The process of Database Replication can be crucial for brands to be able to draft backups and copies of different versions of the Database system. Even though taking a snapshot of the current Database might seem like an easy thing to do, but there can be various complications in the process, especially when large memory sources are involved.

This article explains how to choose the right Database Replication tools to meet all your requirements. It also explores the factors to consider while selecting the tools. Let’s get started!

What is Database Replication?

Database Replication
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Database Replication is the process of storing data at multiple locations to be able to access ongoing versions of the data from anywhere. It involves copying data from one server to another for uniform availability and sharing of data. 

Data Replication is frequently used for disaster recovery, ensuring that an accurate backup is available at all times in the event of a disaster, hardware failure, or a data breach. Having a replica can also help enterprises with a large number of locations access data more quickly. Moreover, putting a backup of the data closer to the user can speed up access and balance network load.

Database synchronization tools or replication tools play an important role in maintaining consistency across distributed databases, ensuring data integrity, and facilitating error-free data updates between different environments. SQL Server replication tools provide their own replication features for replicating data across databases. MySQL database replication tool provides built-in features as well as third-party tools for database replication.

A few of the popular DB Replication tools include Hevo Data, Fivetran, Rubrik, etc.

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Factors to Consider while Selecting Database Replication Tools

Data Replication allows large-scale data sharing among systems and distributes network load among multisite systems by making data available on several hosts or data centers. A database replication tools comparison involves various factors such as ease of setup, data consistency, supported databases, performance, and additional features. So, to select the right Data Replication tools for your use, you can start by looking at the following factors:

  1. Purpose of Replication
  2. Requirements
  3. Picking the Right Combination
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1) Purpose of Replication

There can be different reasons for Data Replication on your end. It is possible that you need to migrate applications to the cloud or perhaps you are looking for a hybrid cloud solution. Whether you require real-time analysis of the setup or the use of replication is for synchronization in your instance. The first step is to understand why you want to carry out a replication in the first place.

2) Requirements

Database Replication tools often offer varied features of replication and even additional peripheral features. You need to chalk out your requirements and expectations from the tool. It could depend on the number of sources and targets involved or the amount of data you are going to deal with. 

3) Picking the Right Combination

You need to pick the right combination of different factors suitable for your situation. The price point, functionalities, and ease of access can be some relevant deciders for your Database Replication tools. For a company, it is important to invest in their budget. Thus, the goal is to find the best Database Replication tools in your allotted budget for the job. 

What Are the Best Database Replication Tools?

Here’s a list of some of the best Database Replication tools available in the market, that you can choose from, to simplify Replication. Selecting the right tool for your business needs has never been this easy:

  1. Hevo Data
  2. Rubrik 
  3. Carbonite Availability
  4. SharePlex
  5. NetApp SnapMirror
  6. Fivetran
  7. IBM Spectrum Protect
  8. Qlik Replicate
  9. Oracle Golden Gate
  10. Nakivo Backup and Replication

10 Best Database Replication Tools

With the wide range of products available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the perfect Database Replication tools for the company’s requirements. Here is a comprehensive list of 10 of the most popular and time-tested Database Replication tools. 

We have included tools from different price ranges and with complementary features of one another so you can understand which tool would serve your use best.

1) Hevo Data 

Hevo is the only real-time ELT No-code Data Pipeline platform that cost-effectively automates data pipelines that are flexible to your needs. With integration with 150+ Data Sources (40+ free sources), we help you not only export data from sources & load data to the destinations but also transform & enrich your data, & make it analysis-ready.

Its completely automated pipeline offers data to be delivered in real-time without any loss from source to destination. Its fault-tolerant and scalable architecture ensure that the data is handled in a secure, consistent manner with zero data loss and supports different forms of data.

