Off the top of my head, I remember a quote from Mark Hunter, the author of High‑Profit Selling, who once said- “It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.”

Good Lead Management and rising Business Revenue can only come from carefully planned micro-strategies; one of them- having an effective CRM tool that captures information about each and every interaction with your prospects and customers. Pipedrive is a promising Sales CRM Solution that offers a low-cost, super-easy-to-use interface and a robust set of features for businesses, but it falls short of maximum usability if not paired with compelling Pipedrive integrations.

In this article, we’ve produced a list of some of the coolest Pipedrive integrations available in the Pipedrive Marketplace, all of which will improve your experience and efficiency while also making it exciting for all of your Marketing & Sales Reps to handle your leads, all happening effortlessly.

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What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive CRM Logo: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive

Emerging Customer Dynamics demand a smart Sales Pipeline that visualizes the entire sales process and makes goals simpler to attain by dividing the sales process down into discrete trackable actions. A Pipeline CRM is a CRM system that tracks many potential buyers as they go through these sales processes.

With so many sales prospects and deals to track, Sales Representatives often find themselves constantly juggling between different activities. There then comes a necessity for a user-friendly Sales CRM that requires minimal training and has convenient Lead Management Tools. Such software can enable business employees to easily handle customer contacts, products, and calendars while also automating their time-consuming tasks.

Pipeline CRM System: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: LeadSquared

Pipedrive, like Salesforce, is a popular and easy-to-use Sales CRM and Pipeline Management Software that makes managing sales for Small and Large Businesses equally a lot easier and less stressful. It features a drag-and-drop interface that presents a clear visual of existing deals, with detailed reporting and forecasting tools to show how well the business is performing.

Pipedrive is geared toward team focus and productivity, which is why it visualizes the Sales Processes in stages (Pipeline CRM) with deals labeled as due and overdue activities, that automatically rise to the top of the list as soon as team members log in. This benefit allows individuals to get started straight away without having to look for the previous activity.

Pipedrive UI: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Altois

Pipedrive is also fully customizable. Users can create their own custom sales processes, develop, label, and manage sales process stages, and see the entire contact history from beginning to finish. Pipedrive allows Sales Reps to log conversations and emails, as well as follow-ups, using email templates that can fill in customized information automatically.

Pipedrive is known for having the broadest range of Pipedrive integrations, in addition to having the correct mix of functionality. Many popular productivity applications, including Google G Suite, Google Meet, MailChimp, Zoom, Zapier, HubSpot, Trello, and Slack, can be integrated with Pipedrive. In the sections ahead, we’ll go through some of the most popular connectors to help you empower your Pipedrive CRM Integration and create a more seamless experience.

Know more about Pipedrive CRM and its benefits from our comprehensive guide on Pipedrive CRM here.

Pipedrive CRM Integrations: Here Are Our 13 Favourite Picks

The following is a comprehensive list of Pipedrive integrations that we have discovered to be quite beneficial for Customer Relationship and Lead Management.

Pipedrive Integrations for Data Management and Marketing Automation


Outfunnel: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Outfunnel

Outfunnel Pipedrive integration connects your Pipedrive with your habitually used Marketing Tools like Google Ads, Mailchimp, Wix, Contact Form, and LinkedIn to keep your customer contact list in sync, 24*7. Once configured, data collected from web forms and landing pages will also sync automatically, along with custom fields. 

Outfunnel can integrate marketing automation to send text-based Email Campaigns to any Pipedrive segment established as a people filter. Because of its robust reporting capabilities and a myriad of features, Outfunnel is a favorite choice among many Pipedrive users.

Key Features of Outfunnel Pipedrive Integration

  • Create automated Email Campaigns to Customer Segments defined with Pipedrive person filters.
  • Automatically start and stop Campaigns when leads move from stage to stage.
  • Record email opens, clicks & other engagement metrics in Pipedrive.
  • Create new contacts & deals in Pipedrive based on Marketing Engagement Activity.
  • Get notified when leads visit your site and see what they’re interested in.
  • Calculate Lead Scores based on email actions, web visits and record these in Pipedrive.


Outfunnel Plans start at $19 per month. A free trial for 14 days is also available.

