo, Google Sheets, and Google Analytics. Also, they use Hevo’s webhook and REST API integrations to connect some ad-hoc data sources. For creating complex data models they use SQL scripts to query Snowflake.

Hevo Harmoney's Data Stack

Hevo provides a range of SaaS connectors and we love the way Hevo natively transforms our Intercom data. We’ve drastically improved the accuracy of our models because of the highly accurate data that Hevo provides us. Their support team is just fantastic and we always get a response from them within minutes. They fix any business-critical issues on priority and their turnaround time for any critical issues is real quick.

- Miles Davis, Data & Analytics Manager, Harmoney

Key Results

Harmoney has seen a huge improvement after upgrading its data & analytics stack with Hevo. Automating data pipelines using Hevo helped Harmoney’s data & analytics team save 30% of their time. Hevo’s fault-tolerant architecture helped Harmoney set up the uninterrupted data flow with 100% accurate data and they securely process over 5M records every day without any delay.

The biggest advantage for us using Hevo is that with minimum touchpoint and minimum latency we could replicate our data into Snowflake. With Hevo’s Intercom and Marketo integrations, we were able to save months of engineering time. We’ve seen a drastic improvement in the accuracy of our models and we’ve started seeing its impact on the conversions of our ad campaigns. Hevo is a powerful tool to integrate data from different sources to data warehouses and I highly recommend including it in your data stack.

- Miles Davis, Data & Analytics Manager, Harmoney

Going beyond vanity metrics and finding out customer lifetime value using machine learning has worked really well for Harmoney and going forward they are planning to rely more heavily on machine learning and data models. After launching its IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Harmoney is eyeing growth in the Australian market and planning to use the same technology and search strategy to expand its reach in Australia and build long-term relationships with its valuable customers. Hevo is extremely proud to be a part of their success story and looking forward to working together in providing the most trusted data always.

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