Data Loss Prevention Abbreviated as DLP is the process of detecting and preventing data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data. DLP is used by businesses to protect and secure their data while staying compliant with regulations. The market is filled with Data Loss Prevention Tools that help in securing data along with additional functionalities.

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Data Loss Prevention Tools: What is DLP? | Hevo Data
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Defending organizations against both data loss and data leakage prevention are the main motto of DLP. Data loss refers to an occasion during which important data is lost to the enterprise, like during a ransomware attack. Data loss prevention focuses on avoiding the transfer of data from inside the organization to any other source illicitly.

Organizations typically use DLP to:

  • Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and suits relevant regulations
  • Protect property critical for the organization
  • Achieve data visibility in large organizations
  • ensure security in environments where the mobile workforce and BYOD are followed.
  • Secure data on remote cloud systems

Why do we need Data Loss Prevention tools?

Data Loss is very impactful for a company. According to a survey, there is an attack on the data of a company every 11 seconds and companies’ data is very vulnerable during this time frame. Data Loss prevention tools help in reducing losses and protecting sensitive data.

Survey also states that 20% of data loss happens through insiders and this destroys the reputation of the companies and incurs long-term losses. DLP helps in protecting the enterprise’s intellectual properties and helps them stay compliant with regulations. DLP systems ensure that your company’s confidential/classified data is not lost, mishandled, or accessed by unauthorized users.

How to Select the Best Data Loss Prevention Tools?

DLP software features a wide selection of features available for potential customers. Matching those features to the requirements of the business simply takes a touch of your time.

Here are some features to think about in data loss prevention software.

Analyzing Data Network Weaknesses

Although data loss prevention software can protect data during a sort of situation, it’s going to not be perfect. a standard weakness occurs when an employee chooses to bypass the info protection protocols for the business, potentially causing data losses.

Additionally, the DLP software should be ready to keep track of any threats to the info. With a log of those threats, the network manager can determine areas of weakness in data protection and fix them.

Data Locations

Data loss prevention software should be ready to protect the info the business uses, regardless of where employees use it. As data moves from mobile devices to desktop computers to the corporate network to the cloud and back, the DLP software should protect it.

As another advantage for businesses, DLPs often will track the movement of knowledge. If the business is battling data breaches or lost files, the software’s tracking features can help managers find whether one employee’s actions are resulting in the breaches.

Full-Feature DLP Products

Some businesses may only need minimal data loss prevention features, like being available through email security. If so, these businesses might not need a well-rounded DLP software tool. they’ll be ready to obtain the info protection features they have from antivirus or firewall software.
DLP tools with a wide range of features are the best pick for organizations that require higher protection. A full-fledged DLP software tool will have quite a few features aimed toward actively monitoring the system. Additionally, it’ll protect data stored in multiple locations, and it’ll monitor data movement.

User Experience Needed

DLP software usually requires experience to set up and then requires additional experience to keep it lined up with requirements. The business may have to rent a security expert who can customize the software to form it work properly.

Some sorts of data loss protection software can require as long as several weeks to finish the installation and implementation. This level of complexity could also be much more extensive than specific business needs.

For those that want to stay the installation as simple as possible, search for a package that needs little or no time for setup. Understand that an easy package probably won’t provide the customization options that are available with more complex DLP software packages. But the upside is that the business probably can believe existing network security personnel to deploy it, instead of having to rent DLP experts.

Comparison To Data Security Software

The organizations that are confused between DLP and general data security software, DLP is a good choice as it offers additional benefits.

The primary difference between the info security software and DLP software is in how they handle potential data breaches. Security software tends to be reactive to problems with the info.

Data loss prevention software is proactive in nature. It actively monitors the network and therefore the system, seeking potential issues with the protection of the info.

Many data loss prevention tools will use AI to perform the required monitoring functions. It seeks out any odd situations within the network, trying to find activities that are occurring outside of the traditional, expected parameters. It then can react to those abnormalities and alert IT personnel about them

Best Data Loss Prevention Tools

Data Loss Prevention Tools #1: Endpoint Protector By CoSoSys

Data Loss Prevention Tools: endpoint protector | Hevo Data
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Endpoint Protector is best for midsized enterprise customers.

Endpoint Protector by CoSoSys is a Data Loss Prevention tool that can discover, monitor, and protect your sensitive data. It is an advanced multi-OS data loss prevention tool. It ensures regulatory compliance. Endpoint Protector’s data security solution has the use in various industries ranging from Healthcare, Education, Finance, Manufacturing, and Media.
It has features for removable devices. It can perform content inspection and contextual scanning of knowledge for these devices and applications like Outlook, Dropbox, Skype, etc. It is available as a cloud service. It provides a higher Encryption for devices having Windows and Mac systems.


Endpoint Protector provides a feature of Device Control which will offer you precise and granular control and a facility to remotely grant temporary access.
It provides Content-context Data Loss Prevention. This feature will perform content inspections and contextual scanning of knowledge for removable devices and applications like Skype, Outlook, etc.
Enforced encryption is used to encrypt and secure USB storage devices.
Endpoint Protector’s enforced encryption is password-based and straightforward to use. It provides the option to scan sensitive data that is stored on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and remotely perform actions on them.

