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Are you still managing your Business Ad accounts and Facebook Pages through a personal account? Sharing login passwords opens the door to privacy concerns. Also, manually assigning roles is a tedious job.

Thus, Businesses and Agencies should switch to Facebook Ads Business Manager to secure their Ads accounts and Facebook Pages. Facebook Ads Manager App allows you to provide full or partial access to employees based on their roles in managing your brand’s online presence. With a Facebook Ads Business Manager, Agencies can add multiple Ad accounts without having to access employee’s personal accounts. 

In this guide, you will learn about Facebook Ads Business Manager, how to use it, and how to create an Ad Campaign with a Facebook Ads Manager App. We will also explore its benefits and features.

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What is Facebook Ads Business Manager?

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The Facebook Ads Business Manager is a free platform that enables companies and their authorized employees to manage multiple Facebook Pages, Catalogs, Pixels, Ads accounts, etc. It was created to streamline processes, improve security, and increase convenience in managing the Ads accounts and Facebook Pages. 

It separates your personal information on your Facebook account with your Facebook Business Manager account. It’s designed to scale up the business that makes it easier for you to run multiple Ads Campaigns on Facebook as well as Instagram. You can manage all the investment, budget allocation, performance of individual Ads through the Facebook Ads Manager App. To learn more about Facebook Ads Business Manager.

Advantages of Facebook Ads Manager App

Most marketers use Facebook Ads Manager App when it comes to efficiently rolling out their Marketing Campaigns. There are a few advantages of using Facebook Business Manager, listed below:

  • Centralized Dashboard: The primary benefit of using a Facebook Ads Manager App is its ability to sync and manage multiple business accounts in one place. It helps companies to have a dashboard for managing their resources, Pages, and Ad accounts. The Facebook Ads Manager App is a single hub for adding team members, assigning permissions and roles to them, managing Ad accounts, and maintaining multiple Pages. 
  • Easy to Create Reports: The Facebook Ads Manager App has made it easier for marketers to prepare management reports or dashboards. The tool comes with various user-friendly customizable options.
  • Right Targeting: Facebook Ads Manager App allows marketers to create custom audiences for all of their Ads Campaigns. This option allows you to create and run parallel Ads. You can also use the A/B testing or Split testing to identify which Ads are resonating better with the chosen target audience.
  • Better Security: The Facebook Business Manager will help you to tighten security for your business. You don’t have to share login information with every team member as Admins can invite employees to manage Pages without giving them access to the password. You can also assign Ad accounts and Pages to staff members from the homepage. 
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Features of Facebook Ads Manager App

There are many Marketing tools available in the market but when it comes to specifically handling Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, one should always try Facebook Ads Manager App. It offers some great features listed below:

  1. Pages
  2. Ad Accounts
  3. Apps
  4. Commerce Accounts
  5. Data Sources

1) Pages

Page Settings in Facebook Ads Manager App
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Unlike a Facebook profile used for sharing personal information, photos, interest, videos, etc., a Facebook Page is where businesses, organizations, charities, public figures, and artists can connect with their customers and fans. People can like or follow a Page on Facebook. Users can add multiple Facebook Pages to their Business Manager account. You can also add people, assign partners, and remove Pages from your Facebook Ads Manager App. 

2) Ads Accounts

Ad Accounts in Facebook Business Manager
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Facebook Ad accounts have information about Ad Campaigns and every relevant business management information you might need. It’s also a place where you find the billing information and pay for your Ads. You can also check insights and analytics about all of your Ads placements.

3) Apps

Option to Add Apps in Developer Section
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If you or your company has created apps in the Developer section of Facebook, you can easily add them to the Facebook Ads Manager App and manage them from there. 

4) Commerce Accounts

Commerce Accounts Settings in Facebook Ads Manager App
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If you have a Commerce account on Facebook, you can assign or edit permissions from the Facebook Ads Business Manager. You can find the Commerce Manager option in the left navigation for assigning and editing relevant permissions. 

5) Data Sources

List of Data Sources in Facebook Manager
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You can access various data sources like Pixels, Catalogs, offline events, shared audiences, creative business folders, event source groups, and customer conversations from the Facebook Business Manager. You can edit permissions and account associations. 

