How Jumbotail Integrates its eCommerce Applications Data Using Hevo

Nikhil Bhatnagar, Software Engineer at Jumbotail uses Hevo pipelines to move customer, orders, inventory, and last-mile data from their business applications to Amazon Redshift.

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Zero Maintainance

Engineering team at Jumbotail doesn't have to spend time maintaining their data pipelines

100% Data Accuracy

Hevo helps Jumbotail aggregate their data across multiple sources without any data loss

500M+ Events

Engineering team at Jumbotail processes over 500 million new events every month using Hevo

Nikhil works as a Software Engineer at Jumbotail and he is a part of the engineering team. He wears multiple hats and his responsibilities include creating and maintaining data pipelines, making data available to multiple teams, inventory management, last-mile operations, and supply chain operations.

Nikhil Bhatnagar
Nikhil Bhatnagar

Software Engineer

Data Challenges

Jumbotail is India’s one of the leading wholesale food and grocery marketplaces that has reengineered the food and grocery value chain in India using technology, data science, and design. They manage their business using 3 different applications, a customer app where all the customer transactions happen, a warehouse app where the inventory is managed, and the last-mile app that takes care of the delivery of goods.

Since the inception of Jumbotail, Redshift was their single source of truth for org-wide data and every employee had access to Redshift for their analytics and reporting needs. Shifting the data warehouse wasn’t the option.

Our primary use case was to replicate our customers and order data that we capture on our customer application to Redshift and create reports and dashboards on top of it using Sisense. All our teams including the data science team were heavily dependent on this data to measure the performance of different KPIs.

- Nikhil bhatanagar, Software Engineer, Jumbotail

Data is the core of our business. We were using Alooma to move our data from our business applications and few other sources to Redshift but as Alooma stopped supporting Redshift after getting acquired by Google so we had to look for an alternative that can support our use case.

- Nikhil bhatanagar, Software Engineer, Jumbotail

The Solution

Nikhil and his team started looking for Alooma alternatives and they shortlisted 3 data pipeline solutions Fivetran, Stitch, and Hevo. After evaluating these products, Nikhil decided to go with Hevo because of 3 primary reasons: features, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.

We tried Hevo for about 2 weeks and it was a perfect fit for our use case. Even though the features offered by all these tools were the same, still Hevo was clearly a winner in terms of value for money. And it took us just a couple of weeks to migrate all our pipelines from Alooma to Hevo.

- Nikhil bhatanagar, Software Engineer, Jumbotail

Jumbotail’s engineering team mainly use Hevo’s data pipelines, transformations, and auto-mapping feature to seamlessly replicate their data to Redshift. They use Hevo’s webhook integration to pull data from their business applications and also DynamoDB and Google Sheet connectors to integrate internal project data. All their org-wide dashboards and reports are built on Sisense (formerly Periscope Data) and their data science team uses MYSQL Workbench for creating data models.

Hevo Jumbotail's Data Stack

Key Results

Initially when we were migrating our pipelines to Hevo, we faced few issues with our data but Hevo’s support team was super helpful in providing a quick fix. Today we have multiple pipelines running on Hevo that processes over 500M events every month and we haven’t faced any data drop so far.

- Nikhil bhatanagar, Software Engineer, Jumbotail

Since the Redshift data is getting used by different teams for measuring different KPIs, Hevo has become the backbone of Jumbotail’s engineering team in providing the most accurate, complete, and real-time data.

Today Jumbotail serves 30,000+ grocery stores via its full-stack e-commerce model consisting of its B2B marketplace platform, warehousing, and last-mile delivery supply chain network. With its recent Series B2 round funding, Jumbotail is looking to scale its core B2B marketplace to new geographies across India, expand its network of modern omnichannel convenience grocery stores (J24), grow its private label product portfolio, and extend its Go-To-Market services to more FMCG brands. Hevo is proud to be a part of their growth journey and will continue serving their teams with the most accurate, unified, and real-time data.

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