To manage vast amounts of data, teams generally use multiple data warehouses. However, data replication between two or more data warehouses may be required at times.

For instance, assume that your sales data in your US-based office is stored in BigQuery, while your marketing data in your India-based office is saved in Snowflake. You can connect BigQuery and Snowflake to acquire a comprehensive perspective and provide insights to aid in data-driven decision-making. 

This blog post is a walkthrough of 3-easy-steps to establish a connection between BigQuery and Snowflake using Hevo’s Automated Data Pipeline Platform.

How to Replicate Data From BigQuery to Snowflake using Hevo

Step 1: Configure BigQuery as a Source

Authenticate and configure your BigQuery source.

BigQuery to Snowflake: Configure your BigQuery Source
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Step 2: Configure Snowflake as a Destination

Now, we will configure Snowflake as the destination.

BigQuery to Snowflake: configure Snowflake as the destination
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Congratulations! You’ve successfully constructed your data pipeline with  BigQuery as your data source and Snowflake as your data destination. The Hevo data pipeline will replicate new and updated data from your BigQuery every five minutes. But, depending on your requirements, the data replication frequency can be customized — from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

Data Replication Frequency

Default Pipeline FrequencyMinimum Pipeline FrequencyMaximum Pipeline FrequencyCustom Frequency Range (Hrs)
5 Mins5 Mins24 Hrs1-24

Why Replicate Data From BigQuery to Snowflake?

  • Snowflake’s Interactive UI: Snowflake’s web User Interface is intuitive and easy to use compared to BigQuery. You can have tabbed worksheets and multiple worksheets opened in Snowflake. While in, BigQuery lacks this feature. In Snowflake, you can run an individual query of SQL worksheet by simply putting your cursor in SQL query text and hitting CMD + Enter. Snowflake’s SQL worksheet follows the same norm as SQL IDE for executing individual queries of SQL worksheets. On the other hand, in BigQuery, to run queries, you have to highlight them individually, which might get overwhelming when executing multiple queries.
  • Zero-Copy Cloning: Snowflake offers a zero-copy cloning feature that provides a quick and efficient way to create a copy of the database, schema, and table without incurring additional storage costs. Cloning in Snowflake is way faster than BigQuery. Depending on the size of database objects, cloning takes only a few seconds or minutes in Snowflake.
  • Global Caching: Snowflake and BigQuery use Result Cache to store the query result, but Snowflake also offers an additional cache type. It also allows the cache to be stored at the global Result Cache level. BigQuery doesn’t support Global level result cache, which causes re-run queries at different user session levels resulting in additional computation charges.
  • Granular Level Administration Control: BigQuery handles everything — including user roles and permission to data security. In contrast, Snowflake gives privileges to administrators to control compute and storage levels independently. You can segregate workloads in Snowflake without bothering about sizing or permission issues in the cloud data warehouse.

Why Use Hevo?

As the ability of businesses to collect data explodes, data teams have a crucial role to play in fueling data-driven decisions. Yet, they struggle to consolidate the data scattered across sources into their warehouse to build a single source of truth. Broken pipelines, data quality issues, bugs and errors, and lack of control and visibility over the data flow make data integration a nightmare.

1000+ data teams rely on Hevo’s Data Pipeline Platform to integrate data from over 150+ sources in a matter of minutes. Billions of data events from sources as varied as SaaS apps, Databases, File Storage and Streaming sources can be replicated in near real-time with Hevo’s fault-tolerant architecture. What’s more – Hevo puts complete control in the hands of data teams with intuitive dashboards for pipeline monitoring, auto-schema management, custom ingestion/loading schedules. 

All of this combined with transparent pricing and 24×7 support makes us the most loved data pipeline software on review sites.

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Here’s how Hevo challenges the normal to beget the new ‘exceptional.’

  • Reliability at Scale – With Hevo, you get a world-class fault-tolerant architecture that scales with zero data loss and low latency. 
  • Monitoring and Observability – Monitor pipeline health with intuitive dashboards that reveal every stat of pipeline and data flow. Bring real-time visibility into your ELT with Alerts and Activity Logs 
  • Stay in Total Control – When automation isn’t enough, Hevo offers flexibility – data ingestion modes, ingestion, and load frequency, JSON parsing, destination workbench, custom schema management, and much more – for you to have total control.    
  • Auto-Schema Management – Correcting improper schema after the data is loaded into your warehouse is challenging. Hevo automatically maps source schema with destination warehouse so that you don’t face the pain of schema errors.
  • 24×7 Customer Support – With Hevo, you get more than just a platform; you get a partner for your data pipelines. Discover peace with round-the-clock “Live Chat” within the platform. What’s more, you get 24×7 support even during the 14-day full-feature free trial.
  • Transparent Pricing – Say goodbye to complex and hidden pricing models. Hevo’s Transparent Pricing brings complete visibility to your ELT spend. Choose a plan based on your business needs. Stay in control with spend alerts and configurable credit limits for unforeseen spikes in data flow. 
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Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve helped you to add value to your quest. In this article, we waded through 3-easy-steps to replicate data from BigQuery to Snowflake. We used Hevo, an automated data pipeline, to obtain our desired results, making the BigQuery to Snowflake data replication process much faster and fully automated.

Check out this video to know how Hevo seamlessly replicates data from vast data sources.

Hevo Product Video

Initiate your journey with Hevo today and enjoy fully automated, hassle-free data replication for 150+ sources. Hevo’s free trial gives you limitless free sources and models to pick from, support for up to 1 million events per month, and a spectacular live chat service supported by an incredible 24/7 support team to help you get started.

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