Redundant, Outdated, and non-relevant data can lead to significant potential customer loss, revenue loss, and damaged reputation. Manually updating and collecting data is a resource-intensive and time-consuming task. To remedy this, you can use the Free Data Enrichment Tools that merge data collected from multiple external data sources with your internally prepared database.

Data Enrichment has become a popular process among Sales, Marketing, and HR teams due to its several advantages such as better customer segmentation, improved customer experience, increase in sales, etc.

In this article, you will learn about the top Free Data Enrichment Tools in detail. 

What is Data Enrichment?

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Data Enrichment is the process of adding, merging, and extending your internal first-party database with data collected from a third-party source. The newly added data reinforces your limited customer information, thereby giving more insights and context on potential business opportunities. 

The raw data is collected from several sources such as mailing lists, social media, website traffic, etc. The Data Enrichment process enhances the raw data by pooling data from external sources. This enriched data allows you to form more defined and personalized strategies for your sales, customer acquisition, and marketing activities.

Two types of B2B data are used by these tools:

  • Public: These include platforms where everything is available freely in the public domain. News articles, websites such as Wikipedia, social media, etc., fall under this category. 
  • Private: These are secured from public view. You are required to have a subscription or permission to access them. Paywall websites, Data as a Service (DaaS) providers, and financial and market intelligence come under this category.

Key Benefits of Data Enrichment

  • Build Lasting Customer Relationships: With relevant and customer-centric data, you can develop more meaningful customer relationships. Personalized communication strategies that cater to the customer’s needs and preferences increase the chances of more business opportunities.
  • Better Customer Segmentation: Without proper customer segmentation to categorize your audience, your marketing campaign offering personalized products and services won’t succeed. Data enrichment improves your customer segmentation strategy by providing valuable information about customers, thereby allowing you to timely and accurately anticipate their needs.   
  • Boost Sales: An outdated and incomplete contact list can cost you many potential customers or even the existing ones you have. By performing the Sales Data Enrichment process, you can build a more clean, reliable & accurate list of prospects, thereby increasing sales efficiency and ROI.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Every customer expects that the brand knows and can accurately anticipate their needs. Data Enrichment allows you to be familiar & up-to-date with customer needs and make personalized target marketing campaigns.    

How does Data Enrichment Work?

Data Enrichment allows you to upgrade your internal database by merging data from external sources. This usually involves consolidating data from multiple sources, sending the data through a Data Pipeline, and finally appending the data correctly to your existing data. The Free Data Enrichment tools present you with a complete package of refined data providing more reliable, accurate insights into your potential business prospects, leads, and existing customers. Here, data enrichment can be classified into the following categories:

  • Demographic: This includes age, gender, education, income, etc. Based on this data, you can design your target marketing campaigns for specific demographic groups.
  • Geographic: This category ensures that content, products & services the users get are personalized according to their ZIP codes, country, city & time zone.
  • Behavioural: It allows you to place the behavioral patterns such as areas of interest, pain points & needs of a customer to their profile. 
  • Professional: This category covers enriching data such as business niche, company size, position, etc.   

How can Data Enrichment help prevent Fraud?

Data Enrichment can be an important player in online fraud prevention. Accurate & reliable data can essentially assist you in finding warning signs that may indicate criminal activity such as:

  • Transaction Fraud: By knowing about a customer, you can make a more informed decision and figure out if the specified payment method belongs to them or if it has been stolen.
  • User Validation: Contact Data enrichment allows you to validate an individual’s identity based on another data source like social media. This allows you to identify theft of your personal information as quickly as possible and flag fraudsters.
  • Credit Scoring: Just like using Data Enrichment you can evaluate how risky is a customer, you can also verify the possibility of a loan being paid.  

Simply by scraping data from several online resources, you can gather information without affecting the user experience. Once the Data enrichment is done, you can utilize this information in real-time for evaluating the risk of your actions. Based on the risk score, you can then make an assessment and may move forward with approving or blocking a user’s action like login, sign up, or a transaction.

