Asana is a mobile and web application that was designed to help teams track, organize, and manage their work. Trello is a Kanban-style, web-based, list-making application that is listed as a subsidiary of Atlassian. It is deemed as one of the best project management tools. is a cloud-based platform that lets companies create their own applications and work management software.

This blog talks about Asana vs Trello vs Monday in great detail. It also gives a brief introduction to the features and benefits of leveraging each of the aforementioned tools.

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Introduction to Trello

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Trello Logo
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Trello’s USP arrives within the shape of organizing tasks into forums. You get an in-depth view of who’s working on what challenge, which responsibilities are ongoing, and which tasks are complete. You can consider it like sticky notes, besides which you dispose of all manual involvement.

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Trello Dashboard
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Key Features of Trello

  • Make Collaboration Colorful With Card Cover: You could make Trello forums and cards in different visual ways to card covers and shades. Click on the button named “Cover” on the card back, and then choose whether you want the attachment to display above the card name.
  • Align Your Team On Tasks With Advanced Checklists: Trello is a visible and organized way to devise projects and tasks, but from time to time, your undertaking boards can get cluttered with too many cards. When you need to get into the granular info of a task or have multiple due dates and people are worried about performing the said challenge, Advanced Checklists allows you to map out those shifting components.
  • Searchable Database: Trello ensures that all relevant discussions and corporate data will be stored in the system for further usage. Apart from this, it also ensures that it will be backed up against eventual failure or breach. 

Introduction to Asana

Asana is a flexible task control software that may help organize your assignments, preserve correct records, and effectively manipulate all initiatives below one software. This software program facilitates getting rid of the to-and-fro e-mail communique and, as a substitute, creates a centralized dashboard to communicate thru notifications. Through this device, your mission management can turn out to be extremely truthful, allowing you to assign specific duties to the simplest unique group of individuals based totally on their capabilities.

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Asana Dashboard
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Key Features of Asana

Some of the maximum important project tracking features observed in Asana include:

  • Collaboration: Individual group individuals can leave messages for each other on person playing cards. The playing cards maintain a complete document of the messages, making it smooth to return and find essential statistics later.
  • Creating Tasks: Breaking up a massive project into smaller obligations can make the general challenge extra manageable. Should one venture become too huge, Asana simplifies the method of breaking it up into a couple of subtasks. Users can see after they’re making development and hitting goals less complicated with character tasks versus viewing the assignment as an entire.
  • Personalization: Users can configure Asana in various ways, making the software paintings as correctly as possible for their desires. Users can configure the software to best show the tasks and messages that relate to them, for example, reducing clutter.
  • Sprint Campaigns: Asana works particularly well for teams that need to finish tasks fast and successfully. Set up a brand new board for the dash marketing campaign, allowing team contributors to fully recognize the tasks and deadlines required by the marketing campaign.
  • Views: Asana users can select from several unique view options. Set up a task’s organization to make feel for the type of venture going on. Projects, where obligations ought to observe certain steps from start to completion, will apply the visually appealing Kanban boards. The calendar or aim perspectives may work better for tasks with strict closing dates.

Introduction to Monday

Monday is an online management software program that promotes collaboration thru visualization equipment enabling transparency and cooperation among team members to control obligations and meet time limits. 

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Monday Dashboard
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This all-inclusive answer company is easy to apply and offers a consumer-friendly interface that manages ad campaigns, fixes bugs, solves issues, promotes purchaser courting control, and creates motion pictures.

Key Features of Monday

The platform gives various features to help teams manage easy and complicated tasks without problems, from checklists to content calendar templates. 

In this phase of our overview, we’ll have a short observe some of its key functions:

  1. Boards & Columns
  2. Checklists
  3. Automation
  4. Integration
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Understanding the Differences between Asana, Trello, and Monday

Here is a list of factors that will be considered while discussing Asana vs Trello vs Monday:

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Basic and Advanced Features

  • It has awesome capabilities like user interest monitor, to-do list, status monitoring and reporting, mission templates, multi-departmental initiatives, development tracking, marketing campaign planning, and worm monitoring.
  • Trello: It has wonderful functions like activity management, records importation, statistics synchronization, computing device notification, worker control, filtered views, permission management, real-time statistics, and lots more.
  • Asana: It has awesome functions like tagging, projections, real-time updates, task-making plans, personalized profiles, personalized control, event management, cut-off date monitoring, categorization, and more.

