Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business applications platform.

This combines components of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) along with other productivity applications and artificial intelligence tools.

Dynamics 365 gives automatic, incorporated, and intelligent income and advertising talents that correctly connect, prioritize, and convert leads into paying customers.

In this blog, You will be introduced to Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with its features. The Apps of Dynamics 365 will be discussed in detail.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft regularly updates the platform with better features and tools to make Dynamics 365 a user-friendly application. Below are a few notable  Dynamics 365 features. 

  • Effective Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales and Marketing tools
  • Smart Search
  • Unified Client Interface
  • Web Client Refresh
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Virtual Entities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Apps

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Apps are listed below:

  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Finance and Operations
  • Marketing
  • Project Service Automation
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Talent

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Editions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in two main versions. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Editions include:

  • Business Edition: Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Enterprise Edition: Suitable for medium to large-sized organizations

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Edition

  • Finance & Operations: The finance module in Business Edition is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, albeit with certain functionalities like the manufacturing module removed.
  • Sales: The sales module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This module is optimized for Small to Medium-sized Businesses.
  • Marketing: The Marketing module Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition will be a collaboration with Adobe. This is similar to the Marketing module in the Enterprise edition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Enterprise Edition

Microsoft’s high-end ERP solutions are also included in Dynamics 365 for operations.

  • Finance and Operations: This was known as Microsoft Dynamics AX initially. This Finance and Operations module has all the finance and operations functionalities of Dynamics AX.
  • Sales: The Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides services for lead management and sales process functionality.
  • Marketing: Dynamics 365 provides an integrated Marketing tool along with Adobe. This is a comprehensive integrated marketing tool.
  • Customer Service: The customer service of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates the CRM functionality and other new functionality with the existing Parature functionality and Microsoft partnerships.
  • Project Service: The project service helps in estimating and scheduling projects in Dynamics 365. This is more suited for professional service organizations.
  • Field Service: The field staff requires this module on a daily basis. This is used to enhance the mobility of the Microsoft cloud.
  • Talent: The HCM module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 usually will not come along with the software and must be purchased separately.
  • Retail: The Retail module of Microsoft Dynamics does not come bundled with the software and can be purchased separately.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing

  • Customer Engagement Plan
    • This plan is preferred while building and supporting customer relationships for your organization.
    • $115 per user/month
  • Unified Operations Plan
    • With this, you can connect and manage your business operations.
    • $190 per user/month
  • Dynamics 365 Plan
    • This is the best value for money option.
    • $210 per user/month


  • From this blog, You have learnt about Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with its features. The Apps of Dynamics 365 will be clear to you now.
  • The Editions and pricing of Microsoft Dynamics along with the uses and the reasons to choose Dynamics 365 will help you get a clear picture of it.
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