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Today, Social Media is not only connecting users but also bridging the gaps among businesses and their customers through advertisements. With a wider demographic of users, Facebook is one of the most used Social Media Platforms worldwide for advertisements. Facebook Ads have pumped Sales of various brands by sharing companies’ upcoming products and discounts. Such visuals can be Entertaining, Funny, or Emotional to make customers get attached to their brands. However, creating an Ad from scratch consumes time since there are several aspects to consider while creating advertisement copies. In such cases, a collection of the proven performance of Best Facebook Ads templates can become a gem to not only save precious time but also ensure return on investment.

This article gives an overview of the Best Facebook Ads Templates. It explains various Facebook Ads, highlighting the importance of a few exceptional Facebook Ads used by businesses. It also provides a comprehensive list of the best Facebook Ads Templates.

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What is Facebooks Ads

Facebook ads are online advertisements created and distributed on Facebook Platforms by businesses to target audiences. Since its inception in 2004, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has had a keen interest in connecting businesses and users with target-based advertising. Facebook Ads were introduced in 2007, and many companies started stratifying their Social Media Campaigns to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Today, any admin of Facebook Pages can create Ads to find the target audience for promoting products and services for business growth. Facebook also facilitates Ad creators with a lot of customization depending on the budget for advertisements.

For further information on Facebook Ads, click here to check out their official website.

Do Facebook Ads Work?

The quality of audience targeting, the number of users on the site, and the level of analytics and insights are all factors that contribute to the effectiveness of Facebook advertising. Because of these benefits, paired with a solid strategy, Facebook advertising is effective for a wide range of businesses. Iteration and experimentation, as with any sort of advertising, are required to find success with Facebook Ads.

How do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook Ads operate by targeting a group of Facebook users with similar interests and placing your ad in their News Feeds or right column. You can choose from eight distinct ad formats, each tailored to the exact aims you want your ad to achieve.

To properly invest in Facebook Ads, you must first determine who your ads are targeted at. You can establish a new audience with various customizable attributes when generating a new Facebook ad. Among them are the following:

  • Location.
  • Age.
  • Sex.
  • Languages spoken.
  • Interests and behaviors.
  • Their connections to your other business-related pages on Facebook.

You can also build a Lookalike Audience, which allows Facebook to construct an audience for you based on how closely you look like a specific “source.” Some or all of the information provided above can be found in this source.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Campaigns are available in various formats, including overall Amount, Daily Budget (Bid Price), and Cost Per Result. An Ad can be customized to fit the desired budget as it charges based on the number of Clicks and Views. Below are a few types of Advertisements Facebook supports. These are also the Best Facebook Ads that can help you optimize your business results.

1) Image Ads

Image Ads
Image ads

Image Ads are a very effective Advertisement Model on Facebook to bring visitors to target websites. Although Facebook Image Ads are simple, a series of Image Ads can outperform other formats to drive maximum traffic.

Typical Image Ads on Facebook have three types — Desktop Feed, Mobile Feed, and Right Column Feed. All the Image Ads have different Resolutions and Aspect Ratios, supporting jpg or png format with a link description of thirty characters.

2) Video Ads

Video Ads
Image Source

As Video Ads are great for Campaigns to have an emotional bond with customers, it intrigues them to explore more of companies’ Products, Success Stories, and Achievements. However, for a Video to trend, a Thumbnail (static image) that appears before and after a video plays should be appealing to get more customers. Generally, a Facebook Video Ad should be shorter since users’ attention span has decreased. Users look for value in a Video Ad within the first few seconds of the Video.

All the Video Ads range from five to fifteen seconds with a maximum file size of 4GB. However, at times GIFs work well and play in a loop as an alternative to concise Video.

3) Stories Ads

Facebook stories help establish a personal connection with relevant audiences. Story Ads are Full-Screen, Vertical Format Advertisements, supporting both Image and Video format. Story Ads are a short user-generated collection that disappears after 24 hours. 

A Story Ad generally accompanies various elements like a Profile Icon and Call-to-Action (CTA) button at the top and bottom of the Story Ad. The main emphasis is given to CTA as it draws attention to drive users.

4) Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads
Image Source

Carousel Ads are one of the best Facebook Ads for showcasing multiple products or highlight different features and benefits of products individually. In general, Carousel Ads can have 2-10 images with a maximum image size of 30MB.

Facebook Carousel Images allow sharing Different Links, Descriptions, and Headlines for each card. Often many Carousel Images maintain their cohesive feel if they opt for separate images. 

5) Messenger Inbox Ads

Messenger Inbox Ads
Image Source

Facebook Messenger’s Inbox Ads are great to catch attention because they are simple and are naturally placed between the contacts’ chat lists. 

6) Slideshow Ads

Slideshow Ads are one of the best Facebook Ads that can perfectly replace Video Ads, as they consume five times less data. For a beginner, Slideshow Ads should be the best start to advertise products with motion and music. Slideshow Ads can have a maximum duration of 15 seconds, showing fade transitions between 3 to 10 images.

Importance of Facebook Ads

Almost 96% of Social Media Marketers rely on Facebook to provide the best Return on Investment (ROI). The reason behind its popularity is:

  • It has three billion active users worldwide and more than seven million advertisers.
  • On average, people use Facebook for at least thirty-five minutes a day that includes diverse age groups.
  • With the best customization of Ads, Facebook Ad Strategies and Campaigns have a great potential to thrive users.

Best Practices for Using Facebook Ads

Although Facebook Advertisements give users a maximum reach, its success is dependent on the strategies one implements. Below are a few practices:

Audience Specific

Quality weighs more than quantity, and the same applies to Facebook Ads as well. Product Ads are made to drive a target audience to companies’ offline or online stores. Using Facebook Ads effectively with the right filter can not only increase visibility but also conversions to increase profits.

Visual Content

Visual Content creates a considerable impact and is more favorable in the Facebook Algorithm. Facebook Visual Ads are more likely to get shared and remembered if it’s appealing.

Call to Action

There are times when Ads have impressed audiences, but viewers lack information on what is to be done next without CTA. Adding a CTA label like — ‘buy now,’ ‘offer ends soon‘ are good to add a sense of urgency and encourage more users to buy products or services.

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Best Facebooks Ads Templates

The most challenging part of designing a successful Facebook Ad is when we build it from scratch. Creating a Facebook Ad from the start is often overwhelming when a ready-made template can become immensely helpful. Facebook Ad Templates come with a collection of different formats and types to create a sequence of ads for growing your business. Below are a few of the Best Facebook Ads Templates:

1) Increase Mobile Apps Install

The majority of users on Facebook use Mobile Apps to access Social Media profiles. Organizations are keen to channel their Ads for mobile users to increase Mobile App installs. Such apps should be marketed separately for iOS and Android platforms with a video of app’s feel for boosting new app installation. A Dynamic Ad linked directly to a Mobile App or App Store increases the audience’s chances to download the app.

2) Establishing Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness describes the familiarity of a brand among its consumers. A Facebook Video Ad is the perfect medium to show brand products, increase awareness, and gain interest from customers.

Usually, Awareness Ads feature the main theme at the Center, a Strong Thumbnail, and a part of the context left to the audience for future actions.

3) Collect Leads with Sign Ups

Lead Ads primary intent is to collect information from customers who might be interested in their products or services. One of the essential tactics to engage Leads after completing the Sign-Up process is offering incentives to answer a questionnaire about products. To get more Leads, it becomes important to design an Ad not only reflecting companies initiative but also how users will benefit. 

4) Drive Traffic to Store Location

Geo-targeting with Facebook Ads tempts potential customers to at least have a one-time visit to the store which makes it one of the best Facebook Ads Template to use. Such Ads include CTA labeled as ‘get directions‘ to obtain the ideal directions on a map with an image having important landmarks. Many restaurants and resorts surface ads on prime times to let users plan a visit at their premises. 

5) Garner Local Awareness

When a store wants to offer a Sale, a need arises to garner local awareness in the surrounding locality. Facebook allows Marketers to create geo-targeted custom audiences who stay close to a City, Town, or Neighbourhood. These Ads are customer-centric as they priorly have information about the city and the hotspots of customers spread across the city.

6) Increase Awareness of Launch

When it comes to Launching a new product, businesses bite their nails too. Thus it requires strong audience support to back the product growth. Sometimes a product can fail to stand out but still deliver Sales given the existing customers are happy with the past outcomes.