Link to Pipedrive Integration


Note: If you use the Mailchimp platform for Email Marketing and would like to integrate your Marketing Campaigns and Automations Services to seamless management from a single platform, i.e. from your Pipedrive CRM, we have covered a detailed piece here on Pipedrive Mailchimp Integration.


Hubspot: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing and Sales Software that allows companies to attract customers, convert leads, and close deals. Aimed for both Small and Large Businesses, HubSpot is an All-in-One tool for Content Creation, Social Media Sharing, Lead Capture, Customer Relationship Management, Workflow Automation, Sales Pipeline Mapping, and Performance Tracking. With a simple-to-learn user interface and affordable pricing plans, thousands of companies prefer HubSpot products for their business needs.

HubSpot Pipedrive Data Sync: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Marketplace

Key Features of HubSpot Pipedrive Integration

  • Enable two-way Data Sync- Share data between Pipedrive and HubSpot in real-time.
  • Quick and easy setup with out-of-the-box field mappings.
  • Historical syncing: Your existing data will sync right away, and updates will sync as they happen.


HubSpot Pipedrive App Extension is offered by HubSpot and is free to install. Pricing varies depending upon your HubSpot plans.

Link to Pipedrive Integration


To discover more on HubSpot Pipedrive integration, check out our comprehensive piece here- HubSpot Pipedrive Integration.

Hevo, A Simple & Speedy Solution to Data Migration and Data Integration

Hevo offers a faster way to move data from databases or SaaS applications (free sources like HubSpot, Google Ads, Mailchimp & 100+ other Sources) into your Data Warehouses like Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and Firebolt to be visualized in a BI tool. Hevo is fully automated and hence does not require you to code.

Get Started with Hevo for Free

Check out some of the cool features of Hevo:

  • Completely Automated: The Hevo Platform can be set up in just a few minutes and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Real-time Data Transfer: Hevo provides real-time data migration, so you can have analysis-ready data always.
  • 100% Complete & Accurate Data Transfer: Hevo’s robust infrastructure ensures reliable data transfer with zero data loss.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Hevo has in-built integrations for 100+ sources with 40+ free source connectors that can help you scale your data infrastructure as required.
  • Tremendous Connector Availability: Hevo houses a diverse set of connectors that authorize you to bring data in from multiple data sources such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Asana, Trello, Amplitude, Jira, and Oracle, and even Data-Warehouses such as Redshift and Snowflake in an integrated and analysis-ready format.
  • 24/7 Live Support: The Hevo team is available round the clock to extend exceptional support to you through chat, email, and support calls.
  • Schema Management: Hevo takes away the tedious task of schema management & automatically detects the schema of incoming data and maps it to the destination schema.
  • Live Monitoring: Hevo allows you to monitor the data flow so you can check where your data is at a particular point in time.
Sign up here for a 14-Day Free Trial!

Pipedrive Integrations for Bots and Messaging


Pipechat: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Marketplace

WhatsApp is a go-to platform for every person and is used by over 2 billion monthly active users. Compared to Email Marketing, a Text Message supersedes the Marketing Landscape with an open rate of about 99% (Source: RedEye). With such glorious opportunities, comes another Pipedrive integration called Pipechat that enables users to add notes to deals and WhatsApp Contacts to Pipedrive with just one click. 

Pipechat offering comes as a Chrome extension that works in conjunction with the WhatsApp Web Service.

Key Features of Pipechat Pipedrive Integration

  • Schedule WhatsApp Chats and use template messages for impactful customer conversations.
  • Add the most important messages as notes to your deals.
  • Attach WhatsApp Contacts to Pipedrive CRM.


Pipechat plans start at €5/month. 

Link to Pipedrive App Integration


DealBot for Slack

DealBot by Slack: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Marketplace

Slack is a prominent and market-leading messaging application that connects team members via Instant Messaging, Voice and Video Calls, and a suite of features that allows them to share information and collaborate.

Slack Workspaces feature Bots that can conduct typical team chores like importing data from other apps or producing quick polls. DealBot is a Pipedrive Website Integration Slack Bot that helps close deals by coordinating various individuals and keeping everyone informed inside Slack Channels.

Key Features of DealBot for Slack Pipedrive Integration

DealBot for Slack can update Slack Channels on:

  • Newly added deals, and
  • Completed transactions.

Additionally, it can 

  • Send out personalized deal updates.
  • Search for a deal, person, or organization.