What makes Hevo Amazing

  • Zero Data Loss – Hevo’s unique fault-tolerant architecture is built to ensure the completeness of data. Hevo ensures that data is reliably moved without data loss. 
  • Unlimited Integrations – Hevo can connect to any source and any destination. All while providing a common interface.
  • Low time to Implementation – Once the simple setup procedure is complete, Hevo can migrate data in no time.
  • Automatic Schema Detection, Mapping, and Evolution – Hevo analyses the schema of the data it receives for replication and automatically maps it seamlessly onto the BigQuery table structure.
  • Fully Managed – The Hevo platform is fully managed and works out of the box. This will let you focus on extracting insights from your data and not worry about data availability.
  • Alerts and Notification – If any issues occur in the data replication, Hevo automatically notifies the relevant stakeholders of your team with real-time alerts via email or Slack, allowing them to take timely action.
  • Scalability – Hevo is built to handle data of any scale. With Hevo, your business can grow without any data hiccups. 
  • Exceptional Support – Technical support for Hevo is provided on a 24/7 basis over both email and Slack.


Hevo Data Pricing
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Take our 14-day free trial to experience a better way to manage data pipelines.

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2) Rubrik 

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  • Rubrik is a cloud data management and backup tool which offers prompt backups, archival, instant recovery, analytics, and copies data management.
  • It offers simplified backups and integrations with modern data center technologies.
  • With an easy-to-use interface, you can easily store and delegate to any user group. Some drawbacks can be seen in the integration of multiple clusters into a single dashboard, the requirement of which depends on the use case. 


Generally offering a free trial, there are specific charges for different features offered at a premium level.

Use Case

If your requirements involve archiving into AWS, Azure, or GCP, Rubrik can be your go-to tool. You can choose this tool if instantiation isn’t a priority on your agenda. 

3) Carbonite Availability 

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  • Carbonite Availability, one of the best Database Replication tools, provides a two-in-one feature of Data Replication and disaster recovery option.
  • It is one of the few tools that can handle the replication of both physical and virtual environments. Some issues that might exist can be related to error handling and restarting services on servers.


The pricing for Carbonite Availability starts at $1000 per server and adds up depending on the platform used. 

Use Case

This tool will work the best in a DR scenario where continuous replication is needed with no time constraints. 

Download the Guide to Evaluate ETL Tools
Download the Guide to Evaluate ETL Tools
Download the Guide to Evaluate ETL Tools
Learn the 10 key parameters while selecting the right ETL tool for your use case.

4) SharePlex

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  • SharePlex is one of the Database Replication tools that features the use of real-time replication.
  • The tool is compatible with a variety of databases and is highly configurable. With a message queuing mechanism, it offers fast data transfer and is highly scalable.
  • Some drawbacks can be seen in the monitoring services as well as the change data capture process rendered by the tool.


Free Data Replication can be carried on a basic level with added costs for infrastructure. 

Use Case

It can be best used for the process of heterogeneous replication from one database to another. If you’re looking to expand from on-base to cloud, this can be the replication tool for you.

5) NetApp SnapMirror

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  • The SnapMirror replication offered by NetApp is one of the most popularly used Database Replication tools.
  • It focuses on the features of disaster recovery and business continuity. Multiple recovery options are provided without any impact on the system or network performance.
  • Some memory management issues can occur if the destination database isn’t adept.


The NetApp Data Replication rates vary based on the Data Replication policy chosen, starting at $0.10 per hour.

Use Case

If you’re looking to retain an offsite backup or want a tool that complements data recovery NetApp is one of the most comprehensive options available for you.

6) Fivetran

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  • Fivetran is suitable for replications of all application databases and files when used in tandem with high-performance data warehouses.
  • With an easy five-minute setup, standardized cloud pipelines are then fully managed without any need for maintenance.


The Fivetran pricing varies as $1.00 per credit at the Starter plan, $1.50 per credit for a Standard plan, and $2.00 per credit at the Enterprise plan.

Use Case

This tool is suitable when you have a lot of data in different locations that you want to unify in a single space. It facilitates cluster replications very well and can be your go-to tool for that requirement.

