Google Sheets is a spreadsheet development, collaboration, and storage tool hosted in the cloud. It is a sophisticated and time-tested spreadsheet productivity tool that allows businesses to track, organize, and analyze data with remarkable flexibility.

For speedy analysis, the digital era demands replicating your organization-wide data (sales, marketing, and customer data) from Google Sheets to a single source of truth — and, Databricks can help!

Databricks is a data-native and collaborative solution that offers scalable computation and enough storage capacity for today’s data practitioners to perform interactive data analytics tasks.

This post will take you through a three-step process for replicating Data from Google Sheets to Databricks. Hevo can load data from Google Sheets to Databricks with a few clicks. A centralized repository for all your company’s data makes data easily accessible throughout the organization.

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How to replicate Data from Google Sheets to Databricks Using Hevo?

Step 1: Configure Google Sheets as a Source

Note: You can also perform pre & post-data transformations using drag-and-drop or Python-based transformations.

Step 2: Configure Databricks as a Destination

Step 3: Finish setting up your ETL pipeline.

Data Replication Frequency

Default Pipeline FrequencyMinimum Pipeline FrequencyMaximum Pipeline FrequencyCustom Frequency Range (Hrs)
5 Mins5 Mins24 Hrs1-24

Voila! Now by configuring Google Sheets as your data source and Databricks as your data destination, you have successfully built your data pipeline, which is all set to rock.

Note: You can also schedule your pipeline to run at various frequencies; click here to learn more.

Reliably replicate data with Hevo’s Fully Automated No Code Data Pipeline

If yours are anything like the 1000+ data-driven companies that use Hevo, more than 70% of the business apps you use are SaaS. Replicating the data from these sources in a timely way is crucial to fuel analytics and the decisions it takes. But given how fast API endpoints etc, can change, creating and managing these pipelines can be a soul-sucking exercise.

Hevo’s no-code data pipeline platform lets you connect over 150+ sources in a matter of minutes to deliver data in near real-time to your warehouse. Moreover, the in-built transformation capabilities and the intuitive UI means that even non-engineers can set up pipelines and achieve analytics-ready data in minutes. 

All of this, combined with transparent pricing and 24×7 support, makes us the most loved data pipeline software in terms of user reviews.

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Why replicate Data from Google Sheets to Databricks?

It’s unwise to invest in expensive software from the get-go. Google Sheets is free to use and ideal for small or medium-sized project management.

But as organizations grow, efficient data reporting and analysis becomes a challenge.

Google Sheets to Databricks integration helps break data silos. Furthermore, you can automate internal procedures through this integration, gain insights, and automate time-consuming tasks to serve your customers better.

Hevo, a No-Code Data Pipeline Product, makes the data replication process a cakewalk.

Let’s take a quick look at what Google Sheets to Databricks Integration has to offer:

  • Comprehensive 360-degree Analysis: You can turn raw data into helpful information for your team after entering it into Google Sheets. And after replicating data from Google Sheets Data to Databricks, further visualization via dashboards, tables, and charts for generating comprehensive insights can be done.
  • Transaction Support: Data lakes usually struggle to accommodate several users and groups consuming and publishing data simultaneously. Support for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (ACID) transactions is required when reading and writing this data concurrently to ensure that there are no conflicts among various participants. When using the open-source format Delta Lake, Databricks naturally provides ACID support.
  • Bid Adieu to CSV files and Python scripts: Rather than designing custom code to combine Sales and Marketing systems, concentrate on building a data stack and enhancing data quality. Hevo provides an automated data pipeline solution. Your business team will receive the data in an analytics-ready format, with minimum engineering assistance required.
  • Track & Monitor Performance: You can track & monitor performance and quickly detect any “weak links” by comparing the funnel statistics for a problem statement. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on those aspects of your organization that require improvement. Doing so can help you combat any loopholes, aiming to improve your organization’s profitability.

Why Use Hevo?

Here’s how Hevo goes against the grain to bring customers something fresh and exceptional:

  • Fully Managed: Hevo is an entirely automated platform. Hence, you can save yourself from any administration or maintenance requirements.
  • Data Transformation: Using Models & Workflows as a part of Post-Load Transformations, Hevo offers an easy interface to enhance, change, and perfect the data you provide. This allows you to query data in real-time and process your data in a way that is ready for analytics.
  • Faster Insight Generation: Hevo’s near real-time data replication enables faster insight generation and decision-making. Hevo provides swift and accurate Rapid Analysis.
  • Schema Management: Hevo can automatically map the incoming data’s schema (Data Source) to the desired schema ( Data Destination.)
  • Scalable Infrastructure: As your sources and the volume of data grows, Hevo scales horizontally, handling millions of records per minute with very little latency.
  • Live Support: Team Hevo is accessible around-the-clock to provide outstanding customer service via chat, email, and support calls.

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Let’s Put it All Together

And there you go! You have successfully learned to build Google Sheets to Databricks ETL pipeline from scratch in just 3 easy steps using Hevo.

Databricks is an industry-leading, cloud-based data engineering platform for processing and manipulating enormous amounts of data. Google Sheets to Databricks opens an unconventional world of capabilities. Also, a recent study claimed that Databricks is 2.7x faster and 12x better in terms of price performance when compared with other prominent Data warehousing solutions.

Quick Tip: Master Google Sheets to make the most of this free tool and create flexible work assignments for more efficient business operations.

Leverage your Data effortlessly- Hevo is an end-to-end data pipeline platform that allows you to quickly take data from Google Sheets to Databricks, conduct analytics transformations, and send operational intelligence to business tools.

Experience fully automated, hassle-free data replication for Google Sheets by immediately starting your journey with Hevo and Databricks.

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Pratibha Sarin
Former Marketing Analyst, Hevo Data

With a background in marketing research at Hevo Data, Pratibha is a data science enthusiast who has a flair for writing in-depth article in data industry. She has curated technical content on various topics related to data integration and infrastructure.

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