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Facebook Ad Creator Tools

The skyrocketing popularity of Social Media platforms has opened a new gateway for businesses to advertise their product in a digital environment that allows them to reach a vast audience. A successful social media advertising campaign can help companies generate new leads daily and cost-effectively increase sales. Businesses of all sizes are now using Social Media Campaigns to reach out to more people and increase revenue generation. 

This article will give a walkthrough of creating an effective Social Media Marketing Campaign using Facebook Ad Creator tools. The article will also provide holistic understanding of Ad Camapigns, Facebook Ad Creator Tools, advantages of Facebook Ad Campaigns and how to create Facebook Ad campaigns.

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Understanding Ad Campaigns

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Ad campaigns are a series of advertising messages that focus on a particular theme or idea and are part of an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). An IMC is a platform that allows a group of individuals to pool their ideas, opinions, concepts and thoughts into a single large Media Database. Ad Campaigns are intended to achieve a certain business goal while also converting leads.

Creating Brand awareness for a new product or service, increasing sales for a specific product or service, and generating leads by encouraging potential customers to sign up for an email list, subscription, or other free offers are some of the business goals that Ad Campaigns might target. Advertising Campaigns use a variety of Media Channels and target certain audiences over a set period of time.

It is critical to understand that Ad Campaigns entail more than simply producing an eye-catching Ad and publishing it on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). An Advertising Campaign is a well-planned strategy implemented across many mediums to attain particular goals such as increased brand awareness, increased sales, and improved communication within a specific market. All of this is facilitated through Advertising.

Ad Campaigns must be well-researched and planned for the greatest outcomes, with a clear, linear strategy for Marketers to follow. Launching Ad campaigns will truly begin with identifying business gains, searching for keywords which reach your target audience more effectively, and then generating ads and other materials to promote awareness and interest of your products or services.

Understanding Facebook Ad Creator

Facebook offers various tools that help businesses effectively design and run Social Media Campaigns. These tools are called as Facebook Campaign Builder or Facebook Ad Creator Tools.

Some of the Facebook Ad Creator Tools are as follows:

1) Facebook Ads Manager 

Facebook Ad Creator - Facebook Ads Manager
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Facebook Ads Manager is a unique tool that allows users to create advertisements for their products and share them on various Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Users can edit their advertisements whenever they want to increase their reach and traffic. This Facebook Ad Creator tool gives full access to users to choose their target audience, the location where they want to promote the advertisement, and the marketing objective. 

Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful Facebook Ad Creator tool that can be used to create Advertisement Campaigns in a simple and step-by-step manner. A user can also create multiple campaigns simultaneously using this tool. Facebook Ad Manager comes with a highly comprehensive analytics tool that displays critical metrics like Organic Reach, Paid Reach, Impressions, and many more. Users can also create customized reports and share them with others to better understand the performance of their Campaigns. The tool can be used across multiple platforms like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

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2) Facebook Campaign Planner 

Facebook Ad Creator Tool - Facebook Campaign Planner
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Facebook Campaign Planner is a newly launched Facebook Ad Creator tool by Facebook that is still under the roll-out process. The platform enables users to create, share, and buy Campaign plans from various developers across the Facebook ecosystem, including Instagram. With this Facebook Ad Creator tool, users can create multiple versions of a Campaign and compare them to find the best fit for their needs.

At the moment, this Facebook Ad Creator tool is only available to accounts that have used Facebook’s Reach and Frequency Buying tool. Eligible users can find the link to this tool in the Facebook Ad Manager application. The Planner can accurately predict various essential data related to a campaign, like the potential reach with respect to the budget, enabling users to make informed decisions to effectively run a Social Media Advertising Campaign. 

3) Facebook Google Analytics URL Builder 

Facebook Ad Creator Tool - Google Analytics URL Builder
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Facebook Google Analytics URL Builder is a tool used to assign unique tags to Campaign links. The tag can be used to analyze the inflow of traffic from that particular channel. And automated reporting tools can be used to check the status of the Campaigns. Analytics URL Builder allows users to identify the most popular or successful Campaign links that have been posted on multiple platforms. 

Advantages of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Some of the advantages of Facebook Ad Campaigns are as follows:

1) Better Reach

Facebook has a vast user base spread across every pocket of the world. The massive user base helps businesses increase their products’ visibility to a larger audience using Facebook’s Advertising Campaigns. Greater reach allows firms to increase their sales that boost Revenue Generation. 

2) Comprehensive Analytics 

Facebook Ads Manager comes with a high-end analytics tool that provides comprehensive data analysis of key metrics. This analysis enables advertisers to identify the loopholes in the Campaigns and rectify them to increase their visibility and sales. The analytics tool displays all the significant information like Conversion Rate, Total Reach, Total Actions Taken, and many more.  

3) Highly Customizable

Facebook empowers its customers to have complete control over what and how they want to post in their Campaigns. Users can determine what they are expecting out of the Campaigns. For example, if someone wants to receive website visits or page likes, they can easily select their desired options from the ‘Objective‘ section available on Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook also lets its customers set their own budget, time frame, and target audience for Advertising Campaigns. 