Verdict: Endpoint Protector Data Loss Prevention Tool provides Device Control, Content Aware Protection, and eDiscovery for platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its enforced encryption is straightforward to use.

Price: you’ll get a quote for pricing details. A demo is additionally available for the asking.

Data Loss Prevention Tools #2: Symantec DLP

Data Loss Prevention Tools: Symantec | Hevo Data
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Best for enterprise businesses.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention Tool will provide total protection for your sensitive data. This will mitigate data breaches and compliance risks. Your Symantec Data Loss Prevention Tool will provide total protection for your sensitive data. This will diverge all the data breaches and compliance risks that may happen to your data. This tool provides complete visibility to your data ensuring proper control over it. It monitors the data continuously so as to find any policy violations and suspicious user behavior. It will continuously monitor policy violations and risky user behavior across control points. It can block, quarantine, and alert in real time which will prevent data leakage


  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention Tool has the features of automated incident remediation workflows and one-click Smart Responses that will let you respond quickly and efficiently if critical data loss happens.
  • It provides flexibility to fine-tune policies in order that you’re ready to balance security and productivity.
  • It can provide visibility and control over the info at rest or within the cloud apps.
  • It provides Information Centric Analytics. This feature will allow you to prioritize risky behavior and identify malicious users and hence provides a far better thanks to manage and answer incidents.

Verdict: Symantec Data Loss Prevention Tool may be a platform with the functionalities of knowledge discovery, monitoring, and protection for a spread of regulations like GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and SOX. It provides threat-prediction and data protection and also restricts suspicious apps.

Price: you’ll get a quote for pricing details. the Symantec DLP Enterprise suite can cost you about $72.99 for one license.

Data Loss Prevention Tools #3: McAfee Data Loss Prevention Tool

Data Loss Prevention Tools: McAfee tool | Hevo Data
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Best for small to large businesses.

McAfee Data Loss Prevention Tool offers comprehensive data loss prevention in one suite. It can protect the info on the network, within the cloud, and at the endpoints. You will be ready to manage common policies and streamline incident workflows with flexible deployment options.


  • McAfee Data Loss Prevention Tool provides visibility through capture technology.
  • This will offer you visibility over how the info is getting used and the way it’s getting leaked.
  • It has a stronger data classification feature to spot and classify data.
  • It can block, quarantine, alert or block data transmissions that are in violation of policies.

Verdict: McAfee Data Loss Prevention Tool will provide centralized Incident Management and Reporting. Your on-premises and cloud Data Loss Prevention Tool policies will get synchronized by McAfee Data Loss Prevention Tool.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Data Loss Prevention Tools #4: Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention Tool

Data Loss Prevention Tools: forcepoint | Hevo Data
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Best for small to large businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention Tool provides individualized and adaptive data security. It will allow you to block actions only required and hence assist you with driving productivity. This will ensure regulatory compliance across 80+ countries for GDPR, CCPA, etc. This will automatically prevent data breaches.
Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention Tool has a large predefined policy library to view and control all your data. this tool protects PII and PHI, company financials, trade secrets, MasterCard data, etc. of your company efficiently. It will let you follow intellectual property in both structured and unstructured forms.


  • For Data Protection, Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention Tool provides the features of Drip DLP, Native remediation, comprehensive data discovery, and OCR.
  • It can provide native behavioral analytics, risk-adaptive protection, and risk-based policy enforcement.
  • Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention Tool has features to prevent slow data theft albeit user devices are off-network.
  • It has database flexibility.

Verdict: Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention Tool is straightforward to use and may protect your data everywhere. It has reduced alert volume, false positives, and alarms, and hence you’ll be ready to specialize in what matters.

Price: you’ll get a quote for pricing details and request a free trial. As per reviews, the price of Forcepoint DLP Suite (IP Protection) is $48.99 for a one-year subscription for one user.

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Data Loss Prevention Tools #5: SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention Tool

Data Loss Prevention Tools: securetrust | Hevo Data
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Best for businesses of all industries and businesses that have minimal DLP experience.

SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention Tool is a solution to discover, monitor, and secure data at rest, in motion, and in use. The tool will prevent exfiltration and ensure regulatory compliance. It has more than 70 predefined policy settings and risk categories. You can switch them on or off.

SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention Tool can analyze all web-based communication and attachments for violations of the company’s governance, compliance, and acceptable-use policies.


  • It has features to automatically block HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP traffic that violates compliance policies.
  • It will offer automatic encryption, blocking, quarantine, or self-compliance capabilities if email communication and attachments are identified as compliance violations.
  • It has an Intelligent Content Control Engine that will help security teams to discover sensitive data. It will enable security teams to focus on their initiatives on specific users & systems and implement the correct measures.
  • SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention Tool provides the features of Advanced Content Control, Investigation Management, and Real-Time identity match.

Verdict: SecureTrust Data Loss Prevention Tool will provide you with complete visibility into all external attacks and insider risks. It has a highly configurable dashboard.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details.

