When your leads don’t offer you enough information to launch a Focused Marketing Campaign, Data Enrichment Technologies come into play. When you just know your customers’ emails, names, and possibly ages, this is known as Un-Enriched Data, and it indicates that you lack the necessary data to give more relevant messages and content to convert your leads and increase sales.

Data Enrichment Tools can help you understand more about a website visitor, a company, or a potential consumer. One of the most significant Advantages of Data Enrichment Companies is that they do not need to request additional information. They get seamless additional information, which is why they are so popular for verifying IDs at the onboarding and transaction stages.

A good Data Enrichment vendor enables you to enhance low-quality records, enhancing your capacity to adapt personalized solutions to the right consumer at the right time. So here are the Top Data Enrichment Companies in 2022.

What is Data Enrichment?

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Data Enrichment is a broad word for operations that enhance, modify, or otherwise improve raw data. This concept, along with others like it, contribute to data becoming a useful asset for practically any modern corporation or enterprise. It also demonstrates the common urgency of proactively utilizing this data in a variety of ways.

The raw data is gathered from a variety of sources, including mailing lists, social media, website visitors, and so on. The Data Enrichment technique improves raw data by combining it with information from other sources. This enhanced data enables you to develop more defined and personalized sales, client acquisition, and marketing strategies.

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Key Features of Data Enrichment

Here are a few features of Data Enrichment:

  • Long-Term Customer Relationships: You can build more meaningful customer interactions with relevant and customer-centric data. Personalized communication tactics that respond to the needs and preferences of the customer boost the likelihood of more business prospects.
  • Improved Customer Segmentation: Your marketing strategy offering individualized products and services will fail if you do not use adequate customer segmentation to categorize your target. Data Enrichment helps your client segmentation approach by offering useful information about customers, allowing you to anticipate their demands in real-time.
  • Increase Sales: An out-of-date and incomplete contact list might cost you many potential customers, as well as existing ones. You may increase sales productivity and ROI by conducting the Sales Data Enrichment process, which allows you to create a more clean, dependable, and accurate list of prospects.
  • Improved Customer Service: Every customer expects the brand to understand and anticipate their demands. Data Enrichment Companies enable you to be familiar with and up to date on consumer needs, allowing you to create customized target marketing campaigns.

Types of Data Enrichment

While the Methods of Data Enrichment differ depending on the number of Data Sources obtained, there are three types of Data Enrichment.

1) Behavioral Data Enrichment

You add consumer behavioral patterns to their user profile when you Enrich Behavioural Data. Adding Behavioural patterns to a user’s profile enables you to determine the customer’s areas of interest as well as their path leading up to their overall buy decision. Enriching Behavioral Data is vital since it helps you determine the performance of advertising efforts and justify marketing spending. When a user from another organization enters their work email for a free trial, for example, you can use a service like Clearbit to find up the size of that organization. You can then tailor your messaging accordingly.

2) Demographic Data Enrichment

Enriching Demographic Data helps you to target certain demographic groups with messaging. This helps organizations ensure that their marketing and messaging are relevant to their customers. Demographic
Data Enrichment also allows you, as just an employer, to tailor communications to the staff sizes of other organizations.

3) Geographic Data Enrichment

Businesses that Enrich Geographic Data can target different geographic groups with their messaging. Users will view material that is relevant to their country, time zone, and city as a result of this. Companies can utilize geographic data to seek up an IP address and determine the user’s location. When prospective consumers visit your site, you can tailor content depending on what they might be interested in.

Approaches to Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment is a difficult procedure that becomes more difficult when dealing with a big number of data sources. Here are three measures to take while adopting Data Enrichment at your company.

1) Determine your Data Enrichment Objective

Before you begin with Data Enrichment, you should determine your ultimate goal for enriching your data. The overarching goal is to increase the quality and accuracy of your data, but in most circumstances, that is too wide of a beginning key performance indicator. When determining your Data Enrichment aim, evaluate what information your company will need to obtain. The data should be relevant to your organization and should help employees to gain significant insights into your users.

Companies must consider the rationale used in their enrichment when determining what data to enrich. Although it is preferable to enrich your data in real-time, it may make more sense to enrich data in your warehouse before sending it to your CRM.

