MongoDB uses a collection of documents that consist of key-value pairs, which are the basic units of data in MongoDB. The collection contains a set of documents and functions that correspond to the tables in a relational database. MongoDB Compass is a tool to manage MongoDB and can be installed on various OS.

MongoDB Compass Ubuntu is related to the installation of tools on Ubuntu. Ubuntu provides features such as security app support, and lastly, being open-source, it is free to use. All these functionalities of MongoDB can be handled using Mongo Shell and MongoDB Compass. In this article, we will discuss the steps for MongoDB Compass Ubuntu Installation.

Steps for MongoDB Compass Ubuntu Installation

MongoDB Compass is a tool that provides a wide range of functionality and can be used to manage the data in the MongoDB database. MongoDB Compass Ubuntu Installation requires 5 steps.

1. MongoDB Compass Ubuntu: Download MongoDB Compass Ubuntu

There are two ways to download the files required for MongoDB Compass Ubuntu Installation.

  1. go the official website of MongoDB. Go to the downloads page and select the version, platform, and type of file to be downloaded as shown in the image. This will directly download the file into the downloads folder of your system.
mongodb compass ubuntu: compass download
Image Source: Self
  1. Directly download the required files using the command mentioned below( using wget command). To open the terminal click on ctrl+alt+T.
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2. MongoDB Compass Ubuntu: Open Ubuntu Command Terminal

If you have used the first method earlier, the file would be present in the downloads folder and you would need to go into the folder. Open the terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T. Then use the below command to move into the downloads folder.

cd Downloads

3. MongoDB Compass Ubuntu: Install MongoDB Compass on Ubuntu

The process to Install for both the methods is slightly different.

If you have downloaded the file manually using the APT package manager present in ubuntu. Use the following command.

sudo apt install ./mongodb-compass_*_amd64.deb

If you have downloaded the file using the terminal use the following command to install the MongoDB Compass Ubuntu.

sudo dpkg -i mongodb-compass_1.30.1_amd64.deb

4. MongoDB Compass Ubuntu: Run Compass GUI

After the installation is complete you can use the terminal to open the MongoDB Compass. You can directly search for shortcuts or type

mongodb compass ubuntu: compass new connection
Image Source: Self

5. MongoDB Compass Ubuntu: Connect MongoDB Database

After the database instance of MongoDB is installed, then click on Connect button on the GUI. 

  • Click on the New Connection.
  • Provide your local or remote MongoDB URL and click on the CONNECT button. This will connect you to the MongoDB database. You should see the following page:
mongodb compass ubuntu: compass connect
Image Source: Self

6. MongoDB Compass Ubuntu: Connect remote Database instance

  • this tool allows to perform all tasks related to databases with ease. Click on the CREATE DATABASE button to create a new database. You should see the following page:
mongodb compass ubuntu: compass create db
Image Source: Self
  • MongoDB compass provides a proper interface to monitor the performance metrics of the database as well. Click on the Performance tab. You should see the MongoDB performance monitor on the following page:
mongodb compass ubuntu: compass performance chart
Image Source: Self


MongoDB is one of the most sought after databases and provides a wide range of functionality. MongoDB Compass is the tool to utilize all the features. Ubuntu being one the most used linux based operating systems around the world, MongoDB Compass Ubuntu Installation can cater to a larger audience.

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