Explore the Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard 

Facebook Ads Manager App dashboard contains all the essential menus, buttons, and tools to create and manage your Ads. Let’s take a glance at some of the available options on the dashboard:

Facebook Ads Manager App Dashboard
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  1. Top Navigation Bar: The navigation bar provides the Menu containing the Facebook Advertising options, Search Bar, Business Notifications, Facebook Pages, and Help option.
  2. Create Ad: The create Ad button is present on the dashboard. It allows you to create Facebook Ads directly from here.
  3. Last 7 Days Expenses: This section on your Facebook Ad Manager App dashboard displays the amount spent in the last 7 days.
  4. Reporting Table: This is the main part of the Facebook Ads Manager App dashboard. Here you can see the campaign launched and its various details such as reach, the amount spent, etc.
  5. Facebook Ads Filters: Facebook gives you 4 ways to filter your Ads. You can search, filter, put a date range, or use the Ad tier.
  6. Stats Filters: Facebook Ads Manager App dashboard also allows you to apply filters on your data statistics. You can customize your reporting table using Columns or Breakdown filters.

Creating Ads using Facebook Ads Manager App

Facebook recommends that only the primary Admin should be in charge of setting up a Business Manager account. This person will be responsible for inviting staff, granting access to manage accounts and Pages, and setting up the building information. 

Follow these steps to set up a Facebook Business Manager and create your first Ad Campaign:

Step 1: Setup Facebook Business Account

Facebook Business Manager Cover Page
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Facebook Ads Manager App moves you through the sign-up process, so you only have to follow their instructions carefully. Navigate to the Business Manager homepage and set up your account. 

Next, fill in your business details and verify the information via E-Mail to receive full access to the account.

Step 2: Link Facebook Pages

Configurations to Link Facebook Pages
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Once your Facebook Ads Manager App is set up, add your Facebook Business Page. You can link all the Instagram and Facebook Pages that you manage. You will also have an option to create a new Page. 

Prompt to Add Facebook Page
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You can link an existing Facebook Page by clicking on Add Page and entering its name or URL. If you aren’t the Page owner, you will have to send a request to your client. Alternatively, you can choose to create a new Page for the business you are managing. 

Adding a Page allows you to manage all the posts and track their performance metrics like clicks and actions. 

Step 3: Install the Facebook Pixel

Install Pixel Option in Business Manager
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Before you can set up Facebook Ads Manager App, you will need to install Facebook Pixel on your website. Although this is optional, Pixel offers immense benefits for advertisers. The Pixel is a tracking code that helps marketers to identify their visitors, create custom audiences for them, and show Ads to the custom audience. It allows you to work on Retargeting Marketing. 

Pixel also helps marketers to identify potential customers based on the demographics and similarities to current visitors. 

To add Pixels, open the Facebook Business Manager, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner, and select the Pixels option, available under the Measure and Report column. 

Step 4: Link Your Ads Account

Settings to LInk Ad Accounts
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Before running Ads, you will also have to link the Ad account you are managing. There are three ways of adding the Ad account to the Facebook Ads Manager App:  

  • Add an Old Ad Account: The Ads account will be permanently added to the Facebook Ads Manager App when you add it. You must be the owner and Admin in Facebook Ads Manager App to add an account. You cannot reverse the action of adding an Ads account into Business Manager. However, you can only choose this option if you are the owner of the Ads account. Otherwise, you can request access to it. 
  • Request Access to an Ads Account: when you are not an owner of the Ads account, the only option is to request the Admin of that account to grant you access. 
  • Create a New Ads Account: like the first option, creating a new Ads account will permanently attach it to the respective Facebook Business Manager. You cannot transfer it to an individual who does not own a Facebook Business Manager account. 

Step 5: Create Audiences to Target Users

Option to Create Audience in Business Manager
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The next crucial step is to create your target audience. You can use the Facebook Audience Insights tool to create and save a target audience relevant to your brand. 

You can access this tool from the menu icon in Facebook Ads Manager App. You will have three options: a Custom audience, a Lookalike audience, or a Saved audience.  