2) To Prepare your Data, Use Data Enrichment Tools

When it comes to Data Enrichment, this is likely the most crucial phase. Using the appropriate technologies allows you to efficiently enrich your data, resulting in high-quality data in your business. When it comes to Data Enrichment, there are numerous solutions available to assist you in enriching data from third-party providers.

Data Enrichment technologies not only collect, organize, and cleanse data, but they also arrange data in a format that is helpful to your organization. Because each tool has its own focus in the enrichment process, it is usual for businesses to employ more than one tool while enriching data.

3) Maintain Data Accuracy

Data Enrichment is not a one-time exercise for your organization. It is a continual effort to guarantee that your company works with data that is valuable to it. Having said that, it is critical to ensure that data is up to date and regularly enriched, either in real-time or in your Data Warehouse. If data is not kept up to date, it will naturally decay and lose value over time, to the point where it is no longer useful to your company to collect.

Companies should invest in solutions that automatically Enrich Data in their CRM system to verify its accuracy in order to keep up with constantly changing data.

Top Data Enrichment Companies

This list is a fantastic place to start if you’re looking for a Data Enrichment Companies. Since its early beginnings, when you’d file-transfer a .CSV to a supplier, who’d clean it up and send data back, the business has come a long way. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve worked with an enrichment partner, it’s worth considering what kind of enrichment you require.

1) Clari

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Clari is capable of much more than just Data Enrichment. Actually, one could argue that it doesn’t do enrichment per se, but its CRM automation feature actively defends against errors by automatically capturing and logging sales events that would otherwise go unreported.

2) Clearbit

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Clearbit provides accurate and up-to-date B2B Sales and Marketing Data with a twist: they include it into aspects of the purchase journey that actually amuse and amaze people. Its Data Enrichment turned into marketing activity.

Clearbit is notable for one particular use case: they allow you to reduce your forms to a single email field to remove sign-up friction, and then just attach all the additional data like company name and size discreetly on the backend.

3) Datanyze

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Datanyze was and continues to be a pioneer in technographics—data about the technology that a specific company employs. Datanyze employs a web crawler in the same manner that Google does, except it looks for tags on your website to determine which analytics or marketing automation you employ. It also takes advantage of a range of data sources to uncover technologies that are not discoverable through tags, such as through examining job posts.

4) DiscoverOrg

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DiscoverOrg is a company that specializes in high-quality B2B lead lists. Whereas many other providers attempt to automate everything and capture every firm, DiscoverOrg employs a tiny army of humans and only covers medium-to-larger businesses. But, boy, is it correct.

5) FullContact

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FullContact provides traditional Data Enrichment with no frills. Its main concentration is on Advertising and Data Activation.

6) Hunter.io

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Hunter.io as the name implies is for Sales hunters—Enter a domain and it will provide all publicly available emails for that company, as well as verify them. Its Chrome plug-in is useful.

7) Demandbase

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InsideView is a full-service data broker that is well-known for its data accuracy and assistance for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns. You can enrich data, purchase lists, or have their team create custom data solutions for you.

8) LeadGenius

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LeadGenius is a Traditional Data Enrichment Tool, but it distinguishes itself by allowing you to launch your own tiny, specialized crawlers for verticals or projects, whereas other data firms utilize a general, all-purpose web crawler to acquire data. Once deployed, its crawler learns and occasionally discovers firms and prospects that other data suppliers miss.

9) Owler

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Owler enables Salespeople to track Organizations and collect press, media, and other convincing reasons to contact them. When something comes up, it will inform you.

10) Syncari

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It would be incomplete without it. In all seriousness, the finest solutions are automatic and ongoing, and the more structure and governance you have in place, the less need for enrichment you have. Having automatic controls will allow you to make greater use of the data you do buy. For example, if you configure controls so that the CRM has data authority over phone numbers, the proper numbers are protected from marketing enrichment.

11) ZoomInfo 

Even if ZoomInfo might have overextended itself into additional feature sets at the expense of the development and functioning of its core product, it is still one of the most widely used B2B data enrichment systems available.

The sheer size of their database—which has data on 235 million business people and over 14 million companies—may have something to do with it.

