Setting Up SMSBump Shopify Integration: 7 Easy Steps

• October 11th, 2021

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It’s no mystery that there are many competitors around you, and each one is trying its best to build relationships with its customers. You can’t wait for the customers to come to you every time directly. Thus, you need to think differently and make a strategy to attract more customers to your business.

Well! On one side, where people are sending a huge amount to run advertisements, there are other Marketing tools that are less expensive and offer a better reach. You need to be proactive and text your customers. People are always on their phones even if they miss reading emails, an SMS notification will always pull their attention as it is a direct source of contact.

Integrating SMSBump Shopify makes it a better option to reach out to thousands of users through direct messages, build a list of subscribers, track unsubscribers and run campaigns to convince them to add to the list. Together, they are one of the best Marketing tools to help provide improved business continuity.

In this post, we will discuss Shopify‘s SMS Marketing and Automation tool, its key features, how to integrate it with Shopify, and how adding SMSBump Shopify Integration in your Shopify account is beneficial for your online store and business growth. So, read along to gain more insights and understand how SMSBump Shopify Integration can help your business.

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Introduction to SMSBump

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SMSBump is one of the most popular SMS Marketing and Automation tools designed especially for Shopify users. The tool for Shopify Merchants helps their customers grab the attention towards their product or service via SMS. The main purpose to provide Shopify merchants this unique app is to build a strong customer base and engage directly.

The SMSBump app helps boost conversions with sophisticated SMS or text with images and GIF, Runs A/B Testing, provides SMS Campaign scheduling, sending Cart Reminders, SMS Segmentation, tracks Discount Codes, collects Subscribers, and Unsubscribed customers.

Key Features of SMSBump

Let’s explore some of the key features of SMSBump that make it so popular in the market.

1) Subscriber List Builder Tool: SMS Marketing helps keep track of all previous and potential customers who opt-in. More subscribers imply you can inform and sell more products or services to customers. Build your list via Pop-Ups, Keywords, or Social Opt-In methods.

  • Social Opt-Ins: Under this method, you can feature your product on social media platforms or stories and provide an option to swipe up if interested. As the customer swipes up, he will be a click away from joining Campaigns and messages.
  • Pop-Ups: Pop-ups are another effective method. The only thing one needs to look after is timing and customization. Make sure your popup highlights at the correct time, and avoid promoting company branding and style through this method.
  • Keywords: To join the list, customers text these search terms, also known as Keywords to opt-in. Make sure you have access to attach GIFs or images for more clicks and attract subscribers.

2) Segmentation: This feature is designed specifically for eCommerce businesses where you can target customers using AND-OR conditions. This section helps you categorize your segment into: 

  • Customer Behavior (Money spent, number or order, canceled order, etc.)
  • Customer Attributes (Gender, Status, Date Created)
  • Location-Based
  • SMSBump properties (Subscribed from a specific source, Belongs to a segment or not, Part of a list or not).

3) Campaigns: Use the Segment feature and Scheduling options to build campaigns and text subscribers in bulk. The feature helps target a large audience and boost ROI for your eCommerce business. Furthermore, in this article, you learn the key advantages of setting up SMSBump Shopify Integration and how it helps you to conduct Campaigns effectively.

To explore more about SMSBump, visit the homepage here.

Introduction to Shopify

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Founded by Tobi, Shopify is one of the popular eCommerce platforms designed for businesses to sell their products or service online. One can create a store both ways: Online and Offline. The platform helps create, develop, promote your online store, and ship products to respective customers. Runs with a monthly subscription, the platform is easy to use Cloud-based software. You don’t require extra effort to design and develop your website.

Shopify offers free and paid themes with drag and drop features to design your website in minimum time. There is no stress about the site crashing or hacking transactions as it is SSL-certified and the most secure platform. Shopify, Advanced Shopify, or Shopify Plus are various versions of Shopify one can opt as per their requirement.

Key Features of Shopify

Shopify offers a plethora of amazing features, that make it so popular among businesses. Some of the key features are listed below:

  • Easy to set up and manage the Shopify Tool.
  • The platform makes it easy to create a customizable website, online store, and blog platform.
  • Supports 70+ professional themes, free and paid.
  • Supports Popular Gateway.
  • Top-notch customer support system.
  • Supports unlimited bandwidth.
  • Supports Product Inventory.
  • Supports SSL certification.
  • Comprises built-in mobile commerce shopping cart for mobile users
  • Manages automatic major country and state tax rates.
  • Easy to translate store’s theme in 50+ languages.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery features help track and brings back every customer who leaves an abandoned cart via automatic email options.
  • Real-time carrier shipping helps auto calculate prices.
  • Make payments from any place in the world via Shopify POS.
  • Generate discount codes and free shipping offers to boost revenue.

