Teams across Large Enterprises, as well as Small Businesses, spend a lot of time organizing their Workflow, Assigning Tasks, and following up on the progress of Multiple Projects. Once the company becomes popular in its respective domain, the number of projects increases rapidly due to high Customer Demand. Managing all these projects manually with the existing resources can prove to be an inefficient and tedious task.

Trello, a Cloud-based Project Management Tool is a brilliant solution for all your Task Management challenges. You can make intuitive and visually stunning Boards with Trello for all the projects and then add specific tasks, due dates, roles, and assign responsibilities to team members. It also has the capabilities to integrate with some of the popular work platforms like Google Drive, Evernote, Jira, Google Calendar, Gmail (using Trello Gmail Add-on), etc.

The most popularly used platform among these is Gmail. Gmail is an email service offered by Google that has become the customer favourite owing to its secure server, the best-in-class Smart Features, and User-Friendly Interface. Gmail provides integrations with other Applications as Add-ons. Trello for Gmail is one such Add-on that allows you to directly add Cards into Trello with information from your Emails.

In this article, you will learn how to set up the Trello Gmail Integration by including the Trello for Gmail Add-on. 

Understanding Trello

Trello Logo
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Trello is a Productivity Tool that boosts/enables Collaboration among teams and can help you better Organize and Manage your work. Instead of following up on emails and holding unproductive meetings, now with the help of Kanban-based Boards, you can see the status of all projects in just a glance. You can track who is working on what, set due dates, project priorities, and view all the files related to particular projects through Trello Cards. With different options available for customization, you can control and design your own Boards according to your Business needs.

Key Features of Trello

Keeping the focus on Customer Satisfaction, Trello has evolved with time, making Projects fun. Now, let’s discuss some of the amazing features that make Trello stand out:

  • Trello Boards & Cards: You can Design Boards for all your departments and then add Cards containing information about tasks related to specific Project Tasks. Color-coded Labelling in the Cards allows you to set task priorities so that you can plan your work accordingly.
  • Collaboration: Trello motivates team members to participate in the discussion by leaving comments on Cards. With immense transparency, teams can review the project progress in just a glimpse of the Card and take the required actions.
  • Automation: Using the Butler Feature, you can automate all repetitive tasks in Trello such as checking off tasks and removing Cards when a project is done, sorting lists, or even setting custom rules.
  • Security: While creating Boards and Cards you can set different permission levels and decide who can access certain Trello Boards. You can be rest assured about the safety and privacy of your data as Trello offers SSL Data Encryption which is equivalent to Bank-level Security.
  • Robust Support: Trello follows a customer-first approach and all your queries are handled by subject experts. Most of the tips and solutions can be found on Trello Help.

Understanding Gmail

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Gmail is a well-tried and tested email service that is widely used by Businesses, Educational Institutes, and even for Personal Use. With Gmail, you can use the Cloud Storage facility and enjoy free 15 GB storage space. You can draft emails, save them and access them from anywhere, anytime, or any device. Through Gmail, you can start your Google Meets instantly. It is a free and completely secure platform that not only offers simple sending and receiving mails but also smart Add-ons for other Workplace Tools like Trello for Gmail to Build a Trello Gmail Integration.

Key Features of Gmail

To make Gmail more productive and useful for users across different domains, Google has developed some of the most intuitive features:

  • Smart Replies: Using Machine Learning, Gmail provides intelligent suggestions to complete your sentences while you are drafting an email. Also, the autocorrect function corrects the spelling mistakes and any grammatical errors made in the mail.
  • Secure: You can set up copying permissions, expiration dates, and passcode for emails that contain sensitive information. Gmail offers 128-bit Industry-Standard Encryption for your data. Also, you can add layers of security for safe login to your Gmail account. 
  • Email Scheduling: Gmail understands that users may not always be online. Thus, a feature is included so that you can schedule emails to be sent at a specific time or date.
  • Spam: Using various algorithms, Gmail filters out the spam from your inbox and auto-removes those spam mails after 30 days. If Gmail detects that a mail is coming from an untrusted source with encrypted files, it declares a warning at the top for you to check the mail before engaging with a reply.

