Setting up Freshdesk Jira Integration: A Comprehensive Guide 101


Freshdesk Jira Integration

Do you want to eliminate the lapses between the customers and product teams? Is it true that you are finding it challenging to set up the Freshdesk Jira Integration? Assuming indeed, you’ve arrived at the correct spot! This article will answer all your questions and diminish the strain of discovering a really efficient arrangement. 

Upon a complete walkthrough of this article, you will gain a decent understanding of Freshdesk and Jira along with the salient features that they offer. This article will also discuss the steps required to build Freshdesk Jira Integration. Read along to learn more about Freshdesk Jira Integration and its uses!

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  • An active Jira account.
  • An active Freshdesk account.

Introduction to Freshdesk

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Freshdesk is a Cloud-based Customer Service software that has become a popular choice for most businesses. The main purpose of Freshdesk is to provide team collaboration, improve customer engagement and help manage the audience as they scale. It comprises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbot capabilities and provides help desk support with automation tools for quick results.

If you are looking for an efficient help desk system for your company, Freshdesk is the right choice. It has become a trusted software for businesses of all sizes and helps convert customer requests (via email, web, phone, chat, or social platforms) into tickets. Further, it helps unify these tickets across different channels. It supports field Service Management and SLAs Management. It is an easy-to-use, simple, and uncluttered software that helps provide a coordinated response to customers’ feedbacks. Many companies are switching to Freshdesk as it offers a simplified way to interact and provide customer support.

It has agents on board to provide status updates of all your customer Emails, Chats, calls, and other modes of interaction with customers. Further, you can monitor your agents, automate your customer support, and label tickets quickly, more accurately. The self-service portal also helps you find the right answers to your queries. From startups to enterprises, the software offers flexible pricing plans as per your business size.

Key Features of Freshdesk

Some of the key features of Freshdesk are as follows:

  • When it comes to integration and functionality, the software is highly flexible and customizable.
  • It is highly spacious and can store a large amount of information and feedback received from customers. This feature further helps in resolving issues and providing better customer support.
  • There is no pressure to maintain the service as it is a Web-based and Self-Service portal.
  • Freshdesk is an online Customer Service software that is easy to set up and use. You do not require expertise to get started with the software.
  • It makes it easier for the administrator to provide support to the customer from a single place via Phone, Email, Social Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and the website.
  • It allows providing customer support to people across different time zones and languages.
  • It also provides insightful reports stating customer feedback to analyze and monitor your support performance.
  • The time-tracking feature helps identify trends and patterns to improve your customer support service.

Introduction to Jira

Jira Logo
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Australian Company Atlassian launched a software development tool in 2002 named Jira. The purpose of introducing the software development tool in the market was to help track Issues and Bugs, for better planning and Project Management. The term Jira is inherited from the word “Gojira” meaning “Godzilla” in Japanese. The software is highly configurable and flexible for non-technical, software, and IT departments. In a software project, developers will often come across issues on completing a project known as bugs. To track and manage these bugs, Atlassian launched Jira Software. As the demand for Agile development methodology was rising in the software companies, Jira expanded its reach and was available to various teams for Project Management, Product Management, Managing Software Development tasks, and Issue Tracking.

Furthermore, for optimal results many developers found Jira software as a worthy tool, fully devoted to tracking projects. It is also used for team collaboration and releasing the best software. It comprises four packages including:

  • Jira work management
  • Jira Software
  • Jira Align
  • Jira Service Management

The software tool is best suitable for agile developers, supports integration and roadmap requirements. Also, the software tool comprises many plugins for delivering better results.

Key Features of Jira

Some of the key features of Jira are as follows:

  • Jira software can be used for all methods including Scrum, Kanban, and hybrid. The Agile Development feature present in the software allows the developers to use Scrum boards and Kanban boards features.
  • Jira’s Dashboard makes it easier for the developers to view and customize it as per their requirements.
  • The software provides real-time Notification via email alerts for the issues or bugs found on completing a project. Also, it is in the hands of the developer to send reminders for overdue tasks.
  • The roadmap feature present in the Jira software tool makes it easy to create, manage and visualize stories. 
  • They have a default security setting, a Permission scheme for the software. Also, they allow encryption in transit and at rest. Most importantly, only specific team members have access to track a certain bug.
  • The tool helps generate a detailed report displaying more visibility on issues and bugs found in the software or mobile applications.
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Steps to Set up Freshdesk Jira Integration

You can follow the steps given below to set up Freshdesk Jira Integration:

  • Open Freshdesk and navigate to the Admin Page.
  • Click on Apps present under the option Support Operations.
  • Select the option Get More Apps. To get redirected to the App Configuration page, select JIRA and then click on Install.
  • Enter your JIRA domain name, admin username (the user who is a member of the JIRA admin group), and API token. On-premise JIRA users can make the JIRA domain public by downloading ngrok.
Jira settings for Freshdesk Jira Integration
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  • You can configure how your sync updates work here, such as whether you want your Freshdesk ticket status to be updated whenever there is a JIRA status update and vice versa.

Note: If you create a custom status in Freshdesk called “In Progress,” it will not be linked to “In Progress” in JIRA. Marking a ticket as “In Progress” in JIRA will only change its status to “Pending” in Freshdesk.

  • Once you have all the sync updates sorted, click on the Enable option.
Steps to Set up Freshdesk Jira Integration - sync update

Once you follow the above steps in the correct sequence, you will be able to set up Freshdesk Jira Integration in a seamless manner.

Leveraging the Freshdesk Jira Integration

Freshdesk Jira Integration is an initiative to bring the customer service team closer to the product team. As a result, the integration helps resolve customer issues and fix reported bugs faster. You can leverage Freshdesk Jira Integration for the following purposes:

1) Link the Ticket to Issue

In Freshdesk, you can link the ticket to the issue in Jira as and when a customer reaches the support team reporting a product bug or a feature request. Now, it is your choice to create a new issue or link tickets with the existing one. The support team will start editing the JIRA columns if you choose to create a new issue.

Creating new Issue
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If you choose to link the ticket with the existing issue, then look at the Subject or the Issue ID. As the link happens between one or more Jira issues, the Jira issue ID is converted into a tag and added to your Freshdesk ticket.

It becomes easier for the agents to view data of the linked customer tickets to an issue in Jira. To be more precise, you can select up to ten Freshdesk ticket fields visible in the software development tool. Remember, it is not accessible for on-prem JIRA accounts.

Linked Customer Tickets
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2) Syncing Properties

Based on your team’s workflow, you can come to a conclusion and sync properties, such as Status, Comments, and Priorities, in different ways between Freshdesk and Jira.

Syncing Properties
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3) Priority Sync

Freshdesk Jira Integration enables you to select low, medium, high, and urgent priorities in Freshdesk and Jira mapped to Jira’s statuses. This step enables you to prioritize product issues depending on the customer’s impact.

Priority Sync
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4) Status Sync

Freshdesk Jira Integration enables you to select custom status on Freshdesk mapped to Jira’s issue status.

Status Sync
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5) Updating/Modifying Freshdesk Agents and Customers

Agents get an update through a private note whenever an issue is updated on Jira. However, on the other hand, you can also access the customer update by forwarding an email directly to the agents or adding a public note. For instance, the moment a product bug issue is resolved and marked in Jira, the customers will receive a notification via email.

6) Adding Jira Comments

As an agent adds a private note or updates the ticket status, Freshdesk Jira Integration provides you the option to add a comment on Jira issues. This step also helps supporters can update engineers on customer issues.


This article provided a brief introduction of Freshdesk & Jira and also explained their key features. Moreover, it discussed the steps using which you can easily set up Freshdesk Jira Integration. Most companies are adapting this integration process to deliver better customer support, track and resolve the issues. Together, both the software provides faster resolutions and team collaboration.

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