Every firm’s integration needs are unique. That said, one of the most typical needs is to integrate the front-office web property with back-office applications — such as an online storefront linked to an ERP to automatically pass orders when an order is placed online.

When setting up the connection between BigCommerce and MySQL. Here, numerous factors are to be considered. There may be security and performance requirements, as well as physical access to the apps. The two most prevalent application connection types that are typically connected are SaaS and On-Premises.

Integrating BigCommerce with your ERP ensures that your listings are consistent across all e-commerce marketplaces. For example, by using BigCommerce MySQL as the connecting application, you can maintain correct order records by importing customers and orders from BigCommerce into MySQL for exporting fulfillment details, cancellations, and refunds into your BigCommerce account.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how BigCommerce MySQL Connection is established. We will walk you through each step required to achieve the ultimate solution. Let’s begin.

What is BigCommerce?

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BigCommerce is a prominent E-commerce Platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating and managing an online store for your company. BigCommerce, founded in 2009, today serves over 60,000 business owners in over 150 countries. With a wealth of features at your disposal, you can quickly design and configure your online store and begin selling your products worldwide. You have complete control over your website and may add products, upload photos, process orders, create discount coupons, customize product pages, and so on.

You do not need to purchase or manage web hosting because this is a completely hosted solution. Simply connect to the Internet, sign in to BigCommerce, and begin creating your eCommerce website. Keeping Developers in mind, you may also apply CSS and HTML changes to tailor the website to your liking. BigCommerce provides a variety of subscription-based options to meet the demands of small and large businesses.

Key Features of BigCommerce

This SaaS platform is used by a variety of businesses, including electronics, healthcare items, jewelry, and so on. Its enormous appeal is due to the following eye-catching features:

  • Manageability: When you first arrive in the BigCommerce Dashboard, comprehensive instructions are offered to guide you through the essentials. Processing orders, managing inventory, and updating stock levels are all simple tasks. The multi-currency support allows you to reach a larger audience and take payments from people all around the world.
  • Themes: BigCommerce provides a wide range of free and premium templates. You can edit these themes without writing code by using Style Editor. All of these themes are fully optimized for all mobile devices, ensuring the greatest possible client experience.
  • SEO: BigCommerce’s Search Engine Optimization capability improves your website for faster loading times and higher search engine rankings. It strives to improve your website’s user experience by adhering to the most recent SEO strategies.
  • Marketing: You may send automated emails, coupon codes, and discounts using powerful technologies like Mailchimp, HubSpot, iContact, and Constant Contact. BigCommerce also allows you to market on numerous social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • Customer Service: BigCommerce offers great customer service by phone, live chat, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Subject matter specialists assess your inquiries and deliver the best feasible solution in a timely manner. If you choose the Enterprise Plan, you will receive additional features as well as priority assistance.
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What is MySQL?

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MySQL is a prominent Relational Database Management System that is open source. MySQL data is stored in tables that are made up of rows and columns. MySQL was introduced in 1995 and is entirely developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. On the technical side, MySQL is written in the C and C ++ programming languages.

MySQL runs on a variety of systems, including Microsoft Windows, Oracle Solaris, AIX, Symbian, Linux, and macOS. SQL commands can be used to access, modify, or add data to your MySQL tables. MySQL is also an important part of the Modern LAMP stack, which includes a Linux-based operating system, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database, and PHP for processing.

Key Features of MySQL

Organizations such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube rely heavily on MySQL. This is due to the following set of eye-catching MySQL features:

  • Ease of Use: MySQL supports a wide range of programming languages, including PHP, PERL, C, C ++, and JAVA. It also includes a collection of simple tools for automating time-consuming operations like server management, reporting, and data analysis. MySQL provides comprehensive support for numerous Data structures, JSON and Geospatial data, as well as Logical, Numeric, Alphanumeric, Date, and Time data types, allowing you to work with a greater range of information.
  • Excellent Performance: Across a range of clustered servers, MySQL provides best-in-class query performance. It includes a fast-loading utility, a memory cache, and table index partitioning. MySQL can also handle variable workloads and process massive amounts of data at high rates.
  • Open-Source: MySQL is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which ensures it will always be available for free. It allows you to customize it based on your needs using Oracle’s Open-Source MySQL codebase.
  • Localization: MySQL supports a variety of character sets, including latin1 (cp1252), Deutsch, big5, and others, to make it more user-friendly. You can also change the language of the error messages that the server sends to the client.
  • Data Protection: Access Privilege Systems and User Account Management, for example, allow you to control who can see or access your MySQL data. Host-based Verification and Password Encryption, MySQL sets the bar high.

Steps to Integrate BigCommerce MySQL

This article shows how to configure BigCommerce MySQL connection using Node.js, React, Next.js, and BigDesign, BigCommerce’s React component library.

You will learn how to link your BigCommerce account to MySQL. BigDesign will be used to offer your app a native BigCommerce visual design and behavior. By the conclusion of this blog, you should have a working single-click app that can make API calls and save your data in MySQL.