Product launches on Facebook double the excitement, but it is more important to maintain the same rhythm post-launch. It is one of the best Facebook Ads Templates that feature a series of Image Carousels to keep users excited and bring back over several intervals.

7) Offer a Discount to Boost Sales

While organizations might not give away money, having a Discount Coupon can boost the Average Sale Values. Customers lean towards shops offering discounts, thereby establishing continuity in Sales.

Facebook Image Ads are the best way to communicate with customers to highlight discounts. Regular customers know the benefit they gain and even build trust to bring new customers.

8) Smash Product Catalog Sales

Every day, Facebook users are bombarded with so much content that they sometimes wish someone else would make the decision for them. Creating a curated selection of products relieves your audience of some of the legwork and streamlines their decision-making process. Using a Collection ad allows you to aggregate related products into an engaging in-app experience with ways to browse and learn more.

These visually stunning advertisements bring visitors back to your website and allow you to target potential buyers who have already expressed interest in a certain product. Using product photographs that are similar in color, content, or design helps you tie everything together and create a unified image of what your firm has to offer.

9) Bring People to your Event

When you utilize Facebook advertisements to promote an event, it’s a lot easier to get people to come. These adverts spark the curiosity of your target audience by including the social proof from previous attendees. They may create FOMO by emphasizing how unique your event setting is, and they can make it simple for people to decide if they are “Interested” in your event at a look by focusing on the details of time and place.

10) Generate Leads with Power of Free

Everyone enjoys getting something for nothing, but they may be wary of the offer if it isn’t clear what they’re getting into. That’s why it’s critical that anyone who sees your ad understands exactly what they’ll get out of a free trial or free gift right away. The power of free can also help you gain people’s trust and make them feel more at ease about signing up.

Offering a solution to the audience’s problem in the ad itself is one way to alleviate this fear. They’ll be more likely to accept your offer if they perceive that you comprehend the obstacles that get in the way of their day-to-day tasks. It’s also a terrific method to get their attention and increase trial awareness.

11) Increase Post Engagement

The more suspenseful your adverts are, the more people will be interested in waiting for them and engaging with your company. People are more likely to click through your advertising if you utilize captivating headlines that generate a sense of mystery and intrigue. You’ve piqued their interest in knowing more by appealing to their sense of adventure. Ad copy that makes a strong or contradictory argument can also help pique the interest of your Target Audience. To seal the deal, use dramatic images that will pique your audience’s interest.

12) Advertise your Chatbot

You’ve all experienced the agony of waiting on hold for hours for customer support. As a result, nothing beats individualized, on-the-spot assistance. Chatbots allow you to provide this type of experience to your customers straight through Facebook Messenger. Use advertisements to market your fantastic new chatbot and let people know that you’re available at any time to assist them with their problems.

These ads also allow you to personalize your chatbot by demonstrating its capabilities and incorporating ad copy about how pleasant and helpful it can be.

13) Boost Conversions

The easiest strategy to increase Total Conversions is to retarget your adverts to an audience that has already expressed interest in your offer. Always remember to address these individuals directly, letting them know that you’ve previously interacted with them and reminding them of the impact your previous content had on them.

This can be accomplished by displaying a product that is comparable to their interests (based on their browsing history) or by demonstrating something new and intriguing about your company. In either case, you’re establishing a relationship with potential customers by demonstrating that you’re paying attention to their preferences and making changes as needed.

14) Boost Brand Engagement

It’s all about getting people emotionally invested in your organization when it comes to Brand Engagement. It’s far easier to move customers down the marketing funnel toward a sale when you build these emotional relationships with them. You can do this by appealing to your audience’s likes and interests, or by identifying a political or personal cause that is important to them. In any case, make sure you use language that makes it clear what’s at risk.

15) Use Sign-ups for your Newsletter

Email newsletters do a really good job of nurturing leads and turning prospects into customers. Using Facebook advertisements to promote your email campaigns can help you increase signups and raise public awareness of your newsletter.

These Ads will likely follow the Lead Ad or Lead Generation template, including a form where Facebook users can fill in their name and email address directly. Being able to enter this information directly on Facebook cuts down on the work required from potential subscribers to complete the process. Just make sure that the ad copy and images you use really sell the value of your newsletter, otherwise the Ads won’t be nearly as effective.

