Facebook is evidently the biggest social media platform with enormous marketing opportunities. You can use ads to spread your brand awareness across the target audience. But running ad campaigns isn’t enough for you to achieve your set sales objectives. A proper analysis to understand how you can enhance your campaigns is essential for business growth. To ensure a superior analysis, you must centralize the data from Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora. This will allow you to execute several analytics queries on important metrics like conversion rate, ROAS, CPM, Ad spend, etc. 

Let’s find out how you can migrate your Facebook Ads data to Amazon Aurora!

Method 1: Move Your Data From Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora Using CSV Files

Here are the steps you must follow in order to move data from Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora:

Step 1: Export Data from the Facebook Ads Manager

  • Open your Facebook or Meta Ads Manager account.
  • Click on Reports and select Export Table Data from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose CSV as the file type.
  • Click on Export.

Step 2: Load the Facebook Ads CSV Files to Amazon S3 Bucket

  • Sign in to AWS Management Console and open the S3 console.
  • Create a S3 bucket and IAM user.
  • On the S3 bucket dashboard, click on Upload.
  • Now, click on Add Files.
  • Select the Facebook Ads CSV data file on your system.
  • Click on Upload.

Step 3: Upload the S3 Data to Amazon Aurora

  • Create a role for attaching Aurora to S3 Bucket. You can do it through:

“aws_default_s3_role” or “aurora_load_from_s3_role”

  • Create and modify the Cluster Parameter Groups for using the role.
  • Grant file permission to Aurora for loading files using this command statement:
"GRANT AWS_LOAD_S3_Access To ‘user’@’domain-or-ip-address’
  • Specify the path for Amazon Aurora to locate the files that are stored on S3 bucket using the following syntax:
  • Now, use the LOAD DATA FROM S3 statement for loading data from S3 to Aurora. 
LOAD DATA FROM S3 ‘s3://mybucket/data.txt’
(column1, @var1)
SET table_column2= @var1/100

The aforementioned steps will move your Facebook Ads data to Amazon Aurora manually. 

The manual CSV import/export method can help you transfer the data quickly from Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora. This approach is ideal if you want to move the data for once, as it eliminates the need for building data pipelines

Limitations of the CSV Files Export/Import Approach to Move Data from Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora

While using CSV files is beneficial for some use cases, there are certain limitations to this approach. The shortcomings of the manual approach are as follows:

  • Scalability: Moving a large volume of Facebook Ads data manually to Amazon Aurora is a time-consuming process. As a result, it is not ideal for handling projects that require serious reliability in terms of volume and real-time requirements. 
  • Data Quality: Dependency on a manual approach through CSV files for moving Facebook Ads data to Amazon Aurora would require frequent execution of these import & export steps. It might result in expensive human error. This can result in obtaining duplicate or inaccurate data in your databases.
  • Data Security: With manual CSV import/export, it is difficult to ensure the security of data being moved from Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora. The CSV files might be at risk of unauthorized access.

Method 2: Use a No-Code Tool for Moving Data From Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora

The limitations of Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora migration through CSV files can be addressed with no-code ETL tools. Some of the benefits associated with using a no-code tool for moving data from Facebook Ads to Aurora are as follows:

  • Automates the Workflows: With no-code tools, you can centralize data with pre-built connectors in a few minutes. You can also schedule the pipelines to continuously fetch data from the source at a desired interval. 
  • Easy to Maintain: Maintaining the no-code data pipelines is easier than setting them up. The no-code tools have feedback loops for you to quickly get notifications to resolve errors. It can also help you with task completion notifications to keep you updated on the progress.

Hevo Data is a no-code tool renowned for its real-time data replication or integration features. It can help you seamlessly execute Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora ETL without writing a single line of code. As a result, with Hevo Data, you don’t have to rely on technical resources to set up data pipelines. 

Here are the easy steps that you should follow while migrating your Facebook Ads data to Amazon Aurora using Hevo Data: 

Step 1: Configuring the Source

Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora: Configure Source
Image Source

Step 2: Configuring the Destination

Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora: Configure Destination
Image Source

These two steps would connect Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora for seamless migration of data in real time. 

Hevo can help you automate the data collection process from almost every database and application. Here are some of its features to shed light on its efficacies:

  1. Pre-Built Connectors

With Hevo Data’s pre-built connectors, you can integrate data in real time from more than 150+ sources without the need for any coding knowledge. 

  1. Enhanced Transformation Capabilities

Hevo Data has built-in pre-load & post-load transformation potential. While pre-load transformation cleans the data when it is on the move, the post-load assists in preparing data for analytics.

  1. Secure Data Connection

With end-to-end encryption and secure connection modes such as SSH, VPN, or Reverse SSH, Hevo guarantees the highest data security standards. 

  1. Scalability

Hevo Data offers you horizontal and automatic scaling. It ensures proper utilization of resources and enhanced data performance with the growth of data volumes. 

What Can You Achieve By Migrating Data From Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora?

Here are a few things you can achieve by migrating data from Facebook Ads to Amazon Aurora:

  • Simplify Your Marketing Efforts: With proper data analysis in a unified database, you can obtain channel-wise marketing performance. This will allow you to understand the customers’ behavior toward your ad campaigns. It can help you make amendments to your marketing strategies for a better return on investments.
  • Get Higher ROAS (Return On Ad Spend): Acquiring actionable insights from the collected ads data will help you understand your audience better. You can determine their pain points, curate engaging ads, and target the right audience to increase your ROAS. 
  • Gain Insight into Customers’ LTV (Lifetime Value): Prediction of customers’ lifetime value is a crucial milestone. Businesses can migrate marketing data of multiple marketing campaigns to determine which among them helped generate better LTV from customers. By identifying the best campaign, businesses can improve their strategies to acquire more sales through repeat purchases. 


Integrating Facebook Ads data to Amazon Aurora enhances your capability of analyzing the data and deriving actionable insights. While the CSV export/import approach is cost-effective and flexible for the Facebook Ads Amazon Aurora integration, it can lead to data security and scalability issues. 

Hevo Data, on the other hand, simplifies the data migration process with its 150+ integrations and functionalities. You can use it in real-time to help your business gain a competitive advantage. With Hevo, you can now handle data migrations with utmost proficiency.

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