Marketing Analytics

Help marketing achieve more, faster

Automatically integrate all your data to provide your marketing team with the accurate reports and insights they seek to maximize ROI - as and when they need it.

  • Fully Automated
  • Zero Engineering
  • No credit card required
Scattered, unreliable marketing data? No more!

Integrate data with ease

Whether you have 10 marketing tools and channels, or 100, centralize their data into a warehouse with just a few clicks. No coding, no delays.

Automate day-to-day reports

Spend less time collecting and organizing data and more time on insights. Get analytics-ready data in your warehouse to automate reports.

Identify trends faster

With customizable schedule for pipelines and models, update data in your warehouse as often as you need and get timely insights.

Build accurate dashboards

No more worrying about bad data leading to costly decisions – build a trustworthy, single source of truth for the entire marketing team.
Connect all your marketing data

Choose from our fast-growing library of 60+ plug-and-play connectors covering all major marketing channels and tools. If you need others, simply use Rest API to connect any app.

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Marketing insights, delivered
before requested

Create up-to-date dashboards in your BI tool using all your cross-channel and cross-platform marketing data in the warehouse. Help the marketing team measure and optimize performance on time, and achieve higher ROI.

Enable campaign managers to efficiently track and optimize campaigns on the fly and stay on top of ad spend to maximize returns.

Generate near-real-time insights on high-performing channels, ads, and creatives with an integrated view of all paid channels and accounts.
Help your marketing team improve the conversion rate by discovering and fixing friction points in the customer journey.

Build an end-to-end customer journey funnel with combined data from marketing channels and tools, product or mobile apps, sales tools, and more.
Unlock customer intelligence by building a comprehensive view of their activity across channels and touchpoints.

Enable the marketing team to design and deliver personalized experiences and offers to increase overall LTV from customers.
Easily answer questions like, “What’s the attributed impact of each channel?”.

Build customized attribution models by merging cross-channel user interaction data. Measure the effectiveness of each channel and identify the ones to scale.
Effectively analyze your marketing media mix and its revenue impact by consolidating and comparing years of historical data.

Model outcomes for different scenarios and help decide on the right marketing mix for your brand.
Obtain an integrated view of website traffic, channels, content, conversion points, etc., to measure and optimize your website’s performance.

Build a consolidated web analytics dashboard merging Google Analytics data with that from your SEO tools.
Identify trends and opportunities faster by viewing data from all your social media channels in one place.

Find insights on ways to drive social engagement, reach, and more.
Data-driven marketing teams achieve more with Hevo Data

With Hevo’s Intercom and Marketo integrations, we were able to save months of engineering time. We’ve seen a drastic improvement in the accuracy of our models and we’ve started seeing its impact on the conversions of our ad campaigns.

Miles Davis, Data & Analytics Manager

Hevo has made my life super easy, I’m not dependent on any external team to help me set up data pipelines and that means - faster reporting turnaround times for everyone!

Parth Sarangi, Business Intelligence Manager

Over 40 users generate and track core business metrics on a daily basis. Report generation hardly takes a few minutes and this ensures that all the decisions made are data sound

Chushul Suri, Head Of Data Analytics