12) Cognism

Cognism is a data enrichment services company, which is a complete platform for lead creation and data enrichment. By adding firmographic, technographic, and purpose data to your data it enhances your ability to recognize and connect with the appropriate prospects at the right moment.

With this, you can finally bid adieu to tiresome prospecting and welcome the best way to quickly identify accounts that are a perfect fit and obtain the verified contact details of B2B decision-makers. With the aid of their robust Chrome Extension, this solution also lets you optimize your LinkedIn prospecting and sync the results with your CRM with ease. 

13) Apollo

Apollo.io is a platform for sales intelligence and engagement that enables companies to automate their outreach to prospects and enhance their CRM with B2B data.

Consider it a cross between a sales interaction tool (such as Outreach) and a B2B database. It’s excellent for companies who need both features but don’t want to invest in and use two separate solutions. 

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Benefits of Data Enrichment Companies

Data Enrichment Companies enable enterprises to make data more usable and trustworthy for end consumers. When businesses enrich their data, they add value to it by making it more useful. When businesses enhance data, they gain a better understanding of their customers, allowing them to personalize products and services to their needs.

While there are numerous advantages to the Data Enrichment Companies, here are three of the most typical advantages that businesses achieve when they enrich the data they work with on a regular basis.

1) Data Enrichment Companies raise the Accuracy of Data

A single dataset is insufficient to create a single view of a consumer. This is where Data Enrichment comes into play to make raw data more usable. Businesses use Data Enrichment to add additional and missing data to a customer’s original dataset.

Businesses use Data enrichment to obtain data that is valuable to them. When data is correct, stakeholders trust it and use it in the future.

2) Customer Targeting is aided by Data Enrichment Companies

Companies may customize marketing campaigns to users when data is accurate and up to date. If you want to make adverts and recommendations more relevant to specific people, Data Enrichment allows you to segment your data.

By Enriching your data, you get closer to creating a “golden customer record” that your company can use in the future. Enriched Data will almost certainly result in more conversions for marketing campaigns and sales outreach efforts, boosting the potential return on investment for that customer.

3) Data Enrichment Companies Improve the Experience of your Consumers

Data Enrichment enables your company to stay relevant to people by displaying adverts that are relevant to their needs. When you tailor your messaging to users, you not only boost your customer relations but also show users that you care about their wants and understand them as clients.

For example, if a user inputs a corporate email into a form and another user from that same company previously engaged with that form, Data Enrichment allows you to customize content for that user based on the information you already have about that firm.

Criteria for selection of data enrichment providers

  • Accuracy: Reliable information is factually accurate and current. You should expect to receive thousands of names and emails when prospecting. By adding to that information, you may verify its accuracy and obtain additional information that will help you assess its value.
  • Scalability: Sales databases typically increase over time when a business launches more campaigns or just grows overall. This is why you should look for a scalable data enrichment service, which means you should go for one that can provide you more than just basic contact information and can supply information on a huge number of potential clients. 
  • Compliance: The term “compliance” is frequently used by data enrichment vendors; nonetheless, it is your responsibility to learn what they mean and how they relate to you. For example, are they able to certify their conformity, or have they “self-declared”? It might affect your legal situation in the future.
  • Capabilities for integration: What is the relationship and mode of communication between the enrichment platform and the other technologies in your sales stack? What level of ease would it be to import the real data into your CRM from the enrichment platform?
  • Cost: All of the aforementioned elements will affect cost, particularly precision. There’s a problem if a data enrichment business gives you thousands of leads, but you can only contact a tiny percentage of them.


Your Data is one of the most valuable assets in your company. End users should have confidence in their organization’s data and utilize it to make business choices – Data Enrichment Companies allow data consumers to gain more meaning than raw data would otherwise provide. This blog has Introduced you to many Data Enrichment Companies and you can have your pick.

As you collect and manage your data across several applications and databases in your business, it is important to consolidate it for a complete performance analysis of your business. However, it is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task to continuously monitor the Data Connectors.

To achieve this efficiently, you need to assign a portion of your engineering bandwidth to Integrate data from all sources, Clean & Transform it, and finally, Load it to a Cloud Data Warehouse or a destination of your choice for further Business Analytics. All of these challenges can be comfortably solved by a Cloud-based ETL tool such as Hevo Data.   

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