Hevo is enterprise-friendly! 

The needs of enterprise data systems are unique. With massive workloads and complex intertwined systems, data teams need partners who can understand their requirements intimately. Hevo can be that partner for you! 

Hevo has spent the last 7 years building a data platform that is simple yet powerful. With reliable data movement, intuitive workflows, and seamless integrations, Hevo has been serving the data needs of 2000+ customers from 40+ countries. Yet, the needs of enterprise data teams are unique. In this industry where more tools mean more complexity, we wish to offer a solution that can address the needs of as many data teams as possible to reduce complexity and improve data systems. That’s why Hevo is going enterprise! 

With a robust system that is seamlessly simple but infinitely scalable, we are ready to support your large data workloads. Our host of new features shows our commitment to understanding enterprise data movement needs. With Hevo, you can experience effortless data movement for enterprises. 

Let’s dive deep into the new features that Hevo now offers to understand the movement of Hevo towards serving the needs of larger data volumes. 

Enterprise data movement

1. S3 as a destination 

With the growing volumes of data within organizations, data warehouses are slowly phasing out to make space for data lakes, which offer cost-effective storage solutions for large volumes of data. 

With Hevo’s new S3 as a destination, take full advantage of your large datasets by loading all your data into S3 buckets with ease and reliability. Unlock your data analytics, AI and ML models, archival mechanisms, and many more, all the while avoiding high merge costs from your data warehouse.

Here are the main features of this connector: 

  • Data Storage: Seamless import of structured and unstructured data to Amazon S3 storage.
  • Customization: Flexible options for specifying S3 bucket locations, file formats (like parquet and JSON), and compression methods.
  • Scalability: Ability to handle large volumes of data efficiently, with support for parallel processing. 

“The S3 destination by Hevo is a seamless integration. It is very easy to integrate with Glue and Redshift, and can even help with time series history if needed, as no data is overwritten!”

 – IDSTS, one of the early access users for S3 as a destination. 

2. Oracle and SQL Server as a source – stronger and more reliable! 

We’re excited to share the latest improvements we’ve made to our Oracle and MS SQL connectors. These enhancements make our data pipelines more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly, providing a better experience for our customers.

When it comes to Oracle, the introduction of SCN based log mining means a reduction in memory footprint for you. Through the redo log, you’ll be assured of protection against data failure.  We’ve also introduced a new section called ‘Redo Log Advanced Settings’ on the user interface. This feature gives you greater control over connector configuration, allowing you to set values like the poll interval and long transaction window. You can also use the online catalog settings to fetch the latest schema from your source.

Besides this, we’ve improved handling for longer transactions and introduced support for complex composite keys. 

These improvements ensure your Oracle pipelines run smoothly and efficiently, minimizing data inconsistencies and maximizing control to meet the requirements of your enterprise use case. 

For SQL Server, the newly improved polling strategy ensures that reliability has increased, reducing data mismatches and inconsistencies. We’ve also introduced new validations to change tracking at the table and database levels, which guarantees that only fully validated pipelines are created, further reducing the risk.

We’ve also increased the support for different data types and introduced subtasking, improving the throughput for this connector. The SQL Server connector now automatically configures the historical mode that best suits your source configuration settings, streamlining the setup process and eliminating guesswork. Finally, we’ve improved offset management ensuring your data pipelines have better data reliability. This enhances data accuracy and minimizes data loss or duplication.

All in all, this means a smoother, faster, and more accurate experience for our enterprise database connectors.   

3. Snowflake Partner Connect 

As a long-time Snowflake Premier Partner, Hevo Data has now taken the next step forward in our partnership with Snowflake. We are now available on Snowflake Partner Connect! This allows Snowflake customers to seamlessly connect to Hevo and leverage its data integration capabilities directly from their Snowflake environment. 

By leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud, we are joining Snowflake to help organizations unlock higher levels of analytics, data science and data-driven decision-making.  

“With Snowflake Partner Connect, we’re staying true to our goal of enabling data-driven decisions for businesses,” said Manish Jethani, co-founder and CEO of Hevo Data. “We hope to streamline the Modern Data Stack for our joint customers, bringing smoother and more consolidated data processes within organizations.”  

4. AWS and GCP Marketplace Inclusion

For organizations that are using AWS Marketplace or GCP Marketplace for their data management, you can now directly use your credits to purchase Hevo from within these platforms! This update offers much more ease of billing and procurement, especially for organizations with larger data ecosystems within one provider. 

To access Hevo Data from either of these Marketplaces, simply search for the platform from within the Marketplace and go directly to the Hevo Data platform. 

Our inclusion on these Marketplaces displays our commitment to serving the needs of larger customers to improve accessibility, procurement, and visibility. 

A few closing words…

With the launch of these five features, we’re excited to showcase our commitment to listening to feedback and delivering solutions that address enterprise needs head-on. Through the “Hevo for Enterprise Data Excellence” product launch, Hevo heralds a new level of accessibility, flexibility, and scalability catering to enterprise customers specifically. This is only the beginning – get ready for Hevo to move towards bigger and better, consistently! 

All your customer data in one place.