Data Loss Prevention Tools #6: Digital Guardian

Data Loss Prevention Tools: digital guardian | Hevo Data
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Digital Guardian is an enterprise IP and Data Loss Prevention Tool. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It will be delivered as a SaaS application and hence you will get quick deployment and on-demand scalability. It has features of cross-platform, deepest visibility, unknown risk approach, flexible controls, and comprehensive classification.


  • Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention Tool provides a feature of comprehensive classification that will allow you for data discovery and classification based on content, user, and context.
  • Its unknown risk policy will let you know where the sensitive data is located, how it flows, and where it can be at risk, and that too without having policies.
  • It supports cross-platform, browser-based applications, and native applications.

Verdict: Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention Tool will have full coverage of the endpoints, on the network and in the cloud.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. You can schedule a demo for the platform.

Data Loss Prevention Tools #7: Trend Micro IDLP

Data Loss Prevention Tools: Trend Micro IDLP Logo | Hevo Data
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Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention Tool provides an integrated DLP solution that will let you implement controls for protection, visibility, and enforcement. It is a lightweight plugin and will give you quick visibility and control over sensitive data to prevent data loss through USB, Email, SaaS applications, web, mobile devices, and cloud storage.

You will not require any extra hardware or software. It can protect data at rest, in use, and in motion.


  • Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention Tool can restrict USB drives, CD/DVD writers, cloud storage, USB-attached mobile devices, etc.
  • You will be able to automate the response to policy violations with options to log, bypass, block, encrypt, alert, modify, quarantine, or delete data.
  • It can identify risky business processes and hence improves corporate data usage policies.
  • It can detect and react to improper data usage based on keywords, regular expressions, and file attributes.

Verdict: Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention Tool is a fully integrated and centrally managed solution that will improve visibility and control. It will help you to automate the response to policy violations.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. As per reviews, Trend Micro DLP can cost you $23.66 per user.

Data Loss Prevention Tools #8: Sophos

Data Loss Prevention Tools: Sophos | Hevo Data
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Best for small to large businesses.

Sophos Data Loss Prevention Tool offers a DLP functionality with Sophos Endpoint and Email Appliance products. It has integrated content scanning into the threat detection engine. It has a comprehensive set of sensitive data type definitions that will enable immediate protection of your sensitive data.


  • Sophos Data Loss Prevention Tool can protect your sensitive data from accidental or malicious disclosure through removable devices, internet applications, or email.
  • It has a lot of pre-defined PII and other sensitive data types like bank accounts and credit cards.
  • It will let you define the data control policies by endpoint, groups, email sender, etc.
  • You can define rules on file types.
  • DLP policy will be triggered in various cases like copying content to removable devices, uploading content to web browsers, or sending via emails.

Verdict: With Sophos, you will get simple and effective protection for your data within your existing budget. You will not require any additional software.

Price: Free trial is available on various Sophos products including Endpoint Protection.

Data Loss Prevention Tools #9: Code42

Data Loss Prevention Tools: code42 | Hevo Data
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Best for small to large businesses.

Code42 Data Loss Prevention Tool provides a data security solution for collaborative and remote enterprises. It will provide visibility into off-network file activities like web uploads and cloud sync apps. It can quickly detect, investigate, and respond to data exfiltration by remote employees.

It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. For Cloud Services, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box are supported by Code42.


  • Code42 Data Loss Prevention Tool provides activity alerts based on file type, size, or count.
  • You will be able to access detailed user activity profiles and can speed the investigation
  • The tool enables secure collaboration by validating the proper use of sanctioned collaboration tools and uncovering shadow IT applications that may indicate gaps in the corporate tools or training.
  • Code42 Data Loss Prevention Tool will pinpoint risky activity.

Verdict: Code42 Data Loss Prevention Tool offers a cloud-native solution for Data Loss Prevention that will help security teams safeguard data. There will be no complex policy management or lengthy deployments. It will not obstruct user productivity and collaboration.

Price: Code42 offers two pricing plans, Incydr Basic and Incydr Advanced. You can get a quote for pricing details. A free trial is available for 60 days.

Data Loss Prevention Tools #10: Check Point

Data Loss Prevention Tools: checkpoint | Hevo Data
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Best for small to large businesses, service providers, and consumers.

The Check Point Data Loss Prevention tool is the solution to protect your business from unintentional data loss. It contains the functionalities of tracking data movement and pre-emptive data loss prevention. It is easy to deploy and manage. With the help of Check Point, you will be able to centrally manage your IT infrastructure from a single console. The DLP is part of Check Point Infinity Architecture.


  • Check Point Data Loss Prevention Tool will give you full visibility and control over sensitive data.
  • It will track all DLP events.
  • It can mitigate incidents in real time.
  • It can scan and secure SSL/TLS encrypted traffic that is passing through a gateway.

Verdict: Check Point will empower your team to work with confidence by staying compliant with regulations and industry standards.

Price: You can get a quote for pricing details. Check Point offers a free trial and a free demo.


This article gives many Data Loss Prevention Tools along with their pros and cons.

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