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Dcode is a free, on-demand virtual Masterclass specially designed for Marketing & Growth Analysts. Learn how to harness the real power of your Data & Analytics to drive business growth.

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Join us for Dcode where you will learn the latest marketing analytics trends, tips, and strategies directly from the global marketing thought leaders. There will be 7 on-demand video courses covering 26 different topics and 1 live Q&A session at the end of this course. Book your seat today and get ready to discover your integrated marketing insights using the modern marketing analytics stack.

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What You’ll Learn

Course 1

Integrating Marketing Data Silos

Marketing has become more complex over the years with multiple teams using multiple tools, working with disparate and incomplete data. This results in misinformed and conflicting decisions. Learn how you can breakdown data silos and understand its impact on your marketing analytics, reporting, and decision making.

Course 1
  • Topic 1: What are Marketing Data Silos
  • Topic 2: Why there is a Need to Integrate Data
  • Topic 3: Impact of Marketing Data Silos
  • Topic 4: How to Breakdown Data Silos
Course 2

Building a Single Source of Truth for Marketing Data

Marketing teams today deal with the ever-increasing volume, velocity, variety, and complexity of data. Having multiple and competing versions of the truth is confusing and it often leads to poor decision making. Learn how you can build a single source of truth for your marketing data and get access to the most complete and accurate data in real-time.

Course 2
  • Topic 1: What is a Single Source of Truth
  • Topic 2: Why Marketing Needs Single Source of Truth
  • Topic 3: Challenges in Unifying Marketing Data
  • Topic 4: How to Create a Single Source of Truth
Course 3

Introduction to Modern Marketing Analytics Stack

The marketing technology stack is growing rapidly and each day we are getting introduced to new tools. These tools help us simplify our day-to-day tasks, provide rich insights, bring in more leads, and boost revenue. But choosing the right tool for the right use case has become a real problem. Let's understand the modern MarTech stack in detail.

Course 3
  • Topic 1: Overview of Marketing Tools
  • Topic 2: Challenges with the Old Marketing Stack
  • Topic 3: Shift from Spreadsheets to a Modern Stack
  • Topic 4: What does the Ideal Marketing Stack look like
Course 4

Mapping Customer Journey Through Attribution

Customers interact with your brand in multiple ways and it is important to deliver a personalized experience at every touchstone. Mapping your customer’s journey reveals patterns in user behavior, understand what aspects of your brand customers are happy with and where it needs fixing. Let’s understand how you can map your customer journey and identify new growth opportunities.

Course 4
  • Topic 1: The Complexity in Mapping Customer Journeys
  • Topic 2: Fundamentals of Marketing Attribution
  • Topic 3: Creating the Attribution Model and High-level Tracking Plan
  • Topic 4: Building a Customer Map with Unified Data
Course 5

Maximizing ROI on Paid Marketing Channels

Marketers today have the boon of multiple avenues to advertise their products and services but it is essential to hit the right mix of marketing channels. Learn how you can select the right channels, identifying the right KPIs, and diagnose the problems so as to maximize your overall marketing ROI.

Course 5
  • Topic 1: Why to Optimize Channel Mix for Revenue and ROI
  • Topic 2: Paradigm Shift in Measuring the Marketing KPIs
  • Topic 3: Challenges in Analyzing Performance Data
  • Topic 4: The Marketing Performance Blueprint: A Success Formula
Course 6

Automating Marketing Reporting with Unified Data

Marketers often spend a lot of time building their weekly/monthly performance reports because of the manual data integration and data crunching processes and the use of inefficient tools. Let’s understand how you can save time, improve accuracy, and increase productivity with automation.

Course 6
  • Topic 1: Current Reporting and Analytics Challenges
  • Topic 2: Overview of Analytics & Reporting Stack
  • Topic 3: How to Create Insightful Marketing Reports with Unified, Accurate, and Real-time Data
Course 7

Real-life Marketing Analytics
Case Studies

It's tricky working with marketing data that is constantly being generated in real-time from multiple sources. Moving from raw data to business outcomes is filled with practical challenges that many companies face. Learn how some of the top companies are solving their data challenges and finding actionable insights using the modern marketing stack.

Course 7
  • Topic 1: Practical Data Challenges
  • Topic 2: How to Transform Raw Data Into Actionable Insights
  • Topic 3: How to Productize and Commercialize your Data

Q&A Session

We’ve conducted a live, interactive Q&A session with our Masterclass speakers to answer all your questions. Watch the recording of this session by clicking the button below. If you still have any questions or want to share your feedback/suggestions then please write to us at events@hevodata.com.

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Lots of insights and views which no one can access for free. Those case studies are the real assets and opportunities to look how the industry is diving with analytics and data. The leaders involved for the courses are so resourceful and their presentation are an individual guides and white papers for those topics. Thanking from bottom of my heart for providing such an advanced course materials.

Sivachandran B
Digital Marketing Manager

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