Key Factors to keep in mind for a Data Enrichment Tool

While browsing through the Free Data Enrichment Tools for your business use case, you can keep a track of the following features:

  • Response Time: In the case of Manual Review, you have to wait for a specified period. However, you would want a fast response time in case of automated queries.
  • Integration Time: When attempting an API Integration, you have to calculate how much time the business will be interrupted.
  • Cost: Though there are several Free Data Enrichment Tools, you may find that the result is hidden behind the paywall. Please read the fine print before you begin your search for Free Data Enrichment Tools. 
  • Database: As you shuffle through the Free Data Enrichment Tools, you will observe that some of them rely on legacy databases. You should make sure that your database is updated regularly to provide you with the latest information.   
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Best Free Data Enrichment Tools

1. InsideView

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InsideView is a brilliant Marketing Intelligence Tool that pools data from more than 40000 sources with over 400 million contact records. It creates an ultimate collection of data on various companies, employees, social media activity, and breaking news that allows you to get a complete picture of your potential customers.

The AI technology used by InsideView tries to provide you with professional connections that are also mutual with your colleagues. This helps in creating a more meaningful relationship with the prospect. With InsideView, increase your chances of converting more website visitors to leads using conversion-optimized lead generation forms. It also integrates with CRM to send personalized & automated email campaigns. InsideView is one of the popular Free Data Enrichment Tools that also provides an Enterprise plan with more benefits starting at $99/month.

2. RingLead

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RingLead easily provides complete and detailed information about leads by integrating and coordinating with third-party data sources in your internal system. Similar to other Free Data Enrichment Tools, you can also integrate it with your CRM (SalesForce, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, Gravity Forms). It offers intelligent forms that automatically append data and score prospects as they enter the information on your website. Apart from the free version, you can get more features that start at 12000$/year. 

3. ZoomInfo

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ZoomInfo is a one-stop Data enrichment platform useful for sales, marketing, and recruiting. Compared to other Free Data Enrichment Tools, ZoomInfo offers a free Community Edition package. It uses NLP(Natural language processing) to find out business contact information and matches it with your existing customer data. With easy integrations, you quickly connect ZoomInfo with HubSpot, Eloqua, Outreach, Marketo, Salesloft, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

4. Pipl

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Pipl is one of the popular Free Data Enrichment tools that provide research and surveys along with identity verification solutions. Using it, you can easily create organized identity profiles with advanced data based on individuals, professionals, demographics, society, relationships, photos, and contact information. It also provides an API with client libraries and code examples for developers, making it easy to add identity information to your application.

5. Datanyze

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Datanyze is especially famous for its technology-based data i.e. it simplifies the understanding of an organization’s technology stack and usage. Datanzye also assists you in searching and connecting with potential customers by providing B2B contact details. Thanks to the Chrome extensions, you can now use Datanze to collect data while continuously browsing social media and corporate websites.  It not only enhances data but also provides cold calling and email outreach functionalities. In addition, you can also Datanze to automatically build a segmented list that you can export at any time. Similar to other Free Data Enrichment Tools, it also offers a free trial for 90 days. You enjoy more functions starting at $55/month.

6. LeadGenius

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LeadGenius is one of the best Free Data Enrichment Tools that empower your account with the latest and relevant data based on modifications such as client advertising costs, classified ads, press releases, product announcements, and more. Using Free Data Enrichment Tools like LeadGenius, you can also build your target customer database from scratch containing information on commerce providers, franchises, payment providers, etc. Starting at $ 3,000 per month, you can choose from a variety of pricing plans to suit your needs. It also offers functionality related to Competitive Intelligence and Purchasing Intentions. For instance, it can send notifications whenever your potential customers are contacting competing brands. 

7. Openprise

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Openprise uses bots to update customer data and tries to identify the best leads for B2B businesses. While many Free Data Enrichment Tools go for new leads,  Openprise purifies the existing lead data, assigns leads to accounts, and integrates relevant data across the organization. 

Openprise’s lead scoring and routing capabilities rank customers based on their potential purchases and connect them to the right team members.  Ultimately, Openprise streamlines the goal-achieving process by coordinating marketing and sales data to reach the best potential customers. Targeting large sales teams, Openprise pricing starts at $48,000 a year with 500,000 records.

8. Data Axle Genie

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Formerly popular as Salesgenie, the Data Axle Genie is an excellent platform to empower your data sets with the most comprehensive set of rich external data sources to bring you the best possible prospects. Using this, you complete your customer profile by adding Phone numbers, Mailing addresses, Email addresses, Geographic information, Industry, Firmographics, and demographics data. Compared to other Free Data Enrichment Tools, Data Axle Genie only offers a 3-day free trial. 

