Wix and WordPress Integration: 2 Easy Methods to Migrate

By: Published: December 20, 2021

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Wix and WordPress are some of the most flexible and user-friendly CMS platforms to design and build websites independently. Both platforms have unique features and functionalities to cater to different use cases. However, based on the requirements, you can migrate from one platform to another to better manage your business needs.

There are several ways to migrate from WordPress to Wix and vice versa. In this article, you will learn about Wix and WordPress and how to migrate between Wix and WordPress. You will also learn the various methods involved in WordPress to Wix Migration and vice versa.

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  • Fundamentals knowledge of CMS.

What is WordPress?

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WordPress is an Open-source Content Management System that allows users to design and build websites independently. It is the most straightforward tool for beginners to create a website without coding or technical knowledge.

WordPress has drag-and-drop tools for building a website from the ground up, as well as a vast selection of commercial and free themes for almost any topic. WordPress also offers various themes and plugins that enable users to style and customize their websites based on their needs.

According to a report, 43% of websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. Since WordPress offers users the flexibility to design and launch their websites independently, it is one of the most popular Content Management Systems worldwide.

What is Wix?

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Wix is a Cloud-based Content Management System for creating and managing websites. It allows users to design and build websites without technical or coding knowledge. Using Wix Editor, beginners can use customizable website templates to create their websites from scratch. Wix also offers Wix ADI, a first-ever Artificial Intelligence tool that automatically creates a standard website based on user requirements.

Wix will have about 200 million users in 190 countries by 2021. Creating a professional-looking website used to necessitate coding knowledge, but now anyone can do it using Wix. Users are required to provide basic information about the website’s purpose and personal design preferences, and Wix ADI designs and creates a perfect website. Such unique features make Wix stand out from its competitors in the CMS landscape.

According to Wix, it powers 7 million websites and is used by more than 170 million people from 190 countries worldwide.

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How to Set up WordPress Wix Integration?

A) Migrating from Wix to WordPress

There are two methods that you can leverage to migrate from Wix to WordPress. The first method involves quickly importing all your blog posts using the RSS feed and then manually migrating your pages and images. The second method uses a migration plugin that transfers content from Wix to WordPress automatically.

Wix and WordPress Method 1: Manual Migration

The first method is manual migration, in which you manually migrate your website from Wix to WordPress. In this method, you manually copy content from the Wix website and paste it to the WordPress website. But, the only limitation is, it does not allow you to transfer complete Wix content to the WordPress website.

While you can use the RSS feed to migrate blog posts, media files need to be copied from Wix to WordPress manually. If your website is small and concise, this method is more suitable for you. The time taken for the migration process depends on the number of web pages you have on your Wix website.

In the below steps, you will see how to migrate the Wix website content to WordPress.

Note: Before migrating, you should readily have your WordPress site live.

  • Initially, you will transfer only the blog post on your Wix via RSS feed. 

Note: The RSS feed method will only work when you transfer your old Wix blogs to WordPress. If you created your Wix website recently, this method wouldn’t work since newer blocks no longer have an active RSS feed. In that case, you can try using the migration plugin.

Wix and WordPress - Domain name
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  • Now, in your browser, open your website. 
  • Add feed.xml at the end of your website URL in the address bar. For example, if your URL is exampledomain.com, change it to exampledomain.com/feed.xml. 
  • With this method, you can also confirm whether your current Wix website has enabled the RSS feed or not. If the URL redirects you to the page full of codes, you can ensure that your site has an RSS feed and proceed to the next step.
Wix and WordPress - RSS feed code
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  • Now, you will be redirected to the page full of codes, as shown in the above image. Right-click on the page and save the file. By default, the file will be saved as feed.xml. If you use any other browsers like Firefox or UC Browser, the file will be saved in the extension of .txt. In that case, you should rename the file extension as .xml and then save it.
  • In the next step, you will be importing the downloaded XML file into WordPress. For that, you can use WordPress’s built-in RSS importer for migrating the Wix posts. 
Wix and WordPress - WordPress Tools
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  • Now, go to the Tool section present in the left panel of your WordPress dashboard and click on import.
  • You will find the RSS option. Click on install now. After installing, run the importer.
Wix and WordPress - Import RSS
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  • Now, you will be prompted to upload the feed.xml file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Click on Choose File to browse and select the feed.xml file. After choosing the correct file, click on upload file and import.
  • Now, your Wix posts are migrated to WordPress. To ensure whether the posts are correctly migrated from Wix to WordPress, go to Posts under the Dashboard option and select All posts. There you can see all your posts that are migrated from Wix.

With this method, you can migrate all your posts from Wix to WordPress. However, the above steps migrate only your Wix posts.

