Eagle Point Improves Operational Efficiency & Powers Data-Driven Decision Making with Unified Data

Alex Rhomberg, Data Analyst at Eagle Point upgrades to Hevo from an ad-hoc solution to orchestrate data flows, eliminates data inconsistencies, and ensures accurate reporting with faster decision-making.

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60% Increase

Eagle Point estimates the efficiency and accuracy of Data & Analytics processes has increased by over 60% after switching to Hevo

50M Events/Month

Eagle Point losslessly integrates 50million events/month using Hevo with 100% accuracy

Eagle Point Software Corporation is an e-learning software solution provider for Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC), and Manufacturing companies worldwide. Eagle Point offers award-winning software that drives productivity and helps organizations realize the full value of their Autodesk software and other business applications. Business teams at Eagle Point are heavily reliant on data & analytics to carefully analyze the customer experience of their 200,000 users and take business decisions at the right time.

Meet Alex Rhomberg, Data Analyst and Systems Administrator at Eagle Point. Alex is the sole data analyst at Eagle Point and works closely with the COO to drive analytics processes for decision making and is the admin of various external solution systems.

Alex Rhomberg
Alex Rhomberg

Data Analyst

Data Challenges

Before Hevo, Eagle Point was using an ad-hoc solution to orchestrate data flows, data was flowing in and out from multiple sources making it nearly impossible to maintain data quality and make decisions based on accurate data.

We did not have any data pipelines set up, data was flowing between various third-party tools, but none of it was organized through a centralized pipeline. Data was being funneled in all sorts of ways, this created a huge mess and multiple levels of inconsistency in our reporting.

- Alex Rhomberg, Data Analyst, Eagle Point

There was no visibility into the data flows and thus no way of knowing whether the reports they were generating were based on accurate data. Since data plays a critical role for business teams at Eagle Point, Alex decided to create a centralized database connecting all the data sources to ensure that reporting was accurate and consistent across all business verticals.

The Solution

After realizing the need to deploy a data pipeline solution to solve data accuracy and consistency problems Alex started evaluating popular data pipeline tools based on the following parameters:

  • Available connectors for their data sources
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations
  • All-in-one solution to ingest, transform and load data

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, Alex talks about the features that gave Hevo an edge over other solutions available in the market.

Hevo offers a fair pricing model with competitive features, along with a seamless data integration experience that complies with many data privacy groups. The ability to transform data using python code, automap object data, and do this all in a user-friendly interface is wonderful. Hevo also ensures pure privacy with data which is vital when using cloud storage integrations.

- Alex Rhomberg, Data Analyst, Eagle Point

Using Hevo, Eagle Point has connected their key data sources - Salesforce, Gainsight, and SaaSOptics and in-house software Pinnacle Series using Hevo’s REST API integration. Data from these sources flows into Eagle Point’s MS SQL Server. Business users then run queries and create reports using this data on Microsoft Power BI and R.

Hevo Eagle Point Data Stack

Key Results

Using Hevo, Eagle Point now integrates around 50 million events a month without any data loss. Improved visibility into the pipeline allows them to implement data lineage, thus ensuring that reports are based on the latest and accurate data. Alex estimates that the efficiency and accuracy in reporting have increased by 60%!

Before using Hevo, our data solution was a mess. Reporting was inaccurate and certain integrations were just not possible. After using Hevo, we have been able to incorporate and centralize our various tools, and have gotten to explore elements of our data we never would have been able to before. The simplicity to power ratio, the customer service, and the pricing are all that make Hevo a recommendable product.

- Alex Rhomberg, Data Analyst, Eagle Point

In their future project, Eagle Point is aiming to connect its centralized database to more pieces of data that are collected by various business verticals using Hevo. This move will help Eagle Point obtain a 360-degree view of their business and customers to provide a seamless, high-quality software experience.

Recently, Eagle Point acquired UK-based KnowledgeSmart to integrate it with their Pinnacle Series AEC e-learning system and evolve them to bring more value to the AEC and manufacturing spaces. Hevo is excited to take this engagement to the next level and aid Eagle Point's disruptive growth with the help of unified data.

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