How leverages customer data to deliver fitness to millions of Indians


There is undoubtedly enough and more content out there on the need for unified customer data and why businesses should be data-driven. But what would be an exciting read is when companies share their experiences and illustrate how they go about this. For instance, what happens when the data is synced to an end destination? Who uses that data? What sort of analysis do they do? And more importantly what this means to their revenue and growth?

A recent blog by is a fantastic example that walks us through their entire journey towards becoming a data-driven company. is one of the fastest-growing fitness brands adored by millions of Indians. A brand that is transforming the fitness industry through technology and a brand with ambitious dreams of making India fit and healthy. They have over 500+ users at Curefit analyzing customer data to power near real-time use cases every day and helping in delivering the most relevant product and services to its customers.

Read their blog to know more about their current data and analytics stack and what the future holds for them. The blog covers in detail how they use Hevo for ETL pipelines, their Data Warehouse and Data lake set-up and how Metabase is used for data visualization and reporting.

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Lakshmi Kothandaraman
Former Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hevo Data

Lakshmi is a Technology Product Marketer with 10 years of experience in field marketing, content marketing, product positioning, product launches/releases, GTM, digital marketing, partner marketing, market/competition analysis, events and sales enablement.

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