Learn How ClickSend Improved Marketing Ads Conversion Rate by 20%

Matthew Larner, Managing Director at ClickSend uses Hevo to get real-time and the most accurate data for monitoring performance of their management, sales, and marketing teams.

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20% More Conversions

With aggregate data, the marketing team at ClickSend increased the conversion rate of PPC ads by 20%

30 Hours of Saving

Hevo’s built-in integrations saved 30 hours of development time per integration source

0% Data Loss

Hevo helps the management team get their data in minutes instead of hours with zero data loss

The founder and Managing director of ClickSend, Matthew aka Matt started ClickSend in 2013 and since then he has successfully grown the business globally. Apart from spearheading the company operations, Matt himself works on business-critical projects. He knows the importance of data and wanted to build a fool-proof yet automatic BI system that can help him and his team get the business insights in just a few clicks.

Matthew Larner
Matthew Larner

Managing Director

Data Challenges

Matt and his team were heavily dependent on spreadsheets for analyzing their data and taking business decisions. As their business grew, their data sources started multiplying which resulted in a lot of work to develop connectors to pull data from multiple sources, standardize it and analyze it on the spreadsheets. Also, as the volume of data grew, spreadsheets started showing cracks.

Our developers used to spend several hours in integrating new data sources and building new reports but still the data quality and accuracy weren’t 100%.

- Matthew Larner, Managing Director, ClickSend

Access to performance data and reports was limited to the management team, so sales & marketing team members were missing out on a lot of insights that could have helped them perform better. That’s when Matt realized that they need to build a single source of truth and use data pipeline and BI solution that can help them aggregate their data, eliminate the spreadsheets, and simplify their efforts of building reports.

The Solution

Matt and his team were on a hunt for a data pipeline tool that can easily fix their problem. They tried almost every data pipeline tool available in the market but none of them was perfect. The biggest problem was that the data was unreliable and without data being fed into their BI tool, they were running in the dark.

My expectations from the data pipeline tool were no high, I was just expecting that it should be reliable and provide good support. When we tried Hevo, we were highly impressed with this tool due to its reliability, wide range of built-in data integrations, and the quality of customer support. Hevo exceeded in all my expectations.

- Matthew Larner, Managing Director, ClickSend

Using Hevo ClickSend built date pipelines that helped them pull data from different source systems like MySQL, Amazon Aurora, Webhooks, Google Adwords, Mixpanel, Twitter Ads and dump it into AWS Redshift data warehouse. With Hevo, ClickSend achieved data integration, with AWS Redshift they were able to build a single source of truth, and with Sisense they were able to get rid of spreadsheets.

Hevo ClickSend Data Stack

It just took us 2 weeks to completely transform from spreadsheets to a modern data stack. Thanks to Hevo that helped us make this transition so smooth and quick. Now all the stakeholders of our management, sales, and marketing team can easily build and access their reports in just a few clicks.

- Matthew Larner, Managing Director, ClickSend

Key Results

Adopting the modern data stack helped Matt and his team take faster business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. With access to entire marketing data, their marketing team could easily determine which channels are working for them and which paid ads are performing better. Focusing on the right channels and campaigns helped them increase the conversion rate of their PPC ads by 20%.

The combination of Hevo, Redshift, and Sisense worked really well for us. All our data sources and destinations are so nicely connected that we don’t have to spend any time on their maintenance. Also, now we can create our reports in minutes instead of hours that too with the most accurate, latest, and complete data.

- Matthew Larner, Managing Director, ClickSend

The biggest impact of this change was on the developers, earlier they used to spend almost 30 hours building the new integration for one data source but now with Hevo they can connect any data source in less than a minute.

ClickSend is expanding globally and is on a mission to become the world’s largest player in the business communication space. Hevo is proud to be a part of this journey by helping them make the right decisions using data.

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