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Taboola Websites

The Content Recommendation has been a key source of traffic for websites and online news platforms since the early days of the internet. Taboola was one of the first firms in the world to become a recommendation juggernaut. These platforms are quickly establishing themselves as one of the most significant Advertising markets. 

Taboola is an AI-powered Content Discovery tool that links users with relevant content on the web. It links businesses with their target audiences via the use of relevant information on websites and social media postings. Taboola was created to assist you in attracting high-quality traffic to your company website from some of the most well-known publications and content providers online.

This article will give you a comprehensive guide to the 10 best Taboola websites. You will get to know about Taboola and its key features. You will also explore how websites using Taboola have created an impact in the real world. Let’s get started. 

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Introduction to Taboola 

Taboola Logo
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Taboola is the most widely used Content Discovery and Native Advertising platform for Publishers and Marketers across the world. Its native Advertisements can be found in the feed’s customizable widgets or at the bottom, top, or side of blog posts. Taboola helps companies raise brand recognition for B2B and B2C targeting options, allowing them to reach wider audiences and convert more Leads.

Adam Singolda founded Taboola in 2007, and it currently has over 550 million monthly visits and over 200 billion recommendations. Furthermore, the platform provides publishers with a simple but effective control panel that contains a reporting section as well as a component for blocking access to certain content. Today, Publishers, Advertisers, and Agencies utilize Taboola to maintain visitors on their sites, monetize traffic, and deliver content to high-quality audiences.

Key Features of Taboola

Today, Taboola websites are rapidly gaining market share. Taboola has become quite popular among customers all over the world. The following are some of Taboola’s key features:

  • Publishers may figure out which post-click behavior suits them most and customize it to their needs.
  • Taboola’s actionable data insights and A/B testing may assist publishers in improving the quality of their website content.
  • By sharing their traffic with third-party sites and partners, Taboola assists publishers in increasing their traffic.
  • In-feed videos that blend in smoothly with the content benefits users, resulting in a better page experience.

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10 Best Taboola Websites

Taboola websites employ Deep Learning technology to offer the right content to the right person at the right time, based on Taboola’s unique data on people’s interests and information consumption. When you begin a campaign on the Taboola website, the algorithm analyses your content and extracts a large number of “signals” that the technology may use to match it to individuals who are most likely to engage and act. This gives Taboola websites an edge over other websites and thus helping to generate more Leads and revenue.

Taboola websites can also take advantage of Advance Targeting features. It helps you to target Taboola campaigns by location, time, browser type, connection type, audience segmentation, and other factors. As a result, the targeting choices you choose for your campaign will have an influence on where your content appears on the Taboola website.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Taboola websites that has significantly dominated the market in their respective domains:


Taboola Website: NDTV
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For more than a quarter-century, New Delhi Television (NDTV) has been a leader in India’s Digital Journalism. Radhika and Prannoy Roy founded NDTV in 1988, and it is India’s most-watched, trusted, and recognized news network, as well as a leader on the Internet. With over 200 million unique visitors each month across all digital platforms, NDTV and its additional digital assets make NDTV the second-largest digital media platform in India. It has received several accolades in the digital sector for all of its products and is one of the few profitable Taboola websites.

NDTV was one of the first publications to use Taboola Feeds on their website. On desktop and mobile sites, they replaced Taboola’s conventional widget with a Taboola Feed that scrolls continuously. Taboola Feed is now implemented on over 71 percent of NDTV pages, including their flagship site, news apps, and AMP pages, after starting with barely 30 percent adoption across all NDTV pages. Moreover, this Taboola website noticed a 56% increase in organic click-through rates (CTRs) on desktop devices and a 113% increase on mobile devices. Organic click-through rate refers to the percentage of users that click on a search engine result.

2) 99 Acres

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99 Acres, India’s one of the popular real estate platforms, takes care of all aspects of a customer’s real estate needs, from Advertising property to looking for one and even building properties. It tries to make the process of purchasing, selling, or brokering the sale of an apartment as simple and stress-free as possible. 99 Acres turned to Taboola when they needed to increase the quality of their traffic beyond what they were getting from Facebook and Google. After collaborating with Taboola, this Taboola website experienced a 4% boost in lead volume each day.

99 Acres was able to achieve retargeting success using Taboola. Taboola Retargeting improves marketing results by establishing targetable audiences that may be utilized to re-engage site visitors. Using Taboola Pixel, 99 Acres was able to measure, optimize, and develop audiences for targeting. Taboola Pixel improves performance by measuring indicators like conversion rates and uses data-driven optimizations.

3) The Hindu

Taboola Website: The Hindu
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The Hindu is an Indian daily that publishes reliable news from India and around the world. It is one of India’s most popular newspapers, with a digital audience of 30 million people and a print readership of 7.5 million. After collaborating with Taboola, The Hindu has witnessed an increase in demand and revenue, as well as improved Ad content. This Taboola website appreciates how the Taboola Feed’s native design blends in perfectly with its content, never detracting from the reader’s experience.

This Taboola website had previously struggled to find a balance between revenue and experience with prior partners. The inclusion of Taboola Feeds allowed The Hindu to align their planned User Experience (UX) with the Leads and thus leading to increased revenues. This Taboola website also utilizes Taboola Newsroom in addition to the Taboola Feed to give tools to their editorial team to improve reader engagement and experience.

