SalesRabbit leverages Hevo Data for 100% data access, creating a data-driven culture 

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Completed tool migration in 1 month

Migrated from Fivetran to Hevo seamlessly in a month with zero issues

Managed thousands of MySQL schemas

Created pipelines for multiple MySQL instances with over 2000 schemas each

SalesRabbit continues to pave the way in developing field sales software management solutions for door-to-door sales teams. As the industry leader, SalesRabbit uses its platform to enable thousands of sales reps to operate daily at peak performance through intrinsic team motivation, effective resource management, and sales mastery development.

Much of the magic of SalesRabbit lies in the data they harness for the benefit of sales teams. By consolidating and analyzing data, SalesRabbit surfaces valuable insights about sales reps that boost performance and keep sales teams closing deals at a staggering pace. The data SalesRabbit uses is perfect for scaling small-to-enterprise sales operations.

The importance of data in SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit uses its data for multiple purposes.

• Reports and insights about sales rep performance are generated through Looker Studio. These dashboards are a key offering that provides immeasurable value to SalesRabbit’s customers.

• Customer data from MySQL and PostgreSQL is also used for internal reports and insights. By analyzing information like sales rep performance per industry, patterns of the behavior of reps with the biggest close rates, etc., SalesRabbit can generate important information that will help managers optimize performance.

• The finance and customer success team uses customer and financial metrics to understand customer behavior on the platform, avoid churn, and anticipate customer needs. This allows them to take action on accounts that have a possibility of churning, increasing retention, and improving customer experience.

SalesRabbit's Data Stack

On the lookout for the perfect ELT platform

Without a good data stack at the foundation of this data, it becomes difficult for SalesRabbit to achieve all of these goals. Giovanna Damasceno is the sole data engineer at SalesRabbit, and she joined the team around 1.5 years ago to overhaul their data system. At the time, there was no streamlined data stack, and there was minimal no access to their databases. Queries were written directly onto their databases, leading to delays and downtime. As a company that relies heavily on data for their product offering, it was important to resolve these issues in order to leverage their data to the fullest extent - both internally and externally.

Giovanna Damasceno
Giovanna Damasceno

Data Engineer

The first ELT tool that SalesRabbit onboarded along with their data warehouse was in fact Fivetran. Just after a year of using the platform, the price of Fivetran shot up to around double of what Giovanna was already paying. This was not feasible for the team, and they decided to go on the lookout for a good ELT tool that would solve all their needs in a flexible and cost-effective manner. 

• Database connection - Giovanna wanted the possibility to create one pipeline for more than one instance in MySQL, as SalesRabbit had multiple MySQL instances, each with more than 2000 schemas.

• Data security - the tool should have all the major compliances.

• User Experience - the tool should be very flexible and easy to manage. For example, it should have the ability to stop the sync for one table, add a new table to an existing pipeline, and other such functionalities.

• Pricing - the pricing should be straightforward and transparent with an easy to understand pricing calculation.

Hevo Data was the tool that fulfilled all of these criteria and more. Giovanna was thrilled to see features like schema mapper on Hevo Data, which allows her to merge tables on the platform directly before loading into the destination. The switch from Fivetran to Hevo was very smooth, and was completed with no issues within a month.

The Hevo support is pretty incredible. They help a lot with all kinds of problems and questions, and they seem to have huge value for my time. Dealing with questions or issues in Fivetran was very frustrating. In Hevo, the responses are lightning fast and very supportive.

- Giovanna Damasceno, Data Engineer, SalesRabbit

A developing data culture within the organization

Now that Giovanna has been able to build a very accessible and strong data stack at the base of all of SalesRabbit’s data activities, the data culture within the organization has also flourished.

Giovanna has noticed that the organization has become a data-driven one as people across the company have access to the data. They are just understanding the questions they can ask using this extensive data that is available to them, and the visibility into key data points and metrics has shot up incredibly. There is a strong culture shift within SalesRabbit, and Hevo Data is proud to have been a part of this radical shift for the better!

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