Salesforce for Marketing: 3 Comprehensive Aspects

By: Published: September 13, 2021

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Salesforce’s CRM environment is built around flexibility, automation, and customization that adapt to your organization’s needs. It allows businesses to manage everything from Sales, Service, Commerce, Analytics, Integration, and Marketing from a single system. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the solutions that Salesforce provides to help organizations enhance Marketing Campaigns, generate more Leads, and build better relations with customers.

This article will introduce you to Salesforce and explain the various products that it offers which makes it so essential to use Salesforce for Marketing. Furthermore, it will discuss the benefits of Salesforce and will provide you various tips for using Salesforce for your business. Read along to learn more about this tool and improve your Marketing output. 

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Introduction to Salesforce for Marketing

Salesforce Logo
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Salesforce is a Cloud Computing company founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff and it streamlines and automates the tasks of connecting with your customers, prospects, and business partners. A Cloud Computing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Salesforce provides the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that help businesses run smoothly.

Salesforce also has a Marketing Cloud that offers a wide range of functions, including Data Studio, Email Studio, Interaction Studio, and Pardot for B2B support. You can use Salesforce for Marketing Campaigns to personalize your approach towards your clients and customers and make them feel special. You can have regular feedback from your audience that will help you improve customer interaction and business conduct. Moreover, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows businesses to keep track of their subscribers. You can either reach out to inactive audiences or remove them from your list if engagement with them is turning out to be expensive. 

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Essential Salesforce Products for Marketing

Salesforce provides the following products which are great for improving the Marketing aspect of your business:

Salesforce for Marketing Product 1: Journey Builder

Salesforce Journey Builder
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The Salesforce Journey Builder product helps you to deliver a personalized customer experience at every stage of your customer’s purchasing journey. It allows you to establish a seamless customer experience via advertisements, Mail, Mobile, and Web Channels. It assists businesses in analyzing data to identify moments that define the customer experience and use them to establish a strong relationship with them. Moreover, it harnesses their behavior, purchase history, preferences, browsing habits, and expectations to allow you to build personalized messaging. 

Salesforce for Marketing Product 2: Email Studio

Salesforce Email Studio
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The Salesforce Email Studio lets you gain your audience’s confidence by designing more personalized emails. It is a unique Marketing Cloud product that lets Digital Marketers drive primary Marketing Campaigns and sophisticated one-to-one messaging. This product has drag-and-drop tools with which you can filter millions of customers’ profiles, segment the profiles based on their data, and then tap customers with personalized emails. Be it customer reports or messaging, it automates everything for you quickly.

Salesforce for Marketing Product 3: Data Studio

Salesforce Data Studio
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Data Studio is a comprehensive product that helps discover unique customer insights and find new audiences from premium customer data. With Data Studio, enterprises can manage their data like a pro and share data according to their will. You can also choose to share private data with trusted partners or make it publicly available.

Salesforce for Marketing Product 4: Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio
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The Salesforce Social Studio helps you to understand your customer experience in real-time. You can also get comprehensive reports of your company’s social accounts by routing social media posts to the CRM platform and get a clear picture of your customers. Moreover, it assists teams in creating and managers in approving content for social networks and accounts. Marketing professionals can also monitor their Marketing Campaigns from the same interface.

Salesforce for Marketing Product 5: Datorama

Salesforce Datorama
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The Salesforce Datorama is a one-stop Dashboard that assists companies to gather and review insights on Marketing Channels. It also offers insights on Email, Web Landing Pages, Social, and Sales platforms, along with comprehensive reports. The insights and reports allow businesses to improve their scalability and efficiency. With the Datorama Marketing Dashboard, Marketing Teams can quickly grow pipelines, Optimize Leads, and improve Lead Conversion.

Salesforce for Marketing Product 6: Advertising Studio

Salesforce Ad Studio
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With the Salesforce Advertising Studio, companies can harness customer data across Marketing Channels to build personalized customer experiences. It will instantly synchronize customer data and regularly update it. With this, Marketing Teams can reach potential customers on a large scale.

Salesforce for Marketing Product 7: Mobile Studio

Salesforce Mobile Studio
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The Salesforce Mobile Studio helps enterprises reach their customers via highly targeted Mobile Marketing. Whether it is SMS, Push Notifications, Customized Messaging, or Group Messages, the Mobile Studio will assist Digital Marketing Teams in reaching their customers on any device.