DealBot for Slack is a free-to-use and install Pipedrive App Extension offering from Pipedrive.

Link to Pipedrive Website Integration

DealBot for Slack

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Marketplace

Microsoft Teams is a wholesome Team Communication Software Offering, which is a Cloud-based Collaboration Software, as a part of Microsoft Office 365 Suite. Microsoft Teams includes features like Messaging, Calling, Video Meetings, File Sharing, and Secure Editing. 

Microsoft Teams provides real-time collaboration on content from local and remote workers across different devices, including laptops and mobile devices. Its strong integration with Microsoft products such as Word, PowerPoint, Exchange, and SharePoint makes it a very enjoyable and simple-to-use application.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams Pipedrive Integration

  • Schedule and join video meetings directly from Pipedrive’s activity.
  • Send updates on Pipedrive deals, people, organizations, and activities to your colleagues in Microsoft Teams.
  • Book meetings hassle-free in Microsoft Teams with Pipedrive Scheduler Views.


Microsoft Teams Pipedrive App Extension is offered by Pipedrive and is free to install. 

Link to Pipedrive App Integration

Microsoft Teams

Pipedrive Integrations for Task Management


Trello: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive

Trello organizes individual and team collaboration efforts into a visually appealing user interface with delightful Trello Boards, Cards, and Lists that seem too simple to use yet too powerful to ignore. Based on Kanban Boards’ Agile Management System, Trello fabricates a system in which individual tasks can be easily visualized, and team members can be allocated to specific tasks that are easy to track. 

Key Features of Trello Pipedrive Integration

Under Trello Pipedrive Integration, users can directly create Trello Cards, Boards, and Lists from Pipedrive and connect them to deals, organizations, and people in their Pipedrive CRM. Additionally, they can:

  • Attach information from Pipedrive to Trello Cards.
  • Add rules to create new Trello Cards automatically depending on Pipedrive Events.
  • Use Workflow Automations in Pipedrive to create Trello Boards, Lists, and Cards.


Trello App Extension offered by Pipedrive is free to install. 

Link to Pipedrive App Integration

Trello Pipedrive Integration


Asana: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Marketplace

Asana is a favored and well-known work management & productivity application for teams. It improves workspace communication and project organization among teams and businesses. Asana can manage and systematize your project flow, be it anything from small tasks to large projects. 

With Asana Pipedrive Web Integration, your teams get more confident and carry through fast in completing and collaborating work. You can manage initiatives, create projects and tasks and allocate work to your team or collaborate with other teams easily in Asana right from Pipedrive Dashboard. 

Key Features of Asana Pipedrive Integration

  • Create Asana tasks when you make changes to Pipedrive deals.
  • Enhance communications between Sales and Internal Asana teams.
  • Make adjustments to deal details that are sent to Asana tasks.


Asana Pipedrive App Extension is offered by Pipedrive and is free to install. 

Link to Pipedrive App Integration


Pipedrive Integrations for Video Calls and Solutions

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Marketplace

2020 has it, “Zoom” is now an official word in dictionaries. The pandemic’s Virtual Conferencing Tool needs no introduction. Globally, Zoom handles over 300 million daily meeting participants, with a 60% Market Share in the US (Source: Tech Republic). Voice and Video Call Platforms like Zoom have become all-powerful players in keeping people and businesses connected and have become increasingly imperative since the pandemic.

Key Features of Zoom Pipedrive Integration

  • Add Zoom video calls to Pipedrive activities and send invites across to your colleagues.
  • Use Pipedrive’s Meeting Scheduler (the proposed times’ feature) to set up Zoom meetings with your clients.
  • Join a scheduled meeting from a button or link in activities without leaving Pipedrive.


Zoom Meetings Pipedrive App Extension comes as a free offering from Pipedrive. 

Link to Pipedrive App Integration

Zoom Meetings

Google Meetings

Google Meetings: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Marketplace

Analogous to Zoom Meetings, Google Meetings Pipedrive Integration lets users schedule Google Meetings with potential customers or business colleagues right from the browser or from the Google Meetings App. In contrast to Zoom, Google Meetings free plan allows 60-minute meetings (the time limit has been suspended until September 30, 2021), and comes with a quick, easy video-calling service right on the Web. 

