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Carrying out an insightful data analysis for your business requires having the ability to not only store or access data, but also to transform it into a form, that can help draw powerful and holistic insights using a reporting tool. Choosing the ideal reporting tool by taking into consideration various factors such as its functionalities, processing power, and flexibility, that it will add to your overall technical architecture, is hence a crucial decision for any enterprise architect.

This article focuses on YouTube Analytics and provides you with a comprehensive list of some of the best YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools available in the market today. It further aims at providing you with in-depth knowledge about their features & use cases, to help you make the right choice for your unique business needs.

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Top 4 YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools

Choosing the ideal reporting tool that perfectly meets your business requirements can be a challenging task, especially when there’s a large variety of tools available in the market. To simplify your search, here is a comprehensive list of the 4 best YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools, that you can choose from and start analyzing your data:

  1. YouTube Analytics
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Brandwatch
  4. Buzzsumo

1. YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools Logo

YouTube Analytics itself is one of the great YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools. YouTube houses an in-built analytics platform known as YouTube Analytics that allows users to report on their channel’s performance using authentic first-hand channel activity-based data. With YouTube storing a large amount of data, it lets users leverage its analytics platform to create comprehensive reports about their viewers by analyzing statistics such as their demography, watch times, likes, repeats, etc. It further allows you to report on your traffic by monitoring traffic sources, peak hours, off-hours, conversions, etc.

YouTube Analytics Data Dashboard.

With YouTube Analytics’ robust visualization capabilities, you can analyze and visualize your data using various charts, graphs, tiles, and a lot more to garner crucial insights about your audience and channel performance.

Limitations of YouTube Analytics

  • YouTube Analytics only allows you to analyze your channel’s performance through, its data, you can’t integrate data from other sources directly.
  • To carry out an in-depth analysis of your channel’s performance, integrating data or statistics from other sources is a must, hence with YouTube Analytics, you’ll only be able to analyze it to a certain extent, as it doesn’t allow external data sources.

2. Google Analytics

YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools - Google Analytics Logo.

Google Analytics is one of the free YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools. Google Analytics is a robust web analytics platform provided by Google, free of cost. It allows users to track the traffic on their website, channels, etc., and draw crucial insights about their customers/viewers actions and behavior. It supports seamless integration with YouTube, allowing you to load and monitor your channel’s performance with ease. With Google Analytics in place, you can not only track visitors for your YouTube channel but also track users that decide to visit your website after your YouTube channel.

It allows you to carry out in-depth analysis by monitoring clicks, impressions, comments, likes, etc., and figure out the parts of your channel, that receive the most number of viewers, their demographics, and what are their views about your channel.

YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools - YouTube Analytics in Google Analytics.

In case you make use of multiple channels to generate channel traffic or clients, such as Adwords, social media pages, SMS, etc., Google Analytics can help you track the performance of all these channels. You can then discern how your YouTube and other marketing channels are helping you achieve your goals.

Limitations of Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics requires you to set up UTM tags and carry out additional procedures to measure individual video statistics.

3. Brandwatch

YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools - Brandwatch Logo.

Brandwatch is a robust reporting analytics tool that houses numerous unique functionalities, allowing you to monitor how your visitors feel about your channel/s, their views on your social media content, channel videos, and a lot more. With Brandwatch in place, you can make use of queries that help you keep track of every time your channel or brand name appears in titles, comments, descriptions, and much more to keep track of your engagement. This comes among very handy YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools.

YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools - Brandwatch Reporting.

Using its robust visualizations and dashboarding capabilities, you can build comprehensive dashboards that help you analyze your brand mentions, audience views, comments about your content, and their sentiment & emotion behind them.

Limitations of using Brandwatch

  • Brandwatch focuses strongly only on drawing insights about how your subscribers feel about your YouTube channel and also about what your potential viewers think about your competitors.

4. Buzzsumo

YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools - Buzzsumo Logo.

Buzzsumo is one of the most popular reporting analytics tools available in the market that allows you to analyze numerous metrics such as views, upvotes, downvotes, engagement, etc. to determine the top YouTube-based videos for a particular keyword, rank wise. With a holistic idea about the kind of content that resonates with the audience, you can then optimize and refine your content to generate more traffic, boost views and improve your rankings & engagement for your YouTube channel.

Buzzsumo- YouTube Analytics Reporting Tool.

With Buzzsumo in place, you can further identify different patterns about how the number of views increases or decrease with a change in the video length for a particular keyword/topic, allowing you to identify the desired video length of your target viewers. Using its advanced search facility powered by a relevance algorithm, you can further zero in on the potential influencers/ famous personalities who can help boost your viewership and conversions.

Limitations of Buzzsumo

  • Using Buzzsumo to carry out an analysis of your competitor-based data can lead to some of your data being available to others who can then use it to analyze their performance.

About YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular and premier video-sharing platforms by Google that allows content creators, be it individuals or companies to create a channel and upload videos of all different kinds. With YouTube in place, you can create content and share it with the world for entertainment, business, or welfare purposes as well.

Any user that has a channel & uploads videos on YouTube is known as a YouTuber. YouTubers can have numerous roles such as video creator, producer, voice-over artists, translator, gamer, vlogger, editor, etc. that they play to keep their channel up and profitable. YouTube further provides all the creators with the YouTube Analytics functionality, allowing them to keep track of crucial metrics & statistics to help manage their channels better.

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This article introduced you to some of the best YouTube Analytics Reporting Tools available in the market that you can use to perform and refine your YouTube Analytics. It also provides in-depth knowledge about their features, use cases, and pricing.  Carrying out an in-depth analysis of your viewers requires you to integrate data from a diverse set of data sources. Integrating such complex data can be challenging and tiresome, especially for a beginner & this is where Hevo saves the day. 

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