Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools in 2024 (Free and Paid)

By: Published: January 8, 2023

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In comparison to websites alone, Ads on Social Networking sites like Facebook have generated a significant amount of Leads. Marketers are aware of the potential revenue generated by the platform’s precise targeting choices, analytics, and extremely high Rate of Investment (ROI). As a result, Pay-Per-Click Advertising has increased in popularity as a means of obtaining instant traffic to a website for both small and large enterprises.

And with this, the competition for Ad placement at the top of the Google Search Results Page (SERP) has grown, too. With the largest number of active users online, Facebook offers the perfect place for brands to convert idle users scrolling down posts into regular customers. However, success in this sector is difficult due to the high level of competition.

As a result, many advertisers are turning to the best Facebook Ads Spy Tool to get the most out of the best-performing advertisements along with granular insights. This article will provide you with information about the top 7 Facebook Ads Spy Tools. You will also gain a holistic understanding of Ads Spy Tools, and their workings. Read along to find out the top 7 Facebook Ads Spy Tools.

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What are Ads Spy Tools?

Ad Spying Tools are software used by Pay-per-Click Marketers to enhance their website earnings and Return On Investment (ROI) from advertising expenditures. Both Internet Marketers and Affiliate Marketers utilize the technologies to gain an advantage over their competitors by spying on their Pay-per-Click Advertising Campaigns.

When brands need exclusive insights on Facebook Ad Campaigns of their rivals, they can use suitable tools for the same. When looking for the Best Facebook Ads Spy tools, you will find several tools that claim to be the best. However, before proceeding to use any of these tools, brands must figure out what Metrics or Insights they are looking for in the Ads.

Whether it’s to see which banners and pre-landing pages are the most effective, what content to display in their ads to increase sales conversion, or which targeting solutions to use, companies must clearly understand why they’re employing Ads Spy Tools. 

It is important to remember that some Ads Spy Tools can help you download the creatives used by other businesses in their Facebook Ads. However, it is better not to copy and use them. In a digitally connected world, if the audience catches a Brand copying Creatives or Ads templates and content, it could lead to lower Click-Through Rate (CTR) and lower Conversion Rate.

How do Ads Spy Tools work?

Ads Spy tools are categorized by types of traffic and Ad layouts. In general, we have four categories:

  • Social Media Spy Tools
  • Search Spy Tools
  • Native Spy Tools
  • Display Ads Spy Tools

Irrespective of the type, most of the Ads Spy Tools follow a common pattern of spying.

  • Keywords Provision: First, the Brand user provides keywords relevant to their product or service via a specific monitoring tool.
  • Analysis and Research: After collecting the keyword, the monitoring program gathers all matching ads from the Search Engine and Social Media results pages for analysis and research. Performing competitive research is a must as it can include customer feedback, which could help make one’s Facebook Marketing Plan more specific and compelling. In addition, such analysis can save time and money on split-testing, and Ad spend.
  • Pointers for Designing Ad Campaigns: After analyzing the Ads for a specified time, the system provides an analysis of which elements in the Ads are effective and why. Brands can use these pointers while designing their Ad Campaigns on Facebook. 
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Top 7 Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Facebook Ads Spy Tools
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Ads Targeting helps Brands reach more audiences than brick-and-mortar shops and websites. Facebook’s Ad space has evolved into a powerhouse for companies and Internet Marketers since its launch. As a result, Ads Spy Tools assist Internet Marketers and Company Owners in spying on their competitors’ advertisements and learning from their best practices, successes, and failures.

The top 7 Facebook Ads Spy Tools are as follows:

1) PowerAdSpy

Facebook Ads Spy Tool - Power Ad Spy
Image Source

PowerAdSpy is an exceptional Facebook Ads Spy Tool. It includes several features that allow users to see who their competitors are trying to reach i.e., their target audience. It categorizes Ads according to where they appear, such as in the News Feed or on the Side, so you can see which ones convert the best in your business domain.

Brands can visit and cross-check the real-time processing as well as the audience’s perception of the advertisements. PowerAdSpy contains more than 6 million Ads from 15+ countries, so you will never run out of adverts. You can also view live Facebook Ads directly from the dashboard. It also lets you see Ads based on your geographic location. 

PowerAdSpy Pricing Model

PowerAdSpy has seven pricing options: Free, Basic ($49), Standard ($99), Premium ($149), Platinum ($ 249), Titanium ($299), and Palladium ($349).

For further information about PowerAdSpy’s Pricing plans, visit here.

2) AdEspresso

Facebook Ads Spy Tool - AdEspresso
Image Source

AdEspresso is a SaaS tool that allows you to create, analyze and optimize Facebook Ads in an incredibly simple way. The tool assists companies in determining user interaction on various adverts that they search.

Users of AdEspresso can utilize filters such as Attribute, Industry, Objective, and Placement to assist businesses in locating suitable advertisements. You can also produce stunning PDF reports for your Facebook Ads in minutes using AdEspresso’s Report Generator.

AdEspresso also has an Ad gallery that includes a free list of curated Ads from different niches, which shows you how the industry experts are creating their Ad Campaigns.

AdEspresso’s Pricing Model

AdEspresso has three pricing plans viz., Starter ($49), Plus ($99), Enterprise ($259). Each of these includes a 14-day free trial.

