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FI LiveChat Google Analytics Integration

Customers prefer Online Chat on the website as it makes it easier for them to contact support in a fast, efficient, and convenient way.  The Online Chat also helps the companies to target clients who need help throughout the purchase process. LiveChat is a premium live Chat solution and support desk software for online businesses. The LiveChat Platform equips you with the tools and know-how to create a customer support experience that emphasizes your brand.

To get deeper insights into your LiveChat data you should use the Google Analytics tool which will help you analyze your customers’ activity and LiveChat discussions. LiveChat Google Analytics Integration allows your firm to generate Chat Conversion data for your Marketing efforts and measure how Chats affect your Online Sales results. It is therefore possible to measure the efficiency of your LiveChat by using LiveChat Google Data Integration performance Analytics.

In this article, you will be introduced to LiveChat, Google Analytics, and their key features. You will understand the significance of LiveChat Google Analytics Integration. In addition, you will understand the steps to set up LiveChat Google Analytics Integration. At the end of the article, you will explore the benefits of this Integration. Read along to gain insights and understand the LiveChat Google Analytics Integration.

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To successfully set up the LiveChat Google Analytics Integration, you require the following:

  • A LiveChat Account.
  • A Google Analytics Account.

Introduction to LiveChat

LiveChat Logo
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LiveChat is an online Customer Care software that includes Online Chat, Help Desk software, and Web Analytics capabilities. LiveChat was launched by LiveChat Software S.A. in 2002 as a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. 

LiveChat delivers a more personalized customer experience, greater brand engagements, a competitive edge, and a method to feel your consumers’ pulse, all of which can help you improve your business’s bottom line. Customer Support and Online Sales activities that are traditionally offered through numerous channels (Chat, Email, and Social Media) and multiple technologies may now be managed from a single software platform with LiveChat. Your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service departments can all benefit from implementing a LiveChat solution for your organization.

To explore more about LiveChat, visit the official website here.

Key Features of LiveChat

LiveChat has a wide range of features that can be used on your website. Here are some of the key features of the LiveChat:

  • Proactive Chat: Using this feature your operators initiate a Chat and aid your website visitors, right away. Customer satisfaction and engagement can be increased by using this feature. It may include a personalized message in a picture or a small live Chat window.
  • Chat Rating: Chat sessions with your Agents can be rated by customers. When you receive customer feedback, you learn a lot about the quality of your customer service and if there are any areas where you can increase consumer satisfaction.
  • Chat Routing: Customers’ Chats can be routed to any available Agent or they can be automatically routed to the proper Agent. That way, as the Chat volume increases, your workers won’t be sluggish, and your customers will receive timely responses.
  • Canned Responses: Allowing prefabricated responses will help your agent to respond faster. This term refers to the short pieces of text that are commonly exchanged in chat rooms and instant messages. Saving and reusing them saves time, as your agents can use it in subsequent chat sessions with only a few keystrokes to access it.
  • Ticket Forms: This allows your clients to reach you even if your Chat Agents aren’t available 24 hours a day. Message routing creates Tickets for offline messages. As an example, you may change the Chat widget into a contact form that will be sent to an Agent when a visitor fills it out.
  • File-Sharing: An effective built-in feature for sending data between Chat operators and website visitors ensures convenience when it is required. There are also explicit settings for suitable file types and file sizes.
  • Reports and Analytics: This is a crucial feature since it allows you to keep track of important data such as Operator Activity, Conversation Histories, Conversion Tracking, Visitor Details, and Average Time spent on Chats. To determine the most effective techniques and areas for improvement, it is vital to have access to these data.

To explore more features of LiveChat, visit here.

Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics Logo
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Google Analytics (GA) is a Web Analytics service that offers Statistics and basic Analytical tools for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing needs. It’s free and part of Google’s Marketing Platform, so anyone with a Google account may take advantage of it.

Google Analytics is used to monitor website performance and gather visitor data. It can help organizations identify the most popular sources of user traffic, measure the success of their Marketing Campaigns and initiatives, track objective completion, discover patterns and trends in user engagement, and obtain other visitor information, such as demographics. To optimize Marketing Campaigns, increase website traffic, and better retain visitors, small and medium-sized retail websites commonly leverage Google Analytics.

Key Features of Google Analytics

In general, Google Analytics is used to monitor a website’s traffic and build a statistics record about how many people visited it. As a result of this service, Marketers get access to a wealth of detailed analytical data. Some of the key features of Google Analytics are:

  • Traffic Reporting: Google Analytics is essentially a traffic reporter. How many people visit your site each day will be revealed by the service’s statistics. You may also keep track of patterns over time, which can help you make better decisions about online Marketing.
  • Conversion Tracking: Conversion points (such as a contact form submission, e-commerce sale, or phone call) can be tracked in Google Analytics once they have been recognized on your website. You’ll be able to observe when someone converted, the traffic source that referred them, and much more.
  • Keyword Referrals: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are significantly affected by Keywords, which may be determined via Google Analytics.
  • Third-Party Referrals: A list of third-party websites that sent you traffic will be available. That way you’ll know which sites are worth spending more time on, as well as if any new sites have started linking to yours.
  • Custom Dashboards: You can create semi-custom Dashboards for your analytics with Google Analytics. You can add Web Traffic, Conversions, and Keyword Referrals to your dashboard if they’re essential to you. To share your reports, you can export your dashboard into PDF or CSV format.

To know more about Google Analytics, visit here.

Significance of LiveChat Google Analytics Integration

Clients require an Online Chat feature on a website that can provide them with rapid and simple responses to their questions. The Online Chat is essential for Marketing and Sales teams to capture leads and turn them into paying clients. Helpdesk teams need a live chat to solve customer problems faster, provide better service, and engage customers better.