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Support and Customer Service

We might categorize help in exclusive levels:

  • Documentation: Asana, Trello, and have well-documented getting began and further utilizing courses on their respective structures or even frequently asked questions.
  • Online and Mobile team: has, without a doubt, excellent and responsive phone and online help teams. Asana does not have a sturdy cellphone guide as well as Trello.
  • How-to-use Tutorials: Asana, Trello, and Monday.Com all have a suite of written and video tutorials available online.

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Pricing

The price must by no means be your handiest consideration whilst selecting an assignment management software program, but it’s always a great idea to examine expenses so that you realize precisely what you have become on your investment.

Asana Pricing

If you’ve got 15 group contributors or much less, Asana is unfastened. It has the fundamental capabilities a freelancer requires to control maximum fairly truthful initiatives. If you are part of a bigger group or are running on a complicated mission wherein you want automation and different Asana functions, you’ll need the Premium plan.

That will price you a month-to-month charge of $10.99 according to the character if you subscribe for 12 months. It’s $13.49 if you pay month to month. The subsequent level up is the Business plan, which is ideal for businesses handling past-practical groups. It prices a month-to-month rate of $24—Ninety-nine in keeping with the person. Large teams can contact Asana at once for customized Enterprise pricing.

Trello Pricing

Trello is unfastened for a vast quantity of people. The handiest trap is, in case you need to work with more than 10 forums or use special features like e-mail support, you want to pay $10.00 in line with the person in keeping with the month for an annual Business Class plan. That monthly rate rises to $12.50 for anyone if you will alternatively pay month to month. Enterprise pricing is also to be had for large teams. Pricing’s pricing is greater complicated. While it’s unfastened to begin, that’s most effective for 2 people. You can use a vast quantity of boards, but with hardly ever any of the great features, like unique views, that make this software so specific.

If you want unlimited contributors, there’s a basic plan for a monthly charge of $eleven for every person as much as a max of $33 a month if you sign in for a year. It additionally affords greater customer support. Then, the Standard plan may include some of those great perspectives, like the Gantt chart and Timeline, and a number of this system’s integrations and automation. It’s a monthly rate of $14 for someone as much as a maximum rate of $ forty-two a month for an annual subscription.

If you need to get admission to all of the perspectives, as well as greater integrations and automation, there’s the Pro plan for a month-to-month rate of $22 a person. And like the other structures, there’s additionally an Enterprise plan.

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Integrations

To assist you in figuring as smoothly and correctly as viable, it’s crucial to easily combine your mission management software with the opposite software and applications that you use for your day-by-day freelance paintings.

Asana gives the most integrations, with more than 100, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Mailchimp, Zoom, and lots of others famous with freelancers.

Through Power-Ups, Trello can combine with favorite apps and applications like Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zapier.

The equal integrations are to be had for, and it also offers sales and e-trade integrations such as Salesforce and Shopify. Interestingly it also integrates with many project management packages. Monday.Com even syncs with Asana and Trello!

Asana vs Trello vs Monday: Data Security and Privacy

If you’re entrusted with confidential facts or your patron’s proprietary records, you want to make sure your mission management machine is secure and secure.

All 3 task management solutions are compliant with privacy rules, including Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 and 2 audits and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

While Asana gives unmarried signal-on authorization thru Google on Premium plans and up, each Trello and Monday.Com offer the option of -element authentication for extra security on all plans.


These 3 online project management software is all one of a kind, and the one deciding to apply in reality depends on your priorities. If you are searching out something easy, which won’t value plenty, and that you can use to organize some tasks, Trello might be your answer. For something a chunk greater complicated, with extra functions for the paid version, Asana is best. 

For a project management software program that is very advanced, has exquisite safety and customer support, and that you need for a large crew, Monday is probably your first-class choice.

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