4) Lead Generation 

Facebook Ads Manager offers a ‘lookalike audience‘ feature that automatically searches and filters individuals similar to existing customers. This helps businesses to increase their Conversion Rate considerably. It is a one-of-a-kind feature that enables Marketers to generate new leads continuously. 

5) Tapping Target Audience

Facebook allows its customers to choose their Target Audience using several filters like age, location, interests, and many more. This enables users to push their advertisements to selected individuals who have a high probability of becoming a customer for their businesses. 

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How to Create Facebook Ad Campaigns?

Users can easily create stunning advertisements campaigns to boost their businesses’ visibility and reach using Facebook Ad Manager. Facebook provides many customization features that enable users to choose the primary objective of advertisement campaigns. For instance, users can create campaigns with the sole purpose of increasing their reach, page likes, website visits, or boosting sales. The step-by-step guide for creating Ad Campaigns for various purposes is as follows:

Step 1: Setting Up Facebook Ads Manager Account

Facebook Ad Creator Tool - Facebook Ads Manager
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The first requirement of setting up a Facebook Ads Manager account is to have a business page on Facebook, as it is not possible to run an Advertising Campaign from a personal account. The following substeps are as follows:

  1. Create a page of your business on Facebook.
  2. Visit the Facebook Business Manager page. 
  3. Click on the “Accounts” button present in the left window.
  4. Select your business page and then click on the “Ads” icon. 

Once the desired page is added, users can create Advertisement Campaigns using the Ads Manager tool provided by Facebook. 

Step 2: Creating an Ad Campaign 

  1. Open Facebook Ads Manager and click on “Create new ad
  2. Facebook will display many objectives for an Ad Campaign that are as follows:
    • Reach: To push advertisements to the maximum number of individuals. 
    • Traffic: To increase visits on desired platforms like websites, pages, or messenger. 
    • Engagement: To increase the interaction of customers with the page. 
    • Video Views: To boost views on videos.
    • Lead Generation: To identify potential customers. 
    • Conversions: To encourage people to take action on the page or website.
    • Messages: To increase the inflow of messages regarding business.
    • Brand Awareness: To increase the visibility of the brand to new audiences.
    • Catalog Sales: Let customers visit your catalog to introduce various products.
  3. Select the desired option according to the Advertisement objective. 
  4. Enter the name of the Ad Campaign. 
  5. Facebook will display several options to choose and filter the target audience like location, age, gender, education, work, language, connections, behavior, interests, home, and ethnic affinity. Selection of the appropriate audience is very crucial in order to achieve the Ad Campaign objectives. Facebook also allows users to select custom audiences according to their own agreement. Users can also save the preferred audience for future usage.   
  6. Budgeting: Facebook offers two options for a budget to select from.
    • Daily Budget: This enables users to select a budget on a daily basis for Facebook Advertisement Campaigns. Facebook accepts a minimum of $1 for daily budgets. 
    • Lifetime Budget: This option is for those who want to run an Ad Campaign for a certain period of time. Facebook accepts a lump sum amount to run an Ad Campaign for a designated time period. 
  7.  Now, select the desired option and then Schedule the Ad Campaign. 
  8. Select “Show advanced options” option to select necessary options to optimize the Ad Campaign. Users can also set a “Frequency Cap” in the advanced options section to limit the number of times one can see a particular advertisement. 
  9. Now, select the image or video that you want to use for the campaign.
  10. Enter the headline, text, and URL of the Ad Campaign.
  11. Click “Confirm” to run the Ad Campaign.               

Tips for Creating Better Facebook Ad Campaigns

The tips for creating better Facebook Ad Campaigns are as follows:

1) Filter Target Audience 

Not every Social Media user will be interested in any random advertisement they see on the internet. It is crucial for businesses to refine and narrow down their Target Audience to make the most out of a Social Media Advertising Campaign. This helps companies to reach out to those individuals who have a high probability of becoming a customer. 

2) Determine the Goal

Advertising Campaigns can not be successful if it has an ambiguous Call to Action (CTA). Businesses must define their aim while building an Ad Campaign so that the audience understands the purpose of the advertising campaign.

3) Easy to Interpret 

The content of an advertisement should always be written in easy-to-read and simple language so that every individual can understand what the Advertiser is trying to convey to them. 

4) Effective Usage of Insights

Facebook Ads Manager provides a powerful analytics tool that generates factual insights about an Advertising Campaign. Businesses should use the information to understand the loopholes in their Ad Campaigns and make edits quickly to improve the effectiveness and performance of their Advertising Campaign on Facebook. This feature can also be used to identify the audience’s needs that enable users to post relevant content. 


In this article, you have learned about Facebook Ad Creator Tools. This article also provided brief information about Ad Campaigns, their advantages and the steps to use Facebook Ad Creator Tools.

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