Custom audiences have customers that have interacted with your brand, such as your Facebook Page. The Lookalike audience section uses AI to generate an audience group that resembles people you already identified according to your buyer’s persona. A Saved audience is the one who shares interest, behavior, or demographics. 

Step 6: Create Facebook Ads

Create Facebook Ad
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Now you are ready to create the Ads Campaign. Start by clicking on the Ads Manager from your menu. Next, click on the Create tab under Campaigns. 

  • Choose Objective: You will be asked to choose an objective. You can choose from three options: Consideration, Conversion, and Awareness. Selecting an objective depends on your marketing strategy. 
  • Create an Ads Set: After selecting a Campaign objective, you have to choose the audience you want to target, select placement, set the budget, and decide the timing of your Ads. Under this section, you can also choose types of devices and options within Facebook, you can choose Facebook’s audience network and Instagram. Initially, you must target only your Facebook news feed and test other placements in the future. Now, you’re ready to select the post that you want to run for your Ads. 

How to Access Facebook Ads Manager from your Mobile?

Facebook provides a way to access your Facebook Ads Manager App from your mobile devices so that you can easily create and manage your Ads. To do so follow the steps below:

  • Download the Facebook Ads Manager App for iOS or Android using the links given below:
  • Now, you can easily access your Facebook Ads Manager from the Facebook app. Log in to your Facebook and click on the Menu icon having 3 horizontal lines. Then click on the 3 vertical lines (small to big) icon to get started.

What is Facebook Business Manager & How Can It Help Your Business?

Facebook Ads Manager App - Facebook Business Manager
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Facebook Business Manager was created by Facebook to enable businesses to control and manage their Facebook Pages and advertising accounts without being connected to a single personal account. It is a tool that lets you manage many Facebook Pages, business assets, and ad accounts in one location, as well as Instagram profiles and product catalogs. It also allows you to give team members full or partial access based on their responsibilities. As a result, you’ll be able to assign duties to the staff in a secure manner. Here are some of its most important features:

  • It separates your professional activity from your personal profile, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally posting in the incorrect spot.
  • It’s a one-stop-shop for tracking Facebook advertisements, with thorough information on how they’re doing. You can track the success of your advertising across several ad accounts and obtain information on the assets and people under your company’s control.
  • You can share access with multiple people in a secure manner. You may provide agencies, partners, or suppliers access to your business assets without granting them ownership.
  • You can grant precise, role-based access to your company’s ad accounts, Pages, and other assets, as well as monitor who’s working on what.

Drawbacks of Facebook Ads Manager App

Facebook Ads Business Manager offers many features and comes in handy to effectively manage Facebook Ads Campaigns even at a large scale. But it has a few cons that need to be considered. A few drawbacks of Facebook Business Ads are listed below:

  • Contains Bugs: Many users have reported several bugs across Facebook Ads Manager App. Bugs range from loss of admin rights to complete loss of Ads accounts or Pages. Though Facebook tries to fix bugs quickly but again countless bugs emerge out of nowhere that make Marketing on time a problem.
  • Complex & Time-Consuming to Learn: Facebook Ads Manager App is seemingly complex to operate. You have to learn various features when launching your first Campaign, making it impossible to keep up with upgrades. Another drawback is that you can not schedule shared posts. You will have to share a post from another Page in real-time. 
  • Difficulty in Removing Ads Accounts: As discussed above, you have three choices for adding an Ads account to the Facebook Ads Manager App. This is where the problem starts; you can never remove an Ads account from a Business Manager. If you choose to create a new account or add an existing Ads account, it will stay connected with your Business Manager forever. So if you might have to remove an Ads account from the Facebook Business Manager in the future, you must go with the ‘Request Access to an Existing Account’ option. 


In this guide, you learned about Facebook Ads Manager App, how to set up a Facebook Ads Business Manager account for running Ads Campaigns, and its Pros and Cons. Facebook Ads is a complex process, but you only need to learn a few basics before getting started. Start by creating a simple audience and running an Ad based on your already published post. This will allow you to learn about the Marketing tactics and the plethora of options available on the platform. For any information on integrating Facebook Ads and Shopify and Best Facebook Ads, you can visit the former links.

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