For further information about AdEspresso’s Pricing plans, visit here.

3) SocialPeta

Facebook Ads Spy Tool - SocialPeta
Image Source

SocialPeta is another impressive Facebook Ads Spying and Marketing Data Analysis Tool. It can spy on numerous advertisements while carrying out in-depth research of the competitor’s performance in 50 Nations. This information is gathered from worldwide mobile advertisements and provided in a variety of ways with in-depth research to assist you in making better decisions.

SocialPeta monitors the design, targeting, and performance of 500,000 applications across global and Chinese advertising. It also has a creative library of 100 million items, including videos, pictures, carousel, playable, and search advertisements. Moreover, it tracks New Releases, Popular Applications, New Marketing Cases, Performance, and Ads by Nation and Game genre.

SocialPeta’s Pricing Model

Users can get SocialPeta for free using its trial version, or upgrade later to the Startup or Pro plans (pricing provided by the vendor).

4) Swipe-Worthy by Swiped Co.

Facebook Ads Spy Tool - Swipe-Worthy
Image Source

Swipe-Worthy is an appropriate tool when looking for ideas for your next Ad Campaign with special emphasis on specialized advertising that is profitable. To see Ads that are exclusively on Facebook, you can use the ‘Facebook Ads‘ option. 

It has a collection of case studies that you can use to research and compare the methods of your competitors. This provides you complete access to gather rival Ads case studies and discover inspiration for your own Ads without having to work it out on your own.

Swipe-Worthy will show you stylish graphics and appealing slogans, as well as Buyer Psychology and Marketing Strategy, which will enable you to create your own winning Ad Campaigns.

Swiped’s Pricing Model

Swiped is a free tool that gives crucial justifications for each advertisement’s success or failure. It also allows you to filter Ads by niche and content type conveniently.

5) AdPlexity

Facebook Ads Spy Tool - Adplexity
Image Source

AdPlexity allows tracking of your competitors’ advertisements and other Campaign data from 70 different countries. Users can even avail filters such as keywords, URLs, countries, devices, and traffic sources that can be used to narrow a search.

AdPlexity also offers Real-time Analytics on Campaigns running on desktops. By using AdPlexity you can easily get the Landing Pages, Pop-up Redirects, Banner Ads, Device Integration, Country Support, along with 120 carrier support too. 

All of the top-secret Ad Campaigns running on mobile network traffic throughout the world are included in the 120 Carriers Feature. You can effectively select profitable Ad Campaigns to incorporate in your business using the data from the 120 Carriers feature, making the product work with Facebook and Mobile Ads easily. 

AdPlexity’s Pricing Model

AdPlexity has multiple Pricing packages: Mobile ($199), Desktop ($199), Native ($249), Push ($149), Ecommerce ($199), Carriers ($149), and Enterprise.

6) SpyFu

Facebook Ads Spy Tool - SpyFu
Image Source

SpyFu is one of the greatest Ads Spy Tools available, that allows you to download all of your competitor’s most profitable keywords, as well as ads for both Sponsored and Organic Search.

This Spy software focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in the market. It is well-designed, with plenty of features to assist you in deciphering PPC Ads using Keyword Search. You can utilize the Domain Ad History tool to find keywords that have performed successfully for a certain domain once you’ve identified a significant player in the PPC arena.

SpyFu has an extensive number of top 100 lists, including Domains, Leads, Custom Lists, and Keywords. It also features a SpyFu SEO Kombat feature that displays a list of three websites along with the domains on which they are presently bidding.

SpyFu’s Pricing Model

The pricing plans of SpyFu start with the Basic Package priced at $39 per month (billed monthly) and $33 per month (billed annually) . It also offers Professional Package priced at $69/month (billed monthly) and $49/month (billed annually), and Unlimited Package priced at $129/month (billed monthly) and $68/month (billed annually).

For further information on SpyFu’s Pricing plans, visit here.

7) Anstrex

Facebook Ads Spy Tool - Anstrex
Image Source

Anstrex is a Facebook Ads Spy tool that allows you to see the best-performing online Native Advertising, as well as your competitors’ Native Ads and any other Ads that appears across several networks. Such analysis is also important for determining what works well for other firms to stay ahead in the competition.

Anstrex provides users with access to a massive Native Advertisements Database, which includes over ten million Native Ads and Landing Pages from 15 countries and 27 Ad networks. Aside from that, it gives companies access to their competitors’ Cost Per Click (CPC) bid history, Creative & Landing sites. It also directs users to where their competitors were interacting with Alexa. This tool is available in 92 different countries.

Anstrex’s Pricing Model

Anstrex’s Native Only is priced at $69.99, while the Native + Push package is priced at $139.99. While Anstrex’s Push Only is priced at $69.99, while the Push + Native package is priced at $139.99


In this article, you have learned about the top 7 Facebook Ads Spy Tools. This article also provided brief information about Ads Spy Tools and their working.

With the above-mentioned Facebook Ads Spy Tool, you can easily follow your competitor’s Campaigns to know the key behind their successful Ad Campaigns and infuse the findings in your personal Ad promotions.

For any information on integrating Facebook Ads and Shopify and Best Facebook Ads, you can visit the former links.

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Share your experience of understanding the top 7 Facebook Ads Spying Tools in the comment section below! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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