Essential tips for Facebook advertising

Now that you’ve got plenty of ideas for your next campaign’s content, use these guides to learn everything there is to know about Facebook advertising:

  • Mastering Facebook Ad Targeting
  • Optimizing Facebook Advertising Cost
  • Reaching New Customers
  • Using Facebook Business Manager

The Anatomy of a Great Facebook Ad

Despite the fact that each ad’s objective is different, many of the fundamental aspects are the same.

Image Source
  • A summary of what you’re presenting is a headline.
  • Copy that appears directly above or below your image is referred to as post text. This is frequently the first text that a viewer will encounter.
  • A description is a piece of material, which is only available in a few ad kinds, allowing you to go into greater detail about your product or offer.
  • Media is where you put your image or video. It takes up the most space and invites readers to examine your ad more thoroughly.
  • The call-to-action button shows near the bottom of your ad and tells viewers what to do after they’ve seen it.

How to make a convincing advertisement?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for developing a successful Facebook ad. Due to variances in the brand, audience, or product kind, what works for one retailer may not work for another.

Nonetheless, the top Facebook advertising share a few characteristics:

  • Visuals that will help your ad stand out in the Facebook newsfeed.
  • Copy that draws attention then delivers a user benefit and concludes with a clear call to action.
  • A link that takes the user to a relevant location that is clearly related to the ad’s content.

How to ensure your Facebook ads run successfully?

Here are a few pointers to guarantee that your adverts are as effective as possible.

Landing Page

You’ve made a fantastic advertisement with a compelling call to action, so the customer clicks. You may make the best advertisement in the world, but if it takes the user somewhere they don’t want to go, it’s all for naught. As a result, make sure you deliver on the ad’s promise. If you’re offering a deal, direct the user to a page dedicated to the discount. Take them to a how it works page if you’ve invited them to learn more.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind with respect to Landing page:

  • Know your Audience
  • Clear unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Strong, descriptive headlines
  • Consistent design elements
  • High-quality images or videos
  • A singular, compelling call to action

Tracking Pixel

Install a tracking pixel to keep track of how many people are engaging with your website and Facebook advertisements. There is a simple method that does not require any prior coding skills. Follow these steps to set up a tracking pixel:

  • On the “Ads Manager” page, click the “hamburger” icon and select “Pixels” from the drop-down list.
  • To make a pixel, click the green “Create a Pixel” button.
  • To express your agreement with the Facebook pixel terms, type a name and click “Next.”
  • Copy and paste it into the page’s header to be tracked. You’ll be able to accomplish it effortlessly the next time after the first time.


Here are a few frequently asked questions that you can keep in mind when dabbling with Facebook Ads:

What is the Best Audience Size for Facebook Ads?

Typically, the ideal audience size depends on what niche or industry you are advertising for on Facebook. Therefore, the best idea is to scale up until the Return on Investment matches the profitability. It is recommended that the audience size for your Facebook Ads campaign should ideally fall between 1,000 to 50,000 users. However, if you are just dipping your toes in the water, an audience size of 1000-10000 people could help give you an idea of how your ad performs without spending a lot of money.

What is the Best Image Size for Facebook Ads?

There are various types of Facebook Ads that you can dabble with as a part of your ad campaign. Here are the recommended dimensions for a couple of Facebook Ad types:

  • Feed Ads:
    • Resolution: 1080*1080
    • Dimensions: 600*600
  • Story Ads:
    • Resolution: 1080*1080
    • Aspect Ratio: 1.91:1
  • Carousel Ads:
    • Resolution: 1080*1080
    • Dimensions: 600*600
  • Right-column Ads:
    • Resolution: 1080*1080
    • Dimensions: 254*133
  • Marketplace Ads:
    • Resolution: 1080*1080
    • Aspect Ratio: 9:16 to 16:9, crops to 1.91:1 with the link.
  • Messenger Ads:
    • Resolution: 1080*1080
    • Aspect Ratio: 1:1

How to Create the Best Audience for Facebook Ads?

