Access to Unified Data Helped Whatfix Cut Down Business Reporting Time from Days to Hours

Samvit Majumdar, Principal Engineer at Whatfix uses Hevo to seamlessly extract, transform and load org-wide data and powers Business Intelligence with the help of accurate & unified data.

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2 Months Saving

Access to unified data helped Whatfix save almost 2 months of data engineering time which otherwise was spent on complex queries

20% More Accuracy

Adapting a modern data architecture has helped Whatfix increase application data accuracy by 20 percent

30M Events

Whatfix seamlessly and securely integrates ~30M events/day from 5 different data sources using Hevo

The B2B SaaS startup, Whatfix provides in-app overlays and guidance for implemented software to advance product adoption, user onboarding, employee training, self-service support, and performance support using enterprise web applications. The platform allows SaaS application users to provide contextual, interactive, real-time, and autonomous user guidance to drive additional adoption and improve productivity.

Whatfix works with several Fortune 500 companies and has seen outstanding growth over the past few years. Being a digital platform, their every business function is heavily dependent on the data for making the right decisions at the right time.

Meet Samvit who is a Principal Engineer at Whatfix and leads their data lake team. His team comprises two data engineers, two analysts, and a data scientist. The data engineers are responsible for the maintenance and development of the data framework to ensure the timely availability of accurate data to power all data-reliant processes.

Samvit Majumdar
Samvit Majumdar

Principal Engineer

Data Challenges

As Whatfix scaled both in terms of operations and employee size, the volume of data captured and stored increased exponentially. Due to this, the current data & analytics processes started showing cracks. Data existed in the form of disparate silos, which restricted analytics use-cases that require data from multiple sources.

Before 2018, the internal data analytics at Whatfix was close to non-existent. Our business users used to rely on the customer data generated by our platform. Since these numbers were not correlated with the business data, analytics was restricted to account-level data. This prohibited us from looking at the bigger picture.

- Samvit Majumdar, Principal Engineer, Whatfix

For instance, answering a question like “What is the usage trend in the top 25% of our clients based on ARR?” required almost 2 months of data engineering time. Inability to timely answer questions like this, among other pressing bottlenecks, created the need to deploy a data pipelining framework to build a single source of truth.

The Solution

Samvit and his team began to evaluate whether they should develop an in-house solution or go for an external tool. They concluded going ahead with a third-party tool as developing an in-house solution would occupy a sizable portion of engineering bandwidth and even then it wouldn’t be as robust. The only inhibition was data security standards.

Since our core-offering involves handling our clients’ data, we generally avoid using third-party tools. Compliance is a big deal for us and we can’t compromise on that. While evaluating Hevo alongside Stitch & Fivetran, SOC 2 compliance was among the most important parameters.

- Samvit Majumdar, Principal Engineer, Whatfix

In addition to SOC 2 compliance, Samvit chose Hevo out of all other competitors because of these reasons:

  1. Support for python-based transformations
  2. Best price to performance ratio
  3. Seamless data loading with advanced features

While evaluating the data integration tools we were comparing the tools based on the speed at which they move data and we found Hevo to be the fastest. Additionally, its transformation capabilities far surpassed all other solutions that we considered.

- Samvit Majumdar, Principal Engineer, Whatfix

Whatfix is currently using Hevo’s pre-built integrations to pull data from Salesforce, Zendesk, Amazon S3, and Google sheets data sources. They’re using web-hooks to pull data from ClientSuccess and SaaSOptics. All of this data undergoes a series of transformations ranging from simple transformations like date-stamping, JSON flattening to complex python-based transformations. The transformed data is then aggregated at Whatfix’s Amazon Redshift data warehouse and consumed by different team members in the form of reports created on Looker.

Hevo Whatfix Data Stack

Key Results

Before Hevo, all data integration processes were manual, and reporting used to take a few days. Though complete adoption is still underway, reporting time has come down to just a few hours. Both product & engineering teams track their KPIs on Looker without any data issues and take important business decisions without any delays.

The biggest advantage of Hevo is that Loading and Transformation are seamless. We rarely have to spend time on maintenance. Hevo does a lot of heavy lifting for us: Time Stamping, JSON flattening, Table Splitting among other transformations. Developing an in-house solution comparable to Hevo would’ve definitely required significant expenditure both in terms of time & money. Hence we’re extremely happy to have Hevo on our side.

- Samvit Majumdar, Principal Engineer, Whatfix

Last year Whatfix claimed to have onboarded over 100 Fortune 1000 customers, almost doubled its revenues, and is poised to raise a Series D round of funding. Because of the pandemic, most companies have adopted remote working and this has increased the need for solutions like Whatfix. It’s helping companies train their new employees faster on new software and processes remotely, empowering them to drive digital adoption and prepare for the future of work. Hevo is thrilled to have played an essential role in their growth journey and is super excited to solve more data challenges together!

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