Salesforce advertising studio is a CRM product from Salesforce’s product suite that gives business owners the access to create a personalized experience for customers based on their data.

Before discussing what Salesforce Advertising studio we’d go over Salesforce itself and the features it provides, and how Advertising studio better enhances some features.

Introduction to the Advertising Marketing Studio Cloud

Salesforce Advertising Studio is a product in salesforce’s suite of available products for digitizing marketing on a larger scale and getting more precise targets in terms of audience.

Advertising cloud allows you to create a unique customer experience in terms of ads displayed to users. It leverages the CRM data of each customer to reach them. The data to be used is not limited to one suite. Data can be imported from Marketing Cloud, Sales cloud, and service cloud.

How does advertising studio work?

It uses data gathered from interactions on Mobile, Email campaigns, and site conversion to target existing customers and look-alike audiences on socials.

Key features of Advertising Studio

1. Journey Builder Advertising

Marketing cloud provides a journey builder feature that allows you to map out the series of activities a customer would pass through to the desired endpoint. It follows the idea of a goal per journey and thus a more data-driven approach.

Example: End goal – Customer to sign up for an event.

There are a series of steps in the buyer’s journey to get the ticket needed or a meeting link. Journey builder lets you plan this out with configuration for each step. It also lets you cater to the need of customers that might halt halfway, e.g The sign-up and exit. With journey builder, you can include the required direction to get them back on track whether by email or mobile notification. Picture the personalized/ one-on-one experience this provides.

2. Advertising audience

This feature allows you to group a collection of your audience based on a certain demographic and tailor your ads to meet their needs and generate look-alike leads based on these demographics.

It requires you to create an Ad account on Facebook or Twitter(depending on your choice).

3. Lead capturing

Lead capture can be performed on the Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud with slightly different setups. A common setting for these setups is Administrator privileges. With admin privileges and access to your social accounts, you can pull out leads into Salesforce and create a lead capture in Advertising Studio.

Importance of Advertising Studio Marketing Cloud

  1. It helps boost email marketing campaigns.
  2. It enhances the buyer’s journey with the journey builder feature.
  3. It allows users to capture leads from socials based on the profile of their top buyers. This cycle goes on and thus increases revenue.
  4. It serves as the heart of Marketing in the Marketing Cloud.

How can you set up your Advertising Studio account and start taking advantage of its features?

Steps to set up Salesforce Advertising Studio Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Advertising studio setup starts with the account configuration for the users and their level of access.

Step 1: Account configuration

The account configuration process starts with defining the users of the advertising studio. After that, you define the level of access for each user and then document these changes in the Marketing Cloud.


You decide to have 3 users – Admin, Advertising Manager, and Designer. These users will have different levels of access to the Advertising Studio platform for security reasons. After properly defining the actions that can be performed by these users, you document it(in a tabular form preferably for accessibility).

Note the steps:

  • Define the users
  • Define the level of access for each user.
  • Documentation.

Step 2: Navigation & granting access

  • On the dashboard, Navigate to Setup and Administration.
  • Create users needed – Admin, Advertising Manager, and Designer.
  • Edit the roles and permission of these users based on your documentation.
Salesforce advertising studio: setup page
Image Source: Trailhead.salesforce

Another thing you can also do is enabling the API user setting for the users.

Salesforce advertising studio: enabling API User
Image Source: Trailhead.salesforce

With these all set, you should have:

  1. Journey builder.
  2. Advertising audience.
  3.  Lead capture.

Note: If you don’t have lead capture just yet, you can download it on Sales AppExchange.

You can now create Audiences based on connection with the socials and pull the data into Advertising Studio.

Step 3: Monitoring the flow of data

With the setup completed, users can create an Ad account for the socials and connect them. You can now monitor and group your audiences and tailor approaches to their demographics – rinse and repeat.

Data can also be accessed from the Sales cloud and combined with the Marketing Cloud.

Benefits of Salesforce Advertising Studio

The benefits of Salesforce Advertising studio includes

  •  Engagement of inactive customers.
  • Lead generation: Automatically send leads from socials to Salesforce.
  • Finding more leads and new customers: Helps find new customers with like behaviors with your current high-value customers.
  • Data security: Customer data never leaves the safety of the encrypted Salesforce platform.
  •  Access data across Salesforce platforms.

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company providing CRM services. Salesforce is a customer relationship management system that helps businesses carry out customer service, marketing, and analytics seamlessly. It is designed to cater to the need of both small and medium-sized businesses.

Like every other CRM, Salesforce provides custom integration into its platform all in the cloud, and this is used to accelerate the productivity of users. Salesforce pricing plan is also flexible depending on your business need and the services required to keep it running. Although it started as a CRM, it has grown to offer multiple products and services including (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS).

Key features of Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM tools and the following features are responsible for its immense popularity:

  • Contact management.
  • Analytics.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Lead management.
  • Reports and dashboards.
  • Task management and collaboration tools.


Salesforce Advertising Studio can reduce to amount of money spent on advertising and awareness in drastic ways. A good example is targeting like-minded customers based on demographics. Following this cycle will enable any business to make data-driven decisions while staying on budget.

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Do you use Salesforce? Share your experience of working with Salesforce Advertising studio in the comments section below.

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