For more tips and tutorials on the features, you can visit Gmail Help


  • A Google Account.
  • Working Knowledge of Gmail.
  • A Trello Account.
  • Working Knowledge of Trello.

Steps to Set up Trello Gmail Integration using Trello for Gmail Add-on

Gmail has developed integrations with different platforms via its Add-on feature. You can set up Trello Gmail Integration by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Login to your Gmail Account.
  • Step 2: Open the email from which you want to add information in Trello.
  • Step 3: Click on the “+” button available on the right side vertical menu as shown in the red box.
Plus Option
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Google Workplace Marketplace
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  • Step 5: Now, click on the Install Button to start the Trello Gmail Integration Process.
Install Button Trello Gmail Add-on
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  • Step 6: A permission box will appear, click on Continue to complete the installation.
Permission Dialog Box
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  • Step 7: Click on the Trello icon present on the right side of your screen, just above the + button. This icon will be available after the installation of the Trello Gmail Add-on.
  • Step 8: Now, click on the Login with Trello option.
Login with Trello option
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  • Step 9: An authorization window will emerge asking for permission to access Trello Boards. Scroll down and click on the Allow option, available on your window.
  • Step 10: Now, a Google Account Sign-in window will appear. Select the desired account to log in to your Trello account.
Allow Trello Access
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  • Step 11: Once you hit the Trello Icon, the Add Trello Card menu will be shown. This Trello Gmail Add-on will have the following fields: 
    • Board: Dropdown menu containing all the Boards you have in your Trello account.
    • Lists: Dropdown menu for lists corresponding to the Board you have selected.
    • Name: Displays the title for your Card. By default, the Email Title is included here.
    • Description: The body of the email is directly copied into the description. You can edit all of this according to the topic of the Card.
    • Due Date and Time: Here, you can set the deadline for the task you are adding to the Card.
Add Trello Card
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Step 12: Click on Add after editing the Card contents suitable to your needs. A Card will be added to Trello.

Add option
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Step 13: Just after this, you can now check the Card added to your Trello Board by clicking the View on Trello option. For adding more Cards using the Gmail Trello Add-on, you can also choose the Add Another Card option.

View Card on Trello Option
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In the figure shown below, you can see a Card with the desired title, description, and deadlines is successfully added upon completing your Trello Gmail Integration.

Trello Card
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For more information on the Trello Gmail Add-on, click here.

Limitations of Manually Setting up Trello Gmail Integration

Integrating Trello with Gmail can help you save important information from your emails in the form of Trello Cards. However, there are a few obstacles that you might face while using the Trello Gmail Integration:

  • Although you can send information from Gmail to Trello, there is no option for data transfer from Trello to Gmail. Hence, 2-way sync is not currently possible through this Trello Gmail Add-on.
  • With a growing business, handling the increasing number of emails becomes a time-consuming task. Regularly adding Trello Cards manually can be prone to human error and becomes a challenging job.
  • No scope of automatic Data Transformation is possible while building Trello Gmail Integration. You have to manually Filter, Clean, and Transform the content from the mails and then add it to the Card Description.


In this article, you have learned how to effortlessly install the Trello Gmail Add-on to successfully set up Trello Gmail Integration. Trello is an excellent Project Management tool that is highly recommended and used in businesses so that your teams can effectively utilize their resources and plan their workflows for a better outcome. As the popular choice, Gmail has streamlined the Emails Drafting Process by providing you with writing suggestions and Smart Replies.

Though, when a business gains some momentum and starts rising in the market, the number of projects will definitely increase. The number of emails coming up daily also increases and following up with their content can become a massive headache for all the departments. The Manual Trello Gmail Integration would be slow, inefficient and would require you to invest a part of your manpower to regularly update the Trello Cards that otherwise could be better utilized on more beneficial Business Activities.

All these difficulties can be comfortably handled by a Cloud-based ETL Tool like Hevo Data!

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Share your experience of installing the Trello for Gmail Add-on and building the Trello Gmail Integration. Let us know in the comments section below!

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