BigDesign is a BigCommerce React component library. When designing BigCommerce apps, using BigDesign ensures that your app has a similar interface and conforms to the same user experience standards as the rest of the BigCommerce platform. We recommend that you become acquainted with BigDesign in order to facilitate BigCommerce MySQL integration.

Before diving in, let’s take a look at these steps for BigCommerce MySQL Connection:

Step 1: Create a Local Environment

Install Node

Begin by configuring your local development environment.

Run the following command in your terminal to determine your Node.js version:

node -v

Create a Project Directory

  • Make a new directory for your project.
  • Using the terminal, go to the directory.

Create a package.json file

  • Using the terminal, initialize the package.json file
npm init
  • Press Enter to continue prompts

Write a package.json file with default values, then run npm init -y

Install npm package

BigDesign, Next, React, ReactDOM, and styled components should all be installed.

npm install --save @bigcommerce/big-design next react react-dom styled-components

Install development dependencies.

npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-styled-components @types/node @types/react typescript
#BigCommerce MySQL

babel-plugin-styled-components is a styled-components library extension that, among other things, improves debugging and style minification.

Add Script

  • In your text editor, open package.json.
  • Add the dev, build, and start scripts to the scripts property.
In your text editor, open package.json.

Add the dev, build, and start scripts to the scripts property.

Save your modifications.
  • Save your modifications.

Launch the Development Server

  • Start the development server by opening the root directory of your project in the console.
npm run dev
  • In your browser, navigate to http://localhost:3000. Under the Homepage, you should see the text “Hello World.”
BigCommerce MySQL - Localhost
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Step 2: Integrate the BigCommerce API and Configure MySQL Database

You’re ready to integrate the BigCommerce API now that you’ve integrated your app into the BigCommerce platform.

When making an API call to BigCommerce, you must include the access token. When you contact the /auth, /load, or /uninstall endpoints, you may persist the session by storing the access token in a database.

This phase shows how to connect the sample app to Cloud Firestore, a NoSQL Firebase database stored in the cloud, and MySQL, a relational database management system.

Install npm package

Install the firebase, jsonwebtoken, and swr npm packages if you’re using Firebase.

npm install --save firebase jsonwebtoken swr

Install the MySQL, jsonwebtoken, and swr npm packages if you’re using MySQL.

npm install --save mysql jsonwebtoken swr

Create a MySQL database

MySQL is a relational database administration system. See Getting Started with MySQL for information on how to install and use MySQL.

Make a note of the MySQL host, domain, username, password, and port variables once you’ve finished configuring the database. You’ll need them in the following step to change the app’s environment variables.

Configure MySQL

  • Make a mysql.ts file in the DBS subdirectory.
  • Add the following imports to the top of the file:
import * as mysql from 'mysql';
import { promisify } from 'util';
import { SessionProps, StoreData } from '../../types';

Insert the MySQL configuration and initialization logic.

Step 3: Test your BigCommerce MySQL Connection

After you’ve synchronized the database, your app should show data in the Inventory Count, Variant Count, and Primary Category columns.

BigCommerce MySQL - Homepage
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This concludes the BigCommerce MySQL Integration!

Improving the User Experience with BigDesign

BigDesign is essential to the BigCommerce control panel and environment. BigDesign is recommended to be used by app developers to create apps with a native BigCommerce look and feel.

This level focuses on increasing functionality and incorporating sophisticated design components from the BigDesign library. You should now see two tabs in your app: Home and Products. Select the Products tab. A list of goods from your test store should appear.

BigCommerce MySQL - BigDesign Functionality
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Start the App

Run the following commands in your terminal to compile all of the production code for this project and launch the app in the production environment:

npm run build
npm run start

You should now have a fully working app that pulls data from BigCommerce’s Catalog API and allows you to independently change each product, all in one place.

BigCommerce MySQL - Homepage and Products
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Benefits of BigCommerce MySQL Connection

Here are a few major benefits of BigCommerce MySQL Connection:

  • Easy Catalog: BigCommerce MySQL Connection can display the availability of a product and its variants in a single location, with simplified handling of product variants, choices, and modifiers. This helps you to arrange your BigCommerce catalog and save time when it comes to inventory management and maintenance.
  • Customer Behaviour: Customers may sign up for newsletters and get information about them as well as any activities linked with them. This might assist you in better understanding your audience and sending targeted, segmented communications.
  • Orders: BigCommerce MySQL Connection lets you keep track of and analyze BigCommerce order transactions. Use this data to assess client behavior and make any required product or strategy changes.
  •  Shopping Cart: Create and customize your BigCommerce shopping cart to provide an optimum user experience and a great customer experience.


The value of CRM and ERP software is determined by how well business process automation works, which is determined by how well the program is integrated into operations. Customers must contact sales or customer support personnel on a frequent basis to resolve order errors, seek answers to simple questions, or manage other issues with their accounts, the hidden labor expenses might be considerable.

Integrated BigCommerce MySQL apps may increase customer loyalty by automating company processes and providing consistently excellent customer care. Order processing speeds become faster, and clients may access a variety of account information, such as order history and delivery choices, making it simple to place complex orders.

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Share your experience of learning BigCommerce MySQL Connection in the comments section below!

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