7) IBM Spectrum Protect

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  • It is a tool with a combination of Data Replication and data restoration features.
  • It offers organized management of backup copies and also offers a diverse range of options for backup policy configuration.
  • The configuration complexity issue can be considered a drawback in the tool with few limitations also seen in stable online viewing. 


The pricing of IBM Spectrum Protect grows to start at $86.30 per device. 

Use Case

IBM Spectrum can be a great tool if your agenda is to create high-capacity backup copies or deal with huge amounts of information. It might not be the tool for you if you are looking for virtual environment backups.

8) Qlik Replicate



  • Qlik Replicate is a combination of data replication and real-time data integration software offered by Qlik. It enables real-time data replication between various databases and data platforms.
  • It supports replication between different database systems, providing flexibility for data integration.
  • It also integrates with other Qlik products, facilitating end-to-end data integration and analytics workflows.


The pricing depends on the specific feature you have chosen, but you have the option to start with a free test drive.

Use Case

Qlik Replicate is a great tool if your agenda is to do seamless Business Intelligence integration, Database Migration, and create a Real-time data replication solution.

9) Oracle GoldenGate



  • Oracle GoldenGate is a real time data mesh platform service provider.
  • Using replication, it ensures high data availability and enables real-time analysis.
  • Users can design, execute and monitor their data processing and streaming solutions without any need to allocate resources or manage environments.


The pricing of Oracle cloud infrastructure – Golden Gate starts from $1.3 OCPU per hour.

Use Case

It is a versatile solution with applications that can be used in the cases of Business continuity and Disaster recovery, Global data distribution and consolidation. 

10) Nakivo Backup and Replication



  • Nakivo Backup and Replication is the best data protection solution designed to provide backup, replication, and recovery services for virtualized environments.
  • It has a cool backup selection which includes Virtual Machines, Cloud workloads, Microsoft 365, and Physical machines.
  • It has another interesting NAS backup solution that enables users to safeguard data from file shares on NAS, windows, and Linux systems.


The Nakivo Backup and Replication pricing varies as $1.95 per workload/month at the Starter plan and $2.60 per workload/month at the Enterprise plan.

Use Cases

This tool is suitable when you have a lot of hardware failures or data loss and you want to have data backups and quick recovery of virtual machines.

Tools Comparison

FeatureHevo DataRubrikCarbonite AvailabilitySharePlexNetApp SnapMirrorFivetranIBM Spectrum ProtectQlik ReplicateOracle GoldenGateNakivo Backup & Replication
TypeELT & ReplicationData Management & BackupReplication & Disaster recovery (DR)Database ReplicationDatabase ReplicationReplicationReplication & BackupReplication & IntegrationReplication & IntegrationBackup & Replication
Real-time ReplicationYesNoYesYesNoNoNoYesYesNo
Ease of UseEasyEasyModerateModerateEasyEasyComplexModerateModerateModerate
Data Sources150+VariousVariousVariousLimitedVariousVariousVariousVariousVarious
PricingFree Trial, Paid PlansFree Trial, Paid PlansStarts at $1000/serverFree (Basic), Paid (Advanced)Starts at $0.10/hourStarts at $1.00/creditStarts at $86.30/deviceFree Trial, Paid PlansStarts at $1.3 OCPU/hourStarts at $1.95/workload/month
Use CaseData Pipelines & AnalyticsArchiving & Cloud BackupDR with Continuous ReplicationHeterogeneous ReplicationDR & Business ContinuityData Warehouse IntegrationHigh-Capacity BackupsBI Integration & DRReal-time ReplicationVirtual Environment Backup

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Thus, you can check out these Database Replication tools as per your requirements. If you’re dealing with larger chunks of data, Fivetran and IBM Spectrum can be good options for you. For stable data recovery, go for NetApp SnapMirror.

Sign Up for a 14-day free trial and experience the feature-rich Hevo suite firsthand.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, that will not only help you transfer data but also transform it into analysis-ready form, then Hevo Data is the right choice for you! It will take care of all your analytics needs in a completely automated manner, allowing you to focus on key business activities.

Share your experience of using Database Replication Tools in the comment section below.

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