9. DiscoverOrg

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Acquired by ZoomInfo in 2019, DiscoverOrg offers a full-service B2B intelligence and contact data Enrichment platform. It allows you to keep all existing and inbound potential customer data up-to-date in real-time, and staff can also manually check their accuracy every 90 days. In addition, DiscoverOrg regularly ranks active prospects according to their online behavior allowing you to know who is likely to buy. In comparison with the other Free Data Enrichment Tools, it also offers you a free trial. 

10. BeenVerified

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BeenVerified is a user-friendly Data Enrichment platform to update your data and generate leads. Simply enter the person’s name, and location and allow this tool to provide you with a complete set of prospect list info. It also allows you to define the search via emails, reverse phone numbers, vehicles, property records, addresses, etc. 

11. FullContact

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FullConact offers a complete solution for contact management that assist marketing teams, sales reps as well as individuals. Similar to other Free Data Enrichment Tools you can use it to develop details customer profiles from social media pages, blogs, photos, and other public data to get a complete picture of potential customers. With just a piece of single contact information such as a Twitter handle or phone number, FullContact will start to retrieve a wealth of data about new customers, leads, and contacts.

12. MaxMind

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MaxMind provides a complete suite of Data Enrichment services such as GeoIP that enriches data about a company’s website visitors. It also offers a Fraud Detection and Prevention tool that allows you to track IPs at a country or a city level. Similar to other Free Data Enrichment Tools, it provides GeoLite2 Geolocation service for free. MaxMind also offers commercial licensing, precision web services, and anonymous IP databases.

13. ClearBit

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ClearBit is a dedicated marketing platform that assists you in finding out prospects and personalizing your marketing and sales interactions with them. Clear bit scans more than 250 sources, such as websites, public datasets, legal systems, and social media networks. Each data source is evaluated and the one with the higher reliability is allotted more weight. You can use ClearBit for search, target marketing, or personalized buyer ads. For up-to-date data, ClearBit rescans data every 30 days. Unlike other Free Data Enrichment Tools, ClearBit provides only provides limited free access i.e. you get one batch of database enrichment for free with Clearbit Batch. 

14. Lead411

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Lead411 is the industry leader for accurate and verified data and data enrichment.  Integration into your CRM is fluid and simple to set up, so you can enrich your existing data with only clean and up-to-date information.  All of our data is re-verified at least every 90 days, which is a faster re-verification schedule than any other solution available.  Our API is also available to all of our customers to keep your sales and marketing teams running on all cylinders. Lead411 is the obvious choice for a contact enrichment.


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It is a data enrichment software that can bring you complete information based only on an email by fully integrating with your platform. It gives full lead profiles when you enter the email addresses of your target customers. It has features that enable email sending, verification and generating additional leads by using API. This makes it one of the most effective b2b data enrichment tools. is one of the most efficient data enrichment tools for Salesforce, although it does not directly integrate with it. This can be done by integrating it through other CRM or integration tools to establish a workflow. 

Drawbacks of Free Data Enrichment Tools

Though these Free Data Enrichment Tools offer a plethora of services, there is one area where they still lack. These Free Data Enrichment Tools don’t observe, enrich, or rank the hundreds or even thousands of completely anonymous visitors on your website every day. This is an important missing factor given that more than half of website visitors are always anonymous. This eventually leads to a loss of several potential customers. 


In this article, you learned about the best Free Data Enrichment Tools. These Free Data Enrichment Tools are an easy way to empower your internally developed prospect contact information with hundreds of external sources. With accurate and relevant customer data, the likelihood of building a meaningful customer relationship increases. Apart from the Free trials offered by these best Data Enrichment Tools, they also offer a huge collection of advanced functionalities via their paid plans.

As you collect and manage your data across several applications and databases in your business, it is important to consolidate it for complete performance analysis of your business. However, it is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task to continuously monitor the Data Connectors. To achieve this efficiently, you need to assign a portion of your engineering bandwidth to Integrate data from all sources, Clean & Transform it, and finally, Load it to a Cloud Data Warehouse, SaaS applications, or a destination of your choice for further Business Analytics. All of these challenges can be comfortably solved by a Cloud-based ETL tool such as Hevo Data.   

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If you are using CRMs, Sales, HR, and Marketing applications and searching for a no-fuss alternative to Manual Data Integration, then Hevo can effortlessly automate this for you. Hevo, with its strong integration with 150+ sources (Including 40+ Free Sources), allows you to not only export & load data but also transform & enrich your data & make it analysis-ready in a jiffy.

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Tell us about your experience of learning about the top Free Data Enrichment Tools! Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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