Key Features of Google Meetings Pipedrive Integration

  • Schedule Google Meetings from Pipedrive without having to send email invites to the invitees.
  • Join Google Meetings with just one click from Pipedrive. 
  • Use Pipedrive’s “Propose time” feature to find a date that suits you and your client and schedule meetings.


Google Meetings Pipedrive App Extension comes as a free offering from Pipedrive. 

Link to Pipedrive App Integration

Google Meetings

Pipedrive Integrations for Accounting & Invoicing


Xero Accounting: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive

Xero is a cloud-based easy-to-use accounting solution for growing businesses. With Xero, businesses can manage Invoices, Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, Purchasing, Expenses, Bookkeeping, and more, from just one application. 

By producing invoices straight from the transaction details page, Xero Pipedrive Integration eliminates the need for endless email contact with your accountants as well as toggling between the Pipedrive and Xero applications.

Key Features of Xero Pipedrive Integration

  • Easy invoice generation, approval, and transmission.
  • Create and link Xero contacts to Pipedrive.
  • Import Xero invoices to Pipedrive.
  • Aggregate invoicing data by Customer Contact.
  • Update invoice status from Pipedrive.


Xero Pipedrive Integration comes with paid plans that start at $11/month.

Link to Pipedrive App Integration


QuickBooks Advanced Automation – SyncQ

Quickbooks Advanced Automation- SyncQ: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive Marketplace

Manual data entry for accounting and financial purposes is inefficient and wastes time, which is what QuickBooks Advanced Automation – SyncQ eliminates. It seamlessly syncs QuickBooks online records with Pipedrive using two-way sync and allows users to create custom mappings based on their business requirements.

Key Features of QuickBooks Advanced Automation – SyncQ Pipedrive Integration

  • Automatically sync QuickBooks Transactions, Estimates, Invoices, and Payments history synced with Pipedrive Organizations/People.
  • Sync Pipedrive records with QuickBooks Customers, Vendors, Invoices, Bills, and more both ways.
  • Track sales trends and receivables in Pipedrive.
  • Create customizable mappings based on business needs.
  • Connect multiple QuickBooks Companies.


Pricing starts at $15 USD per Pipedrive user per month (per QuickBooks Company). (The SyncQ license is required, but only for Pipedrive users who need to sync data to QuickBooks.)

Link to Pipedrive CRM Integration

QuickBooks Advanced Automation – SyncQ

Pipedrive Integrations for Customer Support

Kixie PowerCall and SMS

Kixie Power Call and SMS: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Kixie

Kixie is a Sales Engagement Platform with an intelligent AI-powered Sales Dialer, Voicemail Drop, and Local Presence Dialling. The software offers a Click-to-Call Dialling List and Auto-Dialling options as well as supports other features such as Call Recording, customizable Call Routing, and Call Tracking. 

Kixie also helps to capture sales statistics such as conversion rate and supports the training of new sales personnel using the Kixie Call Coaching functionality.

Key Features of Kixie Pipedrive Integration

  • Make and receive calls and SMS messages from more than 90 countries. Make phone calls using your computer, desk phone, or mobile phone. Take advantage of a one-click seamless connection and dialing directly from Pipedrive.
  • Integrate Kixie PowerCall right away to take advantage of AI-powered Local-Presence Calling and automatic Voicemail Drop.
  • Automatic Call Tracking, lifetime Call Recordings, real-time Call Coaching, straightforward sales KPIs, and leaderboards help you manage your team.


Kixie offers a 7-day free trial to use its services. Paid plans start at $29/month.

Link to Pipedrive Integration

Kixie PowerCall and SMS


Intercom: Pipedrive Integrations
Image Source: Pipedrive

Intercom is a well-known Customer Relationship Platform (CRP) that enables users to acquire, better engage, and support their customers via the use of numerous features such as Email Marketing, Interactive and Integrated Helpdesk, In-app Messaging, Chat-bots, and much more.

Intercom Pipedrive Integration enables users to create deals in Pipedrive with a single click, track them as needed, and convert more leads by engaging with them proactively on their website. Furthermore, your discussion is instantly stored in the Lead’s Pipedrive Timeline, providing you with a comprehensive view of the Lead’s journey and allowing you to take up your sale exactly where you left off.

Key Features of Intercom Pipedrive Integration

  • Get the full picture on Leads through the automatically logged Intercom