One of the most popular platforms that large enterprises use to track User Engagement is Google Analytics 360.

Google Analytics 360 provides the tools and support that enterprises need to get actionable insights from data. 

With Google Analytics 360, your business can get to implement cutting-edge functionalities such as Unsampled Reports, BigQuery Export, and Data-Driven Attribution, along with all the standard analytical highlights and reports.

Benefits of Google Analytics 360

As a part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, the six items pointed toward interfacing an advertiser’s day-to-day work are as follows:

1) Google Analytics 360

  • Formerly known as Google Analytics Premium–the paid, endeavor level analytics platform for huge organizations. 

2) Google Optimize 360

  • This item in the Suite permits advertisers to perform A/B test encounters without composing any code. From here, advertisers can pinpoint which site/promotion variety is best for various crowd portions. 

3) Google Audience Center 360

  • Google Audience Center 360 is a data management platform that can help businesses collect and organize customer data as per requirements allowing them to reach their most valuable audience with the right information at the right time.

4) Google Tag Manager 360

  • Home to label the APIs and site code for smoothed out work processes and more proficient dynamic. 

5) Google Data Studio 360

  • Tool for rapidly and effectively sharing constant advertising information representations and visualizations across organization offices. 

6) Google Attribution 360

  • The cross-channel attribution device tracks all advertising spend data (on the web and disconnected) to decide in general showcasing execution by channel. 
  • The Suite’s goal is to help advertisers interface the information across various stages, including portable, PPC, disconnected showcasing channels, etc.

Features of Google Analytics 360

Here are some of the features that you should know to understand Google Analytics 360 in a better way:

1) Seamless Integrations

  • With Google Analytics 360, you can appreciate incorporations with different items in the Google Marketing Platform, including Google Ads, Google Display and Video 360, Google Optimize, and turnkey mixes with various third-party platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud. 

2) Shared Audiences

  • In Google Marketing Platform, “audiences” are how you pass assortments of clients between apparatuses — like sharing a Google Analytics crowd with Google Ads, Google Display and Video 360, or Google Optimize. 
  • The following image shows how Google Analytics 360 shares audience data with Google DoubleClick for Publishers which is Google’s free ad management solution for small businesses.
  • While there are numerous approaches to achieve a similar target, utilizing basic crowd definitions in Google Analytics 360 can improve your adaptability and exactness when remarketing to clients through Google Ads. By keeping every crowd definition particular, and depending on explicit apparatus highlights, you can dodge circumstances that squander your cash and irritate clients.

3) Hit-Level Data

  • Google Analytics 360 permits hit-level information to be naturally passed from Google Analytics into Google BigQuery, Google’s big data storage and querying tool.
  • This considers more unpredictable investigation or can go about as a channel for sending out more granular information into an information stockroom.
  • For organizations hoping to address testing inquiries with their data, such as characterizing the client venture, taking a gander at client conduct across meetings, or consolidating external information sources, Google BigQuery is the device you will be generally excited about.

4) Reporting Advancements

  • There are various progressed reports accessible just to Google Analytics 360 clients, including Advanced Analysis, Data-Driven Attribution, etc.
  • Likewise, there are improved custom pipes announcing alternatives accessible, empowering better stream detailing for on-location activities across clients and meetings. This element is extraordinary for envisioning various transformation ways through your website.

5) Full Services With a Certified Partner

  • When you buy Google Analytics 360 through a business accomplice, they work with you to make sure you get the most worth of Google Marketing Platform.
  • In addition to the fact that you contact their best-in-class administrations and backing, you get their market-driving aptitude.

Google Analytics vs Google Analytics 360

Differences between Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 are as follows:


Hit count per month

Custom Dimension/Metrics

Data Freshness

Google Analytics

Up to 10 million hits per month

20 of each

24+ hours

Google Analytics 360

1 billion hits per month

200 of each

10 min – 4 hours


  • This article helped you understand what the various features of Google Analytics 360 are and how it can help you in performing an in-depth analysis of your application. Along with that, it also listed various limitations that you will face while using Google Analytics.
  • You can now load Google Analytics 360 data to any Data Warehouse such as Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, or a destination of your choice without writing code in just a few minutes for free with Hevo.

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Vishal Agrawal
Technical Content Writer, Hevo Data

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