For importing all your pages, templates, and media files to WordPress, you should follow a separate process. Since there is no automated way to migrate all your page content and media files from Wix and WordPress, you can copy and paste the content to WordPress manually. With this process, each Wix page will be recreated in WordPress.

  • Initially, you will start with adding pages to WordPress.
  • For that, open the Wix page that you want to migrate. Select and copy all the content. 
Wix and WordPress - WordPress Pages
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  • Now, in the WordPress Dashboard, go to Pages and click on Add New.
  • You will find a new page to paste the contents you copied from the Wix page directly. After customizing and styling the page, click on the Publish button.
  • Now, the newly created page will go live on your WordPress website.
  • You have to repeat the process for all Wix pages you want to migrate.

Now, for moving all your media files to WordPress, you can follow two methods: importing media files manually or using an external plugin:

  • Importing Media Files Manually: Download all the media files from Wix to your computer and manually upload each image file to your WordPress media library. You can also upload media files in bulk via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Importing Images using a Plugin: You have to install the Import External Images plugin in WordPress. Using this plugin, you can directly provide the URL link of your Wix page from which you need to migrate images. The plugin scans all the media files of your Wix page and uploads them into WordPress.
Wix and WordPress - Import External Images
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Wix and WordPress Method 2: Automated Migration

To automate the migration process between Wix and WordPress, you can use a CMS2CMS plugin. CMS2CMS is one of the most popular plugins used for automatic website migration between major CMS platforms. It supports more than 150 CMS, including Wix and WordPress. 

CMS2CMS provides both free and paid website migration services to users. In the free trial plan, you can run a demo migration between Wix and WordPress, but it will only allow you to migrate 10 pages. This will be suitable for migrating small websites to WordPress. If you want to move websites that contain more content, you have to pay for the CMS2CMS plugin. 

In the below steps, you will see how to automatically migrate a Wix website to a WordPress site using the CMS2CMS plugin:

Wix and WordPress - CMS2CMS Connector
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  • Initially, you have to install the CMS2CMS plugin. For that, go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Plugins and click on Add New. Type CMS2CMS in the search bar and click on Install now. After installation, activate the plugin. 
  • Now, go to Plugins and click on the CMS2CMS connector.
Wix and WordPress - CMS2CMS Homepage
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  • You can create a CMS2CMS account with your Email Address, Facebook, or Google Account. 
Wix and WordPress - CMS Migrate Account
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  • You will be redirected to the CMS2CMS Dashboard. Enter the details of your current and new website. After filling in the details, click on Migrate to your own new website option.
Wix and WordPress - CMS2CMS Connector Plugin
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  • Now, you have to provide your WordPress website’s URL, admin login, and password. After entering the credentials, click on verify the connection.
Wix and WordPress - CMS2CMS Content
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  • In the next step, you have to customize the migration settings. Once you have completed it, click on Start Free Demo Migration. 
Wix and WordPress - CMS2CMS Pricing
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  • After the demo is completed, you will get the pricing bill based on your migration requirements.
  • Now, click on Complete Migration. Once the payment is processed and verified, the CMS2CMS plugin will immediately start the migration process between Wix and WordPress.

B) Migrating from WordPress to Wix

Wix and WordPress - Migrating from WordPress to Wix
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  • For migrating all the blog posts between Wix and WordPress, go to the Post tab on your Wix Dashboard and click on More Actions.
  • Now, click on the Import WordPress post and select Get Started.
Wix and WordPress - Importing WordPress blog
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  • In the newly popped-up screen, enter the URL of your WordPress website and click Next.
  • Now, check the box to confirm the website name, URL, and the number of posts fetched by the plugin automatically. Click on ‘Yes, Import Posts.’ 
  • After the import process is done, go to the Wix Editor and check the design of your blog before publishing. You can customize the templates and layouts of your blog if necessary. 
  • You can also edit the SEO settings for your blog post. 
  • After customizing, click on the Publish button in the editor. Now, your blog post is live on the Wix website.
  • It is always better when you migrate blog posts using a URL. But it is not always possible since it needs to be done manually. 
  • In that case, Wix allows you to set up 301 Redirects that reroute from your WordPress website to the Wix website. You can use this method to effortlessly redirect the visitors to your new website without breaking the links. With this method, you will not lose any SEO advantages, including SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

The previous steps only migrate the blog posts but not the media files between Wix and WordPress. For importing image files, you have to copy-paste manually, or you can download all the images from WordPress to your computer and then upload them to the Wix gallery.


In this article, you have learned different ways to migrate content from WordPress to Wix and Wix to WordPress. However, both CMS platforms are unique with their special features and functionalities. Wix and WordPress also have specific use case limitations that make users prefer one over another. As the business grows, users can migrate to a suitable CMS platform based on their requirements and use cases.

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