Whether your job requires you to manage projects or assign roles or track Campaigns or create invoices and expense reports, you’ve used a Spreadsheet at some point in your career. When you’re under a time crunch, it gets difficult to create and design Spreadsheets before they help you. Spreadsheet templates will allow you to start working quickly rather than creating it from scratch. Google Sheets offers 26 in-built Spreadsheet templates to make your job a lot easier.

It has Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates for Businesses, Finance Management, Project Management, Teachers, and Personal Use. They help you stick to deadlines, stay within your budget, and be more accountable for your assigned tasks.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of some of the best Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates that you can leverage to get started on your Analytics journey on Google Sheets!

10 Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates

Given below are the 10 Google Sheets Dashboard Templates free for use that cover various critical metrics that your organization might require:

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1) Annual Business Budget Template

The Annual Business Budget Template is a Free Google Sheet Dashboard Template that provides in-depth statistics about your company’s business budget. Every tab at the bottom— Setup, Income, Expenses, and Summary— has several subcategories. The Expense Tab covers everything from travel, customer acquisition, legal, taxes, and insurance costs. The Income Tab lets you keep track of income from multiple sources and also tracks monthly averages. 

The Summary Tab takes data from your Income Tab, subtracts your Expenses, and automatically displays your ending balance for every month. This Free Google Sheets Dashboard Template lets businesses track their budget with multiple income and expense sections. 

Annual Business Budget Template
Image Source

2) Expense Report Template

Every business should necessarily know how much they spend in running a successful business. However, small and medium-sized companies with no employees for Finance Management can often forget to record these expenses. This Free Google Sheets Dashboard Template provides you with a simple Expense Report which makes it super easy to record all of your costs from any device. You don’t have to be on your system to record expenses, as GSheet App is available for Android and iOS devices.

Expense Report Template
Image Source

3) Gantt Chart Template

The Gantt Chart provides a visual timeline for your project and allows you to see details for each task and its progress. It’s a tremendous visual Dashboard for a complex project with multiple overlapping components when the timing is one of your primary concerns. By taking advantage of this Free Google Sheets Dashboard Template, Team Managers can efficiently delegate tasks and review progress without the need of sending follow-up emails individually to their colleagues.

Gantt Chart Template
Image Source

4) Analytics Dashboard Template

The Analytics Dashboard is one of the most complex Free Google Sheets Dashboard Template. It has a separate Dashboard tab and two more tabs for instructions and data. It lets you copy, paste or upload data to the Data tab and displays key KPIs.

It supports Slicers and Conditional Formatting for showing Analytics associated with a particular date. The Dashboard has multiple Graphs, Charts, and Tables for smooth visual representation.

Analytics Dashboard Template
Image Source

5) Event Marketing Timeline Template

The Event Marketing Template is a Free Google Sheets Dashboard Template for Marketing Managers that help them organize and structure their plans for multiple Campaigns. It also allows them to add additional information for each Campaign. If you are planning an upcoming business event or expanding your Marketing Campaigns, Event Marketing Templates will make it easier. 

It provides a wide range of categories that you might’ve forgotten to consider, including PR, Local and National Marketing, Market Research, Sales Campaigns, etc., with many subcategories under each section. It’ll drastically reduce the time spent on manually creating an organization sheet.

Event Marketing Timeline Template
Image Source
Download the Guide on How to Set Up a Data Analytics Stack
Download the Guide on How to Set Up a Data Analytics Stack
Download the Guide on How to Set Up a Data Analytics Stack
Learn how to build a self-service data analytics stack for your use case.

6) Project Timeline Template

This Free Google Sheets Dashboard Template is a modified version of the Gantt Chart specifically for Project Management. You can plan your projects for the entire year and delegate tasks for various steps. A Project Timeline Template is a valuable tool that enhances the implementation of each project step. You can visually break up a project into smaller pieces, making the planning more manageable and less stressful.

Project Timeline Template
Image Source

7) Financial Statement Template

The Financial Statements Template is a dream come true for businesses and freelancers. It is an all-in-one resource for tracking Business Transactions, Profit & Loss and managing the Balance Sheet. You can read the guide in the instruction tab and edit categories to ensure your income and expenses are in the right place. The profit & loss tab updates automatically and summarizes your business’ costs, revenue, and expenses for the year. This Free Google Sheets Dashboard Template displays the changes in your Sales and Profit along with Annual Expenditures by category.

Financial Statement Template
Image Source

8) Website Traffic Dashboard Template

Google Sheets has two Dashboards: one for Organic Traffic and another for Paid Marketing. The Website Traffic Dashboard takes in raw data from Google Analytics and other platforms, pulls that into an organized report, and saves you tons of time. It’s an add-on from Supermetrics, and you can use the add-on to pull data from it.

Website Traffic Dashboard Template
Image Source

9) Sales Opportunity Dashboard

The Sales Opportunity Dashboard enables sales teams to track open pipe by stage and sales quotas by orgs, teams, and reps. The dashboard offers a complete view of sales across the entire funnel. You can visualize sales to quota metrics by individual sales rep, by team, or by company. Now you can launch an entire sales dashboard to track performance in one click — and it’s free to use.

Website Paid Traffic Report is the second most sophisticated Free Google Sheet Dashboard Template for tracking Traffic on your website. It also pulls data from Google Analytics, but the difference is that it transforms it into attractive Charts and Graphs. This Dashboard also collects location data of every user activity, so you can also visualize your reach across the world. Every visual element has Slicers so you can view data associated with different metrics and features.

Website Paid Traffic Report Template
Image Source

Understanding the Need for Google Sheets

Google Sheets Logo
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Working with multiple versions of data or outdated datasets leads to delay and back-and-forth emailing for corrections and clarifications. Each week, employees spend over eight hours searching and consolidating data. This time can be spent on analyzing data rather than looking for it. One such tool that can increase productivity and help companies organize and analyze information quickly is Google Sheets.

 Here are three reasons you should try using Google Sheets:

  • Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates: Even if you don’t purchase Google’s G Suite, you can still use Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets for free. All the templates in Google Sheets are also free to use.
  • Easy: You don’t need to learn or read a guide to use Google Sheets and can directly use the Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates. Also, Google Sheets is Cloud-based, so you can work on your Dashboard or report from any device as long as you have an internet connection and can access your Google account.
  • Encourages Collaboration: It’s easier for teams to collaborate with Google tools like Docs and Sheets. You can share a template or Google Sheet with other team members and also leave comments with tag mentions for easier reporting in real-time.

Understanding How to Access Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates

There are two options to find Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates:

1) Using Google’s In-Built Template Gallery

You can find the ‘Template Gallery’ at the top right corner of Google Sheet and explore the Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates to find the right match for you.

Template Gallery Option
Image Source

The template gallery has numerous Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates for Work, Personal, and Project Management Needs. Here’s an example of how a Template library looks like:

Free Google Sheets Dashboard Template Gallery
Image Source

2) Using Google Sheets Add-Ons

Another way to access and leverage Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates is to download and install add-ons. Here you would find free and paid templates covering most use cases, such as Invoice, Income/Expense Tracker, etc.

To know more about Google Sheets, click here.

Benefits of Dashboard Reporting

Every business can benefit from a Dashboard that aligns with its objectives. Large organizations have multiple Dashboards to track internal and external KPIs within numerous departments. If you are wondering about the need for a Dashboard for your business, read the following five excellent benefits of using Dashboards:

  • Data Transparency: Data is an essential asset for success, but it doesn’t do much good unless you can access it. A well-designed and Dynamic Dashboard provides real-time, on-demand access to the most critical metrics.
  • Better Decision Making: Dashboards allow Managers and Marketers to access an unbiased view of the company’s overall performance and its departments. When each department can access the Dashboard, it’ll lead to better decision-making. For example, Marketing and Sales teams can align their data and improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Accountability: It’s essential to track and understand what you’re doing wrong to increase Sales and Performance. Dashboards allow you to find and solve problems quickly. 
  • Interactivity: Dashboards and Reports can provide more than just static information. They let you and your users filter data, interact with charts, and track changes. That means you can get both broader patterns and specific metrics as well. 
  • Access to Key Metrics: Your website Metrics and Performance parameters are essential to improve Traffic, Product, and Marketing Campaigns. A Dashboard gathers data from multiple sources and displays them on a single interface. It also allows you to check the overall performance at one glance.


Irrespective of your job and industry, using the right Spreadsheet would make your work more manageable, enjoyable, and easier. Find the right template from Google Sheet’s library and start using them to save time, effort and increase productivity. With this list of 9 Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates, you can easily stay on top of your productivity and stick to your budget. 

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Share your experience of using Free Google Sheets Dashboard Templates. Let us know in the comments section below!

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