Salesforce for Marketing Product 8: Pardot

Salesforce Pardot Tool
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Salesforce Pardot is a Business-2-Business Marketing Automation solution powered by Salesforce that helps businesses streamline pipelines, close more deals, and create meaningful connections. It is a part of Marketing Cloud and enables companies to track and measure the effectiveness of declined communication, gain insights into their purchasing journey and behavior, and create personalized communication and Marketing Campaigns. Pardot is a very effective tool for Lead Management, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Reporting, and Alignment with the company’s development process. 

Benefits of Using Salesforce for Marketing

Salesforce is a great tool for your business when it comes to MArketing. Following are some of the major benefits that Salesforce adds to your business growth:

  • Customization and Targeted Customer Journey: Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud uses AI to make customer interaction more personalized. Also, you can equip the data with the Einstein tool to make your communication more effective. 
  • Connected Ecosystem: Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a part of a more extensive CRM that offers multiple solutions and automation. From creating a Marketing Campaign to sending Emails, Personalized SMS, and running Advertisements, your Marketing Teams can manage everything from a single CRM product. 
  • Data Management: Data management at Salesforce is supported with SQL. Coupled with SFMC’s ability to securely store various data types, you can safely import and manage your data. You can also create specific data models that allow for segmentation and audience building in SFMC. 
  • Overcome organizational hurdles: Whether you are scaling your business or changing processes, it can get challenging to organize. With an amplitude of data and deadlines to achieve, your team needs a cohesive organizational system so that nothing falls through the cracks. Salesforce helps you keep every detail in one innovative, accessible, and organized platform. The platform ensures that you are focusing on scaling your business.
  • Integration Capabilities: Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a wide range of integrations that help you to import data from various sources. In addition to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud integration, you will also have access to various APIs, including a SOAP API and a REST API. 
  • Supports B2B and B2C: Whether your end customer is an individual or an organization, Salesforce Marketing Cloud caters to all your business requirements. Pardot is an excellent platform for managing your Business-to-Business Marketing. You can create a funnel for every client and analyze their behavior to ensure they move forward. 
  • Third-Party Applications: If your organization uses other Marketing applications, Salesforce gives you access to an extensive third-party application library. Salesforce AppExchange is like a Google Play Store or Apple App store where you can integrate apps with the Marketing Cloud. 

Tips for Using Salesforce for Marketing

Now since you are familiar with the various products and benefits offered by Salesforce, the following are some important tips that you can implement to get the best out of Salesforce for your Marketing needs:

1) Integrate your Customer Data in One Place

Data Integration with Salesforce
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Your Marketing Team may use HubSpot Marketing software, the Customer Service Team may use Zendesk, and the Sales Team may use Salesforce. You can create a transparent data funnel through your Sales, Customer, and Marketing Teams to have a 360-degree view of your clients and customers by integrating Hubspot Marketing, Zendesk, and various other tools with Salesforce. 

Integration of all your teams on Salesforce ensures that your customer service is top-notch and your customers have a positive experience with your business. A transparent system also benefits both the Marketing and Sales teams, which improves customer retention. 

2) Create Personalized Communications with Leads

Personalized Communication in Salesforce
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In the course of your relationship with your clients and customers, your company would have gathered a lot of data about their purchasing journey and interest in your services. You can integrate all the data into Salesforce and improve customer relationships by personalizing your emails and other communication channels because customers want to feel special. 

You can personalize offers and use tailored content while communicating with the customer. If your team sends newsletters and emails via Mailchimp, you can integrate it with Salesforce and manage Leads and Contacts. 

3) Re-engage your Less Active Subscribers

Salesforce Email Marketing
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Rather than pruning the less active customers in your email list, reconnect with them. Email lists degrade every year, and unfortunately, you can only send 500 mass emails with a Salesforce enterprise account. As an alternative, you can integrate Email Marketing tools such as Mailchimp with Salesforce. By combining Email Marketing software, you can segment inactive subscribers and re-engage them through offers and discounts. 

4) Multichannel Messaging

Multi Channel in Salesforce
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows companies to construct the journeys of their customers. You can make the best of the platform by engaging with your customers on multiple channels. You can send emails about services and respond to queries. At the same time, you can send timely information such as the status of their product through SMS. You can also use emails and SMS to share post-purchase communications and create a journey of the shipment status until the product is delivered. 


The article explained Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the numerous products which can enhance your Marketing Campaigns easily. Also, it listed down the various benefits that you can have by using Salesforce for Marketing in your business. Furthermore, the article provided some tips to maximize your benefits by using Salesforce in your business.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a suitable platform for all industries and company sizes. It’s often thought of as a solution for large enterprises. However, different editions ensure that the platform offers flexible pricing for businesses of various sizes. You can also add services separately to cater to your specific and changing needs.

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