Visit the Shopify homepage, to gain more insights.

In the next section, you will learn how you can set up SMSBump Shopify Integration, to help boost your Sales.

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Steps to Set Up SMSBump Shopify Integration

SMSBump Shopify Integration is an influential mode of SMS Marketing in Shopify that provides numerous Marketing Automation flows and multi-media Campaigns to boost Sales. The SMS platform tracks every message, leaves a lasting impression, and engages the audience via personalized messages. The Marketing strategy can pay off all your requirements by means of the best in-built features, such as A/B Testing, Abandoned Cart Reminders, Segmentation, Shortcodes, and more.

Follow the steps below to set up the SMSBump Shopify Integration. Make sure you have created a Shopify store before commencing the use of this new feature.

Step 1: Visit the Shopify App Store page ( and search for “SMSBump” in the search bar as shown below.

SMSBump Shopify - Search Apps
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Step 2: Go through the complete list and click on the option SMSBump SMS Marketing + More as shown below.

SMSBump Shopify - Search SMSBump
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Step 3: Log in to Shopify Store using store URL as shown below.

SMSBump Shopify - Login to Shopify Store
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Step 4: Once logged in, press the Add App button to set up SMSBump Shopify Integration as shown below.

SMSBump Shopify - Add App
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Step 5: Check for details that are covered in the SMSBump app, and press the Install App button to complete the installation process as shown below.

SMSBump Shopify - Install App
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Step 6: To sync the app with Shopify, the store requests information, including email address, your country location, and verified phone number for bookkeeping purposes. Your phone number will not be visible to customers it is just from the security point of view.

Also, make sure to go through the ToS and Privacy Policy, then click on the check box and proceed. The tick in the check box states that you agree with the terms provided. Now lastly, press the Connect button as shown below.

SMSBump Shopify - Connect and Sync Shopify
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Step 7: Once you have completed all these steps, a popup will be visible congratulating you on successfully installing SMSBump to your Shopify account. Now press the Get Started button visible on the screen as shown below to start using the app and reach a large audience through the SMS Marketing tool. 

SMSBump Shopify - Get Started
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Hurray! You have successfully set up SMSBump Shopify Integration.

Understanding the Advantages of SMSBump Shopify Integration

It is easy to set up the SMSBump Shopify Integration and takes hardly any time to start with the process. It is one of the popular features that can generate more business leads if a user adds to the website, store, or blog. SMSBump Shopify Integration provides users the access to send messages personally with images or GIFs to attract customers towards the product or services. Depending on the customer’s actions or intentions, you can customize your text and send it to the clients for more subscriptions.

Running a flash sale for your SMS subscribers via Shopify notifications is a great way to reach a large audience. For instance, every time a customer buys a product from your online store, you can send a ‘Thank You” message. Also, you can send updates on the upcoming discount or offer through personalized text messages uploaded with GIFs and Images. These methods are highly effective and leave a good impact on your visitors. Also, the SMSBump Shopify Marketing tool helps your business stand out from your competitors. This feature also helps categorize clients into different segments. Thus, helping you run Campaigns as per the client’s age and demand.

Another advantage of SMSBump Shopify Integration is that you can build your own list of subscribers with the help of signing forms. Moreover, SMSBump Shopify Integration allows you access to Analytics that can guide crucial information related to the store performance, including the Number of Clicks, Revenue Collected, Conversion Rates, and Impressions.


In this article, you learned about the key features of Shopify and SMSBump. You understood the steps to set up, SMSBump Shopify Integration and explored the key benefits this Integration offers. SMSBump by Yotpo Company is one of the best SMS Marketing tools that offer a 99% Open Rate, 35% Click-Through Rates, 25 times ROI. Built for TCPA and GDPR compliance, the app is best suitable for eCommerce business platforms. The SMSBump Shopify Integration will help improve your customer relationships and thereby give a boost to your Sales.

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Share your experience of setting up SMSBump Shopify Integration in the comments section below!

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