4 Best Instagram Ad Creator Platforms for 2024


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Today, most Instagram users’ feeds are filled with ads, most of which are not relevant. As a result, Instagram users have developed the habit of scrolling past ads without bothering to view them.

Your Instagram Ad will be effective only if it catches the attention of your Target Audience in a few seconds. To catch the attention of your Target Audience with your ads, you must address the right needs in the best way possible. 

Although you may choose to discover what attracts your audience’s attention on your own, it’s always better to use an Ad Creator Platform with tested templates to create your Instagram Ads.

This article will give you a comprehensive guide to Instagram Ads. You will also explore various Instagram Ad Creator Platforms in further sections. Let’s get started.

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Introduction to Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads
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Instagram Ads are an excellent way to reach your Target Audience. Presently, the social media platform houses about 1 billion active personal accounts for users across all ages and locations.

Also, this platform has the highest Engagement Rate among all social media platforms. Business owners that advertise their business with targeted content and high-quality media on Instagram often reach their Sales goals faster compared to those that use other platforms.

Because Instagram is incorporated with Facebook, you can advertise your brand using available data on Facebook. That means you get the best of both Social Media Networks for the price of one. You can even create your Instagram Ads on Facebook and set them to appear on both Facebook and Instagram.

To know more about Instagram Ads, visit this link.

Introduction to Instagram Ad Creator Platforms

Instagram Ad Creator Platforms
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Instagram Ad Creator Platforms offer Instagram video and photo ad templates that business owners can customize to suit the preferences of their Target Audience. Usually, these ad templates have been tested on Instagram, and they have proved to be effective. 

Instagram Ad Creator Platforms also provide design tools that can help you to make your Instagram Ad from scratch. An effective Instagram Ad contains elements that easily engage your Target Audience and communicate your brand to them. 

With Instagram Ad Creator Platforms, you can save time and money by using ready-made ad templates that contain eye-catching elements instead of spending huge amounts of money and time on the search for interesting ad content.

To know more about Instagram Ad Creator Platforms, visit this link.

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Top 4 Instagram Ad Creator Platforms

There are a plethora of Instagram Ad Creator platforms in the market. A few of them include:

1) Crello

Crello Logo
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One of the best Instagram Ad Creator Platforms, Crello offers professionally designed ad templates to small business owners, marketers, and bloggers. The platform allows users to make entertaining Instagram Ads with few clicks. 

Also, Crello provides free editing tools to help users customize their ad templates to align with the values of their brand. If you want to create your ads from scratch, these easy-to-use editing tools will give your ad the expert touch it requires to generate Sales.

Interestingly enough, you don’t need to have any knowledge of design to operate Crello. Anyone who uses a mobile phone can easily create engaging ads on the Instagram Ad Creator Platforms.

This software has both Free and Premium plans. The Free plan offers five downloads monthly, 50,000 design templates, and over 1 million editing tools. So, you may find it sufficient for your needs if you own a Startup. 

Lastly, Crello’s Premium plans support most desktops, smartphones, and iPhones. However, you may be unable to access Crello on desktops like Chromebooks.

Steps to Create your Instagram Ad With Crello

Step 1: Log in to crello.com to access Crello’s website.

Crello Login Page
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Step 2: You’ll see a list of formats. Choose a suitable format like video, photos, or animations.

Crello Templates
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Step 3: The system will take you to the editing interface. Select your desired templates, add your brand name and edit the elements to fit your needs.

Step 4: Download your ad to your device.

2) Promo

Promo Logo
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Promo is an Instagram Ad Creator Platform specially designed for making attractive Instagram Video Ads for marketers and small businesses. Just like Crello, this Ad Creator lets you create your Instagram Ads in minutes. 

Promo has a library of high-quality video ad templates, free music, and photos from free image platforms like Getty and Shutterstock. With the help of the software’s simple editing tools, Promo’s media kit can help even the most amateur video editor create a professional Instagram Video Ad.

Steps to Create your Instagram Ad With Promo

Step 1: Create an account on Promo to start making your video ads. The system will present you with themed templates.

Step 2: Choose a template that fits your business needs.

Step 3: Customize your desired template with Promo’s editing tools and insert your logo.

Step 4: Check the preview to see what your ad looks like.

Step 5: Download the video ad or upload it on Instagram if you are satisfied with the preview.

3) Biteable

Biteable Logo
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Biteable is another Instagram Ad Creator Platform that businesses can use to get more traffic and generate more Sales. This ad platform focuses on the creation of video ads that generate high conversions. This software also helps users to reduce costs on video ad creation by providing them with templates, animations, and photos that they can easily edit to suit different purposes.

Biteable has both Free and Premium plans. The Free plan includes free video templates, animations, and editing tools while the Premium plan offers many advanced features. 

Some of Biteable’s Premium features include 800,000 additional video templates, the absence of a watermark, and the freedom to upload and edit your self-made footage. The Premium plan costs about $19 per month.

Steps to Create your Instagram Ad With Biteable

Step 1: Type biteable.com in your browser to visit Biteable’s website.

Biteable Homepage
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Step 2: You’ll find an array of video templates on Biteable’s homepage.

Step 3: Select a suitable template for your video ad.

Step 4: Now, sign up on the website or log in to edit your video template. Add your logo, brand colors, and your desired text to the ad. 

Step 5: Upload the ad on Instagram.

4) Movidmo

Movidmo Logo
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Do you want to launch an Instagram Ad Campaign that no audience can ignore? Then, you should consider using Movidmo. Just like most Instagram Ad Creators, Movidmo has many video templates with attractive features. You can also add royalty-free movies, stock-free photos, and filters while editing your ad. 

Steps to Create your Instagram Ad With Movidmo

Step 1: Visit the Movidmo website by typing www.movidmo.com.

Movidmo Homepage
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Step 2: Click Try for Free on the website homepage. The system will present you with an array of templates.

Step 3: You can choose to start from scratch or use one of Movidmo’s templates from the list of formats.

Step 4: You’ll be asked to create an account to start using the Ad maker.

Step 5: After creating an account, you can start editing your template with Movidmo’s editing tools.

Step 6: Download the ad once you are done with the customizations.


This article gave a comprehensive guide to Instagram Ads and various Instagram Ad Creator Platforms. Now you are in the position to choose the best Instagram Ad Creator Platform that is suitable for your business, and start your high-converting Instagram Ad Campaign today.


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Share your experience of learning about Instagram Ad Creator Platforms in the comments section below!

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