Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration: 3 Easy Steps

By: Published: November 9, 2021

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Today, about 96% of American internet users have made a purchase online. With the rapid digitization rates over the world,  eCommerce becoming is growing at an unprecedented rate. For businesses, it is a lucrative platform to meet and engage with new clients, boosting sales. 

A quick google keyword search of eCommerce platforms will reveal several websites, all available to users. While this is not necessarily bad, it makes selecting a useful platform particularly complicated for merchants. This is because all of these websites have their intricate merits and demerits. Not to worry, there is a way you can utilize all these functionalities at once; integration. With this in mind, this post will dive into the nuts and bolts of establishing Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration. By the end, you should have a rough idea of just what these two tools are and what benefits you stand to gain by using them in tandem. Take a read below!

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Understanding the Importance of Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration

Before we get into the actual integration process, just why do you need to perform this procedure? You stand to gain several benefits and improved functionality. Below are some of the benefits you will gain by integrating the two software. 

  • Multi-Store Support: Arguably, this is one of the platform’s best features since it allows usage within different stores. Whether you have several regional stores, the integration allows for interoperability.
  • Codeless Sign-up Forms: Once you perform the integration. You do not need to worry about coding expertise, especially when setting up Signup forms. 
  • Customized Coupons: With the integration, you can easily send optimized coupons to your customers.
  • Personalized Recommendations: These pre-designed zero set-up recommendations are based on customer purchase history. 
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Understanding the Methods to Establish Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration

Now that you have all the prerequisite information at hand let’s get to the main focus of this post: Klaviyo Magento Integration. Currently, there are two options you can choose to go with:

By the end of this section, you will be familiar with both of these processes and decide which one best fits your needs. It is worth keeping in mind that both of these processes perform one task, albeit using different techniques, installing the Klaviyo extension. Take a read below: 

Method 1: Installation with Composer 2.4+

For this process, you need to log into your Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) server and navigate to the root directory of your application via the command-line tool. This is how you go about it:

Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration: Download the Latest Version of Klaviyo

The command shown below will download the latest version of the Klaviyo extension to your system. Run it via your command-line tool. 

Klaviyo Magento 2: Download the Latest Version of Klaviyo
Image Source

Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration: Enable Magento (Adobe Commerce) Extension

Once the download is completed, run the following command to enable the extension: 

Klaviyo Magento 2: Enable Magento Extension
Image Source

Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration: Enable Additional Modules

The next step is to enable any additional modules, which can be done using the command shown below: 

Klaviyo Magento 2: Enable Additional Modules
Image Source

Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration: Run a Static Content Deploy Command Tool

The final step in this section is to run a static content deploy command tool to ensure that CSS and JS are running smoothly in your Magento 2 store. 

Klaviyo Magento 2: Run a Static Content Deploy Command Tool
Image Source

Now that you have installed this extension, feel free to skip the next step and head over to configuring the Klaviyo extension. 

Method 2: Installation with Web Setup Wizard (2.3 and older)

This section will install the Klaviyo extension using the web setup wizard, which makes it a lot easier, especially for users who want to avoid the complications that come in hand with command-line processes. 

Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration: Login to Your Klaviyo Account

Log into your Klaviyo account and note your public API key. It will be needed in the following steps. 

Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration: Select Extension Manager in Web Setup Wizard

Head over to your Magento (Adobe Commerce) Store admin page and select ‘System.’ Then, click the Web Setup Wizard. Under this section, select the Extension Manager

Klaviyo Magento 2: Select Extension Manager in Web Setup Wizard
Image Source
  • Ensure you are signed in to Magento (Adobe Commerce) for the following steps. 
  • The next step is to locate the Klaviyo extension under the name klaviyo/magento2-extension.
Klaviyo Magento 2: Extension Manager
Image Source
  • Under the Actions column, click the drop-down list and select install

Klaviyo Magento 2 Integration: Configure the Klaviyo Extension

Once the installation is complete, navigate to your Magento (Adobe Commerce) store admin and click on ‘Stores’ then ‘Configuration settings.’

Click ‘General’ from the drop-down list that appears. Set ‘Enable Klaviyo Extension’ to ‘Yes’ and enter the six-digit Public Klaviyo API key. 

Klaviyo Magento 2: Configure the Klaviyo Extension
Image Source

Finally, under ‘Newsletter,’ select the Klaviyo list you want to sync to with Magento (Adobe Commerce) Sign up form and click ‘Save Config.’ 

Klaviyo Magento 2: Configuration
Image Source


That’s it, by following the steps outlined above, you have successfully integrated Klaviyo with Magento (Adobe Commerce). Now, you stand at a better chance of exploring the full functionality of the two software together. What’s more, with their full functionality at your disposal, you can take your eCommerce store to the next level and beat your competitors by attracting a more extensive client base.

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