Here are a few steps you can follow to create the best audience for your Facebook Ads campaign:

  • Step 1: Choose the right advertising goals to ascertain what you really want to achieve through Facebook Advertising. It could vary based on your business. For instance, if you are a business coach, you might be interested in getting more traffic to your site or selling your coaching programs. Or, if you’re an entrepreneur, you might be interested in creating brand awareness.
  • Step 2: Next, you need to use distinct targeting options to zero in on your target audience based on their demographics and interests. This will help you understand how you can minimize your ad spend by identifying the right people.
  • Step 3: Create a piece of content, say, a video, and run it for the audience you found in Step 2.
  • Step 4: Based on the characteristics of the people who watched that video, you will then build a custom audience for your campaign.
  • Step 5: In this step, you will be running ads on that video you created to get at least 1,000 qualified viewers so that you can proceed to the next step.
  • Step 6: Finally, you will be creating lookalike audiences of these 1000 people and repeat the process, optimizing it along the way to obtain the results you’re looking for.

How to best use Facebook Ads Targeting?

Here are a few useful tips to help you reach your target audience with Facebook Ads:

  • Use Audience Insights: You can leverage Facebook Audience Insights to obtain a ton of information that can help you better understand your Facebook followers. The data can then be used to learn how you can target potential new customers and followers.
  • Discover Your Unicorn Content: An important tip to having a successful Facebook Ads campaign is figuring out your unicorn content. Unicorn content refers to your content that absolutely blows up on all the social media channels, jumps to the top of the Google Search rankings, and garners a ton of traffic to your landing pages. You can find this by keeping a close eye on your social media performance and analytics. When you identify it, you can repurpose it as a Facebook Ad, trying out different options and making sure that it’s the right fit for your target audience.
  • Target People Similar to Your Lookalike Audience: You can use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to build targeted lists of potential customers who share characteristics with people who already buy from you. A key benefit it provides is that you don’t have to be familiar with what data points you are trying to match. Facebook figures it out for you.
  • Use Custom Audiences for Remarketing: Remarketing is deemed as a powerful Facebook targeting strategy to connect with potential customers who have already expressed an interest in your products. By leveraging Facebook Custom Audiences targeting options, you can opt to show your ads to people who have looked at sales pages, people who have recently viewed your website, or even people who’ve looked at specific products.
  • Drilldown Further with Layered Targeting: Facebook offers three categories to help you classify your target audience easily: demographics, behaviors, and interests. However, if you dig deeper into each of these categories, you can get more comprehensive targeting options than the ones you’ve been working with so far. For instance, under interests, you could target people looking for hill stations. Then, under behaviors, you can even specifically target frequent international travelers. Every time you wish to add another level of targeting, make sure to click Narrow Further or Narrow Audience. You can combine this precise Facebook targeting strategy with a landing page that garners the attention of the exact audience for best results.
  • Check Ad Relevance Diagnostics to Find Opportunities to Improve Targeting: Facebook updated its relevance score back in 2019 with the following 3 Ad Relevance Diagnostics:
    • Engagement Rate Ranking: You can refine your targeting to reach people who are much more likely to engage. You can use Audience Insights for the same.
    • Quality Ranking: You can try changing your target audience to one that would be more likely to appreciate the creative usage of elements in your ad.
    • Conversion Rate Ranking: You can use this metric to target a higher-intent audience. This might be as simple as selecting “engaged shoppers” under purchase behavior. However, this could also mean targeting people that have an important life event coming up that could make your product particularly relevant to them at this moment.


Since organizations grow with the backing of their customers, companies advertise to remind their presence in the market. Facebook Ads give a platform to present a product or service that can be essential for users. With Facebook Templates, one can quickly draft a new Ad to help creators emphasize more on content instead of investing the same time on formats.

In this article, you learned about Best Facebook Ads that you can leverage to boost your revenue to new heights. You also learned about the Best Facebook Ads Templates that can help you save a lot of time of building Facebook Ads from scratch. Facebook Ads provides granular data to the users to tailor their Marketing Campaigns and efficiently optimize the results. However, to carry out an in-depth analysis of your customers, you would often need to extract data from multiple sources to have all insights. Integrating and analyzing your data from a diverse set of data sources can be challenging and this is where Hevo Data comes into the picture.

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