If you’re running an e-commerce site, LiveChat can help you acquire leads, minimize bounce rates, and reduce shopping cart abandonment. For Business-to-Business (B2B) companies, LiveChat software can be used to conduct targeted Marketing initiatives, deploy interactive chatbots to communicate with customers or provide proactive customer service. Hence, the use of Google Analytics is beneficial for LiveChat. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can provide you with valuable insight into the behavior of your customers and LiveChat chats. 

So, the significance of LiveChat Google Analytics Integration is that it helps you to:

  • Find out which pages on your site generate the most conversations.
  • Analyze how consumers interact with LiveChat across several devices.
  • Study Chat performance across a variety of Marketing Channels, such as SEO, Email, to see how it varies.
  • Use conversations as part of your advertising strategies.
  • Integrate with your Google Ads account to learn which Keywords and Campaigns attract chats.

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Steps to Set Up LiveChat Google Analytics Integration

LiveChat Google Analytics Integration
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Now, that you understood the importance of LiveChat Google Analytics Integration, let’s discuss the steps to set up this Integration.

The LiveChat and Google Analytics Integration rely on GA Events. You utilize GA Events to collect statistics about interactions with your content other than page loads (pageviews). This could include Downloads, Link Clicks, and Form Submissions, among others.

Any action taken by a visitor as part of an engagement with LiveChat is sent to your Google Analytics account via the Analytics Javascript. Categories, Actions, and Labels — each relating to different information are provided along with Events.

Follow the below steps to successfully set up LiveChat Google Analytics Integration:

Step 1: Connect LiveChat and Google Analytics

To begin, you need to make sure that LiveChat is configured to work with your Google Analytics account. Follow the below steps to connect LiveChat with Google Analytics.

  • Log into your LiveChat account.
  • Go to the Marketplace and search for Google Analytics. This will take you to the Integration page.
  • As shown below, click on the Settings button and enable the two platforms to connect correctly.
Click on the Settings Button
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To sync LiveChat data with Google Analytics account, you need to configure the Tracking ID from the Google Analytics account. You can find the Tracking ID by going to Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code on Google Analytics Account. The tracking ID will appear at the top of the page and will look like UA-########-# as shown below.

Google Analytics Tracking ID
Image Source

Step 2: Test LiveChat Google Analytics Integration Chat

Once you have properly synced the LiveChat and Google Analytics together, follow the below steps to test the LiveChat Google Analytics Integration.

  • In a new tab, open Google Analytics and select the account that you want to connect LiveChat with.
  • As shown below, navigate to Real-Time > Events.
GA Real Time Events
Image Source
  • Go to your website in another tab and send a Test Chat. In the other tab you’ve opened, you should see data begin to appear in the Real-Time Events area once you do this.
  • Move on to Step 3 if you see “LiveChat” appear in the list of Events as shown below.
LiveChat Google Analytics Integration Test Chat
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Step 3: Create New Event Goals for LiveChat Google Analytics Integration

Finally, you need to put up a few Event Goals in Google Analytics so that you can track the different actions that users can perform. Follow the steps below to create new Event Goals.

  • From the left panel in the Google Analytics account, click on the Admin button as shown below.
GA Admin
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  • Click on Goals in the Admin settings, under View as shown below.
GA Goals in the Admin Settings
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  • Click on + New Goal to add a new Goal as shown below.
GA Add New Goals
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Some of the goals you can track are:

  • Automated Greeting – Keep track of when the automatic greeting and chat box opens up for users.
  • Pre-Chat Survey Filled In – Keep track of the survey when someone fills it before the chat discussion.
  • Chat – Keep track of when a user responds to a conversation and a chat takes place.
  • Ticket Form Filled In – Keep track of whenever a user fills out the form fields in your chat while you’re offline.

To achieve these Goals, you’ll need to pick Custom in the Goal Setup as shown below.

GA Custom Goal
Image Source
  • Next, select Event as your Goal Type. Enter LiveChat as the Goal Description
  • You can enter the Goal Details for Ticket Form Filled In as shown below.
Ticket Form Filled In Goal
Image Source
  • You can enter the Goal Details for Pre-Chat Survey Filled In as shown below. Note: to add more than one event you again have to create a new Goal.
Pre-Chat Survey Filled In Goal
Image Source

After adding the Goal Details, Save your Goals.

Hurray! You have successfully set up the LiveChat Google Analytics Integration.

Benefits of LiveChat Google Analytics Integration

Benefits of LiveChat Google Analytics Integration
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More than 23,000 enterprises in 150 countries use LiveChat to communicate with their customers and employees. Increased revenue and client satisfaction are just a few of the benefits of using it. In this section let’s discuss some of the benefits of LiveChat Google Analytics Integration in detail. 

  • You can use LiveChat Google Analytics Integration to improve conversions. With LiveChat, you get a good amount of client data like the pre-conversation survey collects contact information, the chat transcripts provide significant Sales insights, and post-chat surveys may be utilized to gather feedback.
  • In addition to monitoring your website visitors while they browse, LiveChat Google Analytics Integration allows you to better understand traffic trends.
  • With the help of LiveChat Google Analytics Integration, it is possible to analyze and gain a deeper understanding of your Sales Funnel.


In this article, you learned about LiveChat and Google Analytics and their key features. You also understood the significance and learned the steps to set up the LiveChat Google Analytics Integration. Moreover, you also learned about the benefits of this Integration.

LiveChat Google Analytics Integration helps you to analyze your chats, leads, conversions in detail using Google Analytics. Aside from that, it allows you to track the number of launched chats and the number of offline messages that have been sent, as Events. Moreover, this Integration provides you with valuable insights that are beneficial to your company. 


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