10 Best Structured Data Testing Tools for 2024

By: Published: December 20, 2021

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Making your website stand out on search engines like Google has become ideal for almost everyone as more businesses go online. However, adding Structured Data, or Schema, to your products, articles, and pages on your website is a good strategy to improve your Search Engine rankings.

This is where Structured Data Testing Tools come in handy to see if your pages satisfy the criteria for top search engine rankings. These tools assist you in identifying and resolving major issues with the schema markup on the site.

This article will walk you through the Schema Markup and Structured Data. You will be introduced to Structured Data Testing Tools. In addition, you will understand the need for these tools in your business.

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What is Schema Markup?

Structured Data Testing Tools - Schema MarkUp
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Schema Markup tells the search engine exactly what your web page’s content is trying to say. It transforms unstructured information into organized information. Adding schema will aid search engine crawling, allowing the website to rank higher while adhering to other SEO recommended practices.

Schema Markup is a type of Structured Data. Structured Data is any form of data that has been organized to read and obtain information for a certain system or purpose. There are other types of Structured Data, but in the field of Web Development, Schema Markup, or simply schema, is the most common, therefore the terms are commonly interchanged.

Structured Data Testing Tools are frequently used by programmers to code structured data. The code is immediately inserted on the page.  JSON-LD, RDFa, and Microdata are examples of Structured Data formats. Before deploying the code, a Structured Data Testing Tool should be used to check any errors. To learn more about Schema’s, visit here.

What is Structured Data Testing?

Structured Data Testing Tools - Introduction
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Structured Data refers to a schematic layout that helps search engine bots interpret the content of a page in the context of a website design. Special search result refinements, such as ratings and reviews, are also shown alongside the search results using this information. Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) leverages Structured Data to aid a search engine’s understanding of a website’s content.

Structured Data Testing entails employing a Structured Data Testing Tool to keep track of the health of your page. The tool can assist in finding and addressing structured data difficulties. To put it another way, the testing software verifies structured data and snippets. Structured Data Testing Tools can test structured data in real-time and offer search engines with information about the page’s data.

The Need for Structured Data Testing Tools

Structured Data Testing Tools - Importance
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The goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to make it simple for search engines to comprehend your website. Structured Data is an important part of it. When Structured Data is enhanced, a site’s visibility in the search results of multiple search engines improves. To see if your sites match the standards for the best search engine ranking, you’ll need Structured Data Testing Tools. These tools will assist you in identifying and resolving major issues with the Schema Markup on the site.

Structured Data Testing Tools make it simpler to spot errors that aren’t visible at first glance. Even the tiniest error in organized data can prohibit a search engine like Google from understanding it. You can leverage Structured Data Testing Tools to find and fix key flaws with a site’s Schema Markup. The majority of these errors are caused by incorrect or missing code.

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Top 10 Structured Data Testing Tools in the Market

Now that you have understood the significance of Structured Data w.r.t. SEO and learned the need for Structured Data Testing Tools, let’s explore some of the popular Structured Data Testing Tools employed globally today. Some of the Structured Data Testing Tools are given below:

1) Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tools - Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool
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The Google Structured Data Testing Tool from Google is an easy-to-use tool for testing Structured Data. You can simply paste the URL or code snippet you want to test, and the tool will run tests and notify you of any issues. You can validate JSON-LD, RDFa, and Microdata formats with this tool. When it comes to installing schema on your website, Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool can be extremely useful. It is one of the best Structured Data Testing Tools available in the market.

2) Google Search Console’s Structured Data Report

Structured Data Testing Tools - Google Search Console’s Structured Data Report
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In addition to its Structured Data Testing Tool, Google provides a Schema Markup Report to provide you a full picture of your site’s Schema Markup. If your site is configured with Google Search Console you can see the actual number of Structured Data elements on your website. This allows you to address all issues at once rather than one at a time.

3) Schema.org’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tools - Schema Structured Data Testing Tool
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Schema.org’s Structured Data Testing Tool is highly recommended for Content Marketers who have no technical knowledge but want to use structured data in their code. The all-in-one schema.org rich snippets plugin for WordPress makes it simple to add rich snippets to your posts and boost SEO, organic results, and click-through rates.

Everything is handled automatically by the plugin. It integrates with your website and optimizes your content on your behalf. It can also be used to develop, build, and generate JSON-LD Structured Data Markup that can be injected into your website’s header and footer.

4) Yandex.Webmaster’s Structured Data Validator

Structured Data Testing Tools - Yandex Webmasters Structured Data Validator
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The Yandex Structured Data Validator is particularly important for checking that Structured Data code is appropriately displayed on this search engine. It is free and works similarly to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool in that it allows you to evaluate your site’s Markup. It checks for OpenGraph, RDF, schema.org, and Microdata, among other formats.

5) SEO SiteCheckup’s Microdata Schema Test

Structured Data Testing Tools - SEO Site CheckUp
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A Structured Data test can also be done using the SEO SiteCheckup tool. It assists you in determining whether your site makes use of the HTML Microdata extension. Microdata assists in the creation of rich snippets in search results. The tool provides feedback for successful, failed, and warning checks. The Structured Data test findings aid in the correction of SEO mistakes and the improvement of Google and other search engine rankings as part of website optimization.

6) Bing Markup Validator

Structured Data Testing Tools - Bing Markup Validator
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The Bing Markup Validator is a component of the Bing Webmaster Tools. The tool can be used by going to the search page and clicking on Diagnosing and Tools. It can check RDFa, JSON-LD, OpenGraph, and Microformats. The validation tool is completely free to use. To check the structured data code, you must first log in and add your site. However, the tool has the disadvantage of not allowing you to validate HTML structured data.

7) JSON-LD Playground

Structured Data Testing Tools - JSON-LD
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JSON-LD is a relatively new Structured Data format, yet it has already acquired popularity. The JSON-LD Playground tool assists in determining whether or not the syntax fulfills the standards. You enter the remote document’s Markup code or URL and get a full report with a detailed report.

8) Structured Data Linter

Structured Data Testing Tools - Structured Data Linter
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Structured Data Linter can assist with the verification of Structured Data on websites and display improved search results. By pasting the URL, code, or uploading a file, you can inspect the structured data. The tool can display snippets and do minimal vocabulary validations. This free validation tool does not yet support microformats.

9) Google Email Markup Tester

Structured Data Testing Tools - Google Email Markup
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You can use Google Email Markup Tester to your emails to make them more powerful. You can put the Markup code into the text box to see if the Structured Data collected from email documents meets the standard specification. The retrieved Structured Data, as well as the characteristics for each object, will be shown by the tool. The tool will highlight errors if the input is invalid.

10) Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

Structured Data Testing Tools - Merkle Schema
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Merkle Schema is a schema.org Markup for creating data for articles, how-tos, breadcrumbs, FAQ pages, and events. You can perform a rich results test.  After filling in the blank characteristics, the Merkle Schema Markup generator creates code for a specified category. Crawling, local SEO, Rendering, SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and Ranking are some of the other features offered by this tool.

Hence, testing Structured Data with a variety of Structured Data Testing Tools is a recommended technique for a successful website launch. This will assist you in detecting and correcting any issues in the site’s schema.


In this article, you gained a basic understanding of Schema MarkUp and Structured Data. You understood the need for Structured Data Testing Tools. In addition, you unraveled the best Structured Data Testing Tools in the market.

Businesses gather a lot of data to analyze their consumers and goods in-depth, enabling them to plan their growth, product, and marketing plans going forward. However, organizations produce enormous amounts of unstructured data in this Big Data era which makes it necessary to perform Unstructured Data to Structured Data Conversion.

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