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Data Analytics is the latest and the most desired skill nowadays for escalating and resolving business and marketing strategies. Marketing factors need to be implemented with maximum efficiency to make data analysis an easy and useful process.

This article talks about integrating Google Analytics and Mailchimp data for efficient analysis. Apart from some basic features that Google Analytics and Mailchimp offer for productive collaboration, you will read about the significance of this tandem. Read along to know more about the methods that you can use to integrate Google Analytics with Mailchimp, few drawbacks of these processes and prospective solutions to the same.

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Introduction to Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a popular tool used for carrying out free website analytics. With an array of features that support the in-depth analysis of website traffic and trends, meaningful insights can be drawn, helping business to fine-tune their business and marketing strategies.

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Google Analytics supports rendering several business reports, allowing users to perform real-time analysis of their audience, behaviours, acquisitions, etc. Using Google Analytics you can draw crucial insights such as the number of active users, their geographies, etc. You can also get insights about the channels that bring in the most number of customers, your customer retentions statistics, and a lot more.

For further information on Google Analytics, you can check the official website here.

Introduction to Mailchimp

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Mailchimp is a popular integrated marketing platform that allows users to communicate with clients, customers, etc. using its robust set of features such as email marketing. Mailchimp allows a business to analyze performance, optimize strategies and target customers efficiently.

Mailchimp enables users to access almost 2000+ contacts and 10,000 leads/month, free of cost and thereby, helps business get started on improving their marketing performance.

For further information on Mailchimp, you can check the official website here.

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Significance of Integrating Google Analytics and Mailchimp

Using Google Analytics to track Mailchimp clicks: Google Analytics and Mailchimp
Using Google Analytics to track Mailchimp clicks

How can integrating Mailchimp with Google Analytics be helpful? Well, for starters, both offer plenty of free features which can be used in tandem with each other for easy and effective marketing analysis. Instead of filtering data based on specific parameters and relying on manual monitoring for the same, you can use integration with Google Analytics to automatically carry out analysis for the fetched data.

Methods to integrate Google Analytics and Mailchimp data

There are multiple methods that you can use to integrate Google Analytics with Mailchimp data:

Method 1: Using Readily Available Connectors for Mailchimp & Google Analytics

Readily available Mailchimp or Google Analytics connectors, provide a secure channel for establishing a connection between them. Mailchimp usually makes use of Google Data Studio and other API-based connectors to integrate data with Google Analytics. A diverse set of hundred plus connectors are available, including the Google Analytics 360 connector support, that allows you to integrate data with ease.

The only issue in using these connectors is the compatibility issues that arise when working with various databases and the ability to scale up, as the business grows.

Method 2: Using Custom Scripts to integrate Google Analytics with Mailchimp

Using one of the several manual methods is one such way. These include exporting data using independent APIs and other data organization systems. Some small businesses still rely on Microsoft Excel and other sheet organization tools to analyze data. While these methods work well with small amounts of data, the channel becomes obsolete when dynamic data and larger chunks of data come into the picture.


This article teaches you how to integrate data from Google Analytics and Mailchimp. It provides in-depth knowledge about the concepts behind every step to help you understand and implement them efficiently. These methods, however, can be challenging especially for a beginner & this is where Hevo saves the day. 


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