4) Zee News

Taboola Website: The Hindu
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With a user base of over 125 million people, Zee News is one of India’s major news publishing firms. Zee News provides creative content for a discerning audience, with many renowned brands under its roof. Taboola and Zee News have joined together to provide more targeted content and increase audience engagement and revenue. Taboola has become a significant income source for Zee News since the collaboration began.

Taboola Newsroom, which is powered by Taboola’s prediction engine and a huge data collection of over 1 billion internet users, assists writers, editors, and section teams in making educated decisions to improve the reading experience. The editorial team at Zee News may compare and contrast their regularly planned daily articles with what’s trending on Taboola Newsroom as well. According to Zee News, Taboola Newsroom Insights is responsible for 15-20% of the total news feed assigned each day.

5) Talentedge

Taboola Website: Talentedge
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Talentedge is a live, interactive digital learning platform that features 50 courses from 20 of the world’s most prestigious organizations. The courses offered by Talentedge include Human Resources (HR), Finance, Entrepreneurship, Analytics, Strategy & Leadership, Company Management, and Brand Sales & Marketing. Their Corporate offices are located in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Finding Taboola was the ideal fit for their new and rapidly developing business, where top-of-the-funnel Lead assistance is constantly in high demand. Also, this Taboola website was able to obtain the same number of registrations as that of Google, but at a 30% lower cost using Taboola. Moreover, Taboola also offered operational assistance and information to help them improve their campaigns and landing sites.

6) 360 Realtors

Taboola Website: 360 Realtors
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360 Realtors is India’s leading real estate consulting firm, with a team of professionals dedicated to easing the stress of buying a home and providing assistance throughout the process. Before collaborating with Taboola, 360 Realtors were limited in their ability to refine and optimize Advertisements. Taboola provided 360 Realtors with the tools they needed to increase their reach among homebuyers seeking their dream house online.

360 Realtors used Taboola to implement a variety of targeting methods to guarantee that their developers are reaching the correct audience. 360 Realtors had access to continuous real-time information and in-depth expertise through their Taboola Account Management team. This Taboola website was able to increase the efficiency of their Digital Marketing using Taboola.

7) Grizly

Taboola Website: Grizly
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Grizly was founded in 2015 to provide a vibrant mix of content covering Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Entertainment across the web. Its co-founders were seeking innovative methods to make its content more discoverable and profitable, just like every new digital publisher confronted with the difficult challenge of establishing an audience from scratch.

Taboola’s Account Management team worked with its co-founders to develop an effective content strategy to optimize the impact of Grizly’s acquisition efforts. Grizly and Taboola also collaborated on improving the on-site User Experience. Moreover, Grizly’s combination with Taboola’s personalized suggestions, encouraged visitors to stay longer on the site, allowing Grizly to get more value out of each visit.

8) Morgan & Co.

Taboola Website: Morgan & Co.
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Morgan & Co. is a media firm that assists companies in better understanding their ideal customers, acquiring more customers, and lowering acquisition costs. They specialize in designing and implementing media strategy that connects people with the brand. They utilize data to segment audiences in a useful way.

Morgan & Co. employed a range of media channels, including OTT, display, pre-roll, and local television channels, as well as Taboola, for their Tourism client’s video campaign. The primary KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for this Taboola website was the number of visits to their website. Several events, such as trip guide downloads, information inquiries, and more, were included in their secondary KPIs. Taboola Video and Sponsored Content were able to assist this Taboola website in accomplishing the goals. With the support of Taboola, Morgan & Co. generated over 17,000 website events and provided 124% more impressions than expected.

9) My Smart Price (MSP)

Taboola Website: My Smart Price
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My Smart Price (MSP) helps customers compare prices and buy their favorite items at the best rates from a variety of e-commerce websites. Their in-depth purchasing guides focus on certain elements of each item, offering thorough information to customers wanting to make their next purchase. Similarly, their top ten lists compile the finest items in a certain category, helping buyers to make well-informed choices.

The major difficulty for this My Smart Price was generating revenue from newsletters and web visitors. They also had extremely limited opportunities for audience engagement. To address these challenges, My Smart Price collaborated with Taboola to discover the ideal mix of user engagement and income by displaying the most relevant sponsored content to visitors at the right time. Taboola Feed provided them with a unique approach to fulfill all of their objectives at once, including traffic recirculation, user engagement, and revenue. This Taboola website was able to generate significant revenue with Taboola’s unique features.

10) World Vision

Image Source

World Vision is a global Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that works to help children, families, and communities in the world’s most vulnerable areas to escape poverty and injustice. World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that works with a wide range of communities all over the world to help people achieve their full potential by combating poverty and injustice.

Taboola is used by World Vision to run Performance Marketing programs that result in monthly donations for children and families in need. Campaigns target individual families’ needs and promote funding. World Vision was able to lower the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) with Taboola that they couldn’t get with other prominent search channels. With Taboola, World Vision hopes to boost conversion volume and efficiency. Thus, Taboola websites are able to rapidly gain market shares in their respective domains.


This article gave a comprehensive guide to the top 10 Taboola websites that are ruling the market. You got a deeper understanding of Taboola and its key features. The Taboola website gives you a 360-degree view of what’s working and where you can improve to get the best results from your campaigns. Taboola websites have become quite popular among customers all over the world and these websites have significantly benefited organizations in numerous ways.

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