In this highly-competitive market, it is very essential for any brand to maintain its online presence. This is required in order to acquire and retain customers, and eventually, drive Sales and Revenue. Hence, having the right Marketing Strategy in place is important in building up your brand. Online Advertising forms an important part of Digital Marketing and is one of the main ingredients for driving Website Revenue. There are a number of Advertising Technologies developed to help offer Ads in a more tailored manner, but Google AdSense is one of the most pervasive Advertising Platforms used by brands to maximize their returns and profit. So, what is Google AdSense and how can it help your business drive more Sales?

Launched in 2003, Google AdSense is currently the most popular Advertising Platform used by businesses of all sizes to monetize their traffic and increase Sales. Google AdSense uses advanced techniques to deliver a great user experience. This article will take you through Google AdSense and various aspects of it.

What is Google AdSense?

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Google AdSense is an Advertising Platform and a part of Google’s Ad Network, which makes it easy for you to make money through Online Advertising. You can establish relationships with businesses that are interested in Advertising using Google AdSense. You can generate revenue by further hosting their Ads on your Website or YouTube Channel.

Publishers, Website Owners, or YouTube Creators can sell the Ad Space on their Website or Channel without any hassle via Google AdSense. It will pick out the most relevant Ads for your audience based on your content and traffic and will fill the Ad Space on your Website. Simply put, AdSense gives you the right means to monetize your Digital Content through Online Advertising. Advertisers, on the other hand, get to market their products directly with Google by paying for them. 

If you do it right, Google Ads can give you nearly instant results. But your earning will vary depending on your Website Traffic and the Cost-Per-Click of the targeted keywords.

Benefits of Google AdSense

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Google AdSense is jam-packed with features that make it easy for you to fill the Ad Space with the most relevant and appropriate Ads for your website. Take a look at the benefits you can reap with AdSense.

  • Google AdSense houses a huge number of Publishers and Advertisers. As of today, at least 40 million websites on the internet are using AdSense.
  • AdSense supports a wide variety of Ad formats including Text Ads, Images, HTML Ads, Video Ads, and Mobile-Friendly Ads.
  • With its reporting capabilities, you can generate Performance Reports to visualize both your earnings and your performance across key engagement measures.
  • It offers a transparent and secure platform for both advertisers and publishers to advertise and monetize their content.
  • You can also customize a Text Ad’s look and feel to match the theme of your website.
  • AdSense offers you personalized recommendations along with A/B Tests to help you enhance your AdSense Account’s performance and make better intelligent decisions.
  • Google AdSense gives you full control over what types of Ads are shown on your Website or Channel. You get the flexibility to block specific types of Advertisements that you do not want to be displayed.

Working of Google AdSense

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The working of AdSense is pretty much straightforward. Publishers, Website Owners, or YouTube Creators just need to sign up with AdSense and get their Website or Channel approved by Google. To get approved your Website or Channel needs to comply with AdSense Program Policies. Once you get approved, you need to insert a small code directly on your website and AdSense will automatically fill the Ad Space on your website with the most relevant Ads.

Google chooses and displays relevant Ads based on the content of your website, the search history of users, and the Quality Score of your website with its proprietary algorithms. AdSense follows a Cost-Per-Click Revenue-Sharing model, and you will be paid based on the number of clicks the Ads get and the Cost-Per-Click set by the Advertisers. CPC is the amount that you get for a single click on the Ad posted on your Website, Channel, or Blog.

Google has a very accurate and complicated system to prevent click fraud. It is highly capable of identifying artificial clicks or any suspicious activity on your website, it may even suspend your website depending on the quality of clicks.

Google AdSense calculates your earnings for a full month’s worth of time. It takes a few weeks to analyze your revenue, identify artificial impressions, and then finalize your payment. As a general rule, this evaluation is completed on or before the 20th of the next month. Payouts from Google AdSense are sent out in the last week of each month.

Publishers get paid in a variety of ways, including via Cheque, Western Union, EFT, and Rapida. As of now, Google AdSense has a payout threshold of USD 100. Google AdSense also delivers real-time statistics on Ad Clicks.

How much does Google AdSense Pay?

As discussed, AdSense follows a Cost-Per-Click Revenue-Sharing model, and it charges the Advertisers for every click. CPC (Cost-Per-Click) decides the amount the Advertisers will pay every time someone clicks on their Ads. Publishers get 68% of the CPC amount.

The amount depends heavily on the competition, targeted keyword, and CPC. For every niche, there are different keywords and every keyword has a different CPC. The commission for every click can range anywhere from $0.20 to $15. However, in practice, the majority of niches bring less than $3 per click to publishers. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to maximize your earnings.

  • Select a niche with a high average Cost-Per-Click for your website. The 3 most expensive niches in the US are Insurance, Online Education, and Marketing & Advertising.
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  • Select keywords with high average Cost-Per-Click for your topic. Select related search terms with high CPC, Search Volume, and Competition Level.
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How to Make Money with Google AdSense?

As discussed in the previous section, CPC and your website traffic can have a great impact on your earnings. Hence, it is important to follow the right Advertising Strategy to get maximum exposure. Here are a few guidelines that can help you make more money.

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Content is the King

Good content sells itself. Try to post original, informative, and focused content on your website. This will help your website rank high on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and will also make it easier for Advertisers to match Ads to your website.

Deliver a Positive User Experience

No matter how good or informative your content is, if your website doesn’t offer a great customer experience, users are bound to bounce away. A visually appealing, easy-to-use, and interactive User Interface can differentiate your site from other sites in the eyes of your users.

Increase your Online Presence

In this highly competitive world, it is very important to maintain and improve your online presence. Your earnings are bound to increase if people who visit your site tend to stay and browse for a while. Social Media is a free and amazing platform to increase traffic to your website.

Ad Placement

Don’t make your webpage clumsy by placing Ads everywhere, it can have an adverse effect on readability and user experience. After all, the people visiting your website are looking to read/watch something informative that answers their questions. However, you can always display 1 or 2 Ads in plain sight to keep your Advertisers happy. This solves the problem of Advertisers without them taking over your page. Plus, you’re always encouraged to experiment with Ad Placement over time.

Integrate your AdSense Account with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful and widely used tool by Marketers and Advertisers to gain critical insights about the marketing campaigns they run. You can better understand your site visitors by integrating AdSense with Google Analytics. It will help you to come up with the right strategy to further improve your Ad performance and user experience.

Follow Google’s Guidelines Strictly

As discussed, Google has a very accurate and complicated system to identify any suspicious activity on your website. Google has issued a set of guidelines to prevent posting hate speech, advertising fake products, executing click frauds, posting copyrighted content, and much more. Google can even disable your AdSense Account if their AdSense Policies are violated.

These tips will surely help you improve your marketing strategy and maximize your Google AdSense earnings.


Google AdSense is currently the most popular Advertising Platform and you can make pretty good money by hosting Ads on your website. It is always reasonable to create a Website, a Blog, or a YouTube Channel on a topic you know a great deal about. You’ll enjoy generating quality content on a topic you’re passionate about.

This article introduced you to Google AdSense and took you through various aspects of it. You understood how AdSense works and how much it pays you. The article concluded with some best tips which you can implement to earn more money with AdSense. For any information on the Comparative Study of Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, you can visit the former link.

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