Top 5 Magento-CRM Integration, Why They’re Important?

Yash Arora • Last Modified: December 29th, 2022


A Magento-CRM integration helps eCommerce merchants to enhance customer experience, drive sales growth, and analyze customer acquisition trends. 

Today’s eCommerce websites are built using extensions that enhance the website’s appeal to improve customer engagement. The process also includes maneuvering advertising campaigns and maintaining an active social media presence. But, this accounts for only 50% of the total work done. The rest 50% is achieved from smooth back-end operations. Hence, the need for a robust CRM solution becomes evident to manage customer relationships better.

In this blog post, we will address the benefits of Magento-CRM integration services and explore the most popular CRM platforms.

Table of Contents

  1. The Need for Magento-CRM Integration
  2. Top 5 Magento-CRM integration
  3. Conclusion

The Need for Magento-CRM Integration

The Need for Magento-CRM Integration, Top CRM integration for Magento Website

Thanks to an exponential growth in the number of online retail stores, the importance of customers’ lifetime value has now grown to become vital. Now, it’s about making brands behave more like humans, communicate more with their customers, and provide a good shopping experience.

Some key benefits of a Magento-CRM integration are as follows:

  • Increase Demand & Improve Supply Chain Management: A CRM system offers a holistic view to handle your product’s demand by providing an in-depth report on stock availability and demand. Teams get thorough, informational insights on crucial sales metrics like customer retention rate, average order value, most recent order, the average number of orders, and much more.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Manage customer queries and onboard new customers efficiently to achieve superior and coordinated information flows within your organization.
  • Report & Analyze New Trends: A Magento-CRM integration promotes enterprise-wide business health forecasting to help streamline budgetary expenditure, sales forecasting reports, deal-close probability, and much more.

Top Magento-CRM integration

01. Salesforce CRM

From amongst the leading CRM platform solutions, Salesforce leads. One reason for Salesforce’s success is its cloud-agnostic software ecosystem, through which organizations gain numerous benefits. Magento (Adobe Commerce)-Salesforce integration benefits users in many ways — from identifying data-driven insights to behavioral trends — that can help you sell better and achieve success quicker.

Some benefits of using Salesforce:

  • Contextual email campaigns: Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool. It helps you manage, create, and design personalized email campaigns, that are proven to have had a positive impact on your business. Leaders use Salesforce Einstein, a built-in Salesforce tool, to maneuver contextual emailing campaigns to navigate through changing customer behavior to increase ROIs. Salesforce Einstein helps eCommerce retailers/business owners target consumers wisely, thus increasing key KPIs, or revenue even.
  • Cloud-agnostic software ecosystem: Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution, so the data stored in Salesforce can be accessed from anywhere, everywhere.
  • Salesforce Social Studio: You get insights to drive new conversations on social media channels using Salesforce’s Social Studio. You can create content based on data that reflects today’s new trends.

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02. HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM, launched in 2014, quickly rose to become the most popular CRM in the B2B & B2C community, thanks to its go-to-market product marketing approach. The product is designed for today’s digital marketing and inside sales teams. For sellers on Magento (Adobe Commerce), Hubspot helps create a regulated environment for lead nurturing, targeted communication via content marketing, and email reach outs. With Hubspot, sellers can set up full online sales and marketing funnels, manage customer data to make data-driven decisions — good for both long-term and short-term goals. 

Some benefits of using HubSpot CRM:

  • Nudge customer preferences: Maneuver case-specific messages in the form of emails or direct SMSs to inform customers about new deals — based on geography, gender, or age.
  • Use Data to make informed decisions: Use customer data to evaluate your customer acquisition model, customer type, and products’ popularity because data doesn’t lie.
  • Leverage Social Engineering: Let’s be honest, influencer marketing is the next big thing. Using Magento (Adobe Commerce)-Hubspot integration with EMAGINE’S Hubspot Integration, you can see which customer holds the biggest following. You can leverage these marketing tactics to expand your customer base and ultimately increase revenue.

03. Zoho CRM

Magento (Adobe Commerce)-Zoho CRM integration can prove highly advantageous to your marketing, as well as sales operations teams. One reason might be, it has the world’s largest directory of features and integrations. Second, it’s fit for any size of organization — large or small. Some of the popular features Zoho provides are as follows: Contact and deal management, marketing automation, data analytics, order history, meeting scheduling, and much more.

Some benefits of using Zoho CRM:

  • Automated business processes: Zoho CRM platform boosts productivity, providing its automation technology that simplifies sales processes by automating scheduling and updating tasks. This helps your sales teams to focus more on customer engagement and acquisition.
  • Customization platform as per your requirement: You can customize the default product layout for each process. 
  • Team Collaboration: The team collaboration feature gives users the ability to keep track of teams’ work bandwidth in real-time. Moreover, from the sales perspective, it helps sales teams keep track of records and share reports, all from a single platform.

04. Vtiger CRM

Vtiger is a CRM product built for today’s SMBs. It is a sophisticated yet elegant tool for your customer-facing staff. Through the Magento (Adobe Commerce)-Vtiger integration, your customer success teams can maintain relationships that are destined to convert into long-term business partnerships. That said, today, Vtiger has its footprints in 110+ countries, with more than 300,000 active business accounts. 

Some benefits of using Vtiger CRM:

  • Make data-driven decisions to sell better, smarter, & quicker: With a 360-degree view available of all your past business communications, make informed decisions to drive growth. With the data available, build new reports and drive the next wave of customer acquisition inflow to fast-track your organization’s growth.
  • Marketing automation: Attract and engage customers with operations excellence on the scale.

05. Metrilo CRM

Metrilo CRM is built specifically to curate customer buying and behavior insights — in the form of the customer journey and order history tracking, which can be invaluable for today’s eCommerce business owners. The Magento(Adobe Commerce)-Metrilo CRM integration helps streamline the sales cycle and make credible, data-driven decisions for ongoing and future campaigns.

Some benefits of using Metrilo CRM:

  • Sustainable Growth: Customer retention is key to sustainable business growth. It manifests lower acquisition costs, better margins, and smatter selling.
  • Detailed Insights into Customer Engagement and Retention trends: You get detailed insights into customer behavior — how they buy and what they prefer buying. This enables you to target niche customer segments and retarget relevant customer profiles. Metrilo also offers an in-built integrated email functionality to render highly targeted email campaigns.


Alas, the need for a CRM system to complement your eCommerce website is immediate. Because a business cannot stand alone on the principles of selling, it requires holistic customer acquisition and nurturing strategies to function, too. So, your eCommerce website, including your customer data and shopping cart functionality, needs to be integrated with a CRM system for increased benefits. 

Leverage Magento-CRM integration to unlock the next stages in your business excellence journey. But, with an increasing number of leads, data collection and analytics become complex. Now, the challenge for eCommerce business owners is to ideate new opportunities and leverage new pools of data to make customer acquisition and trends forecasting processes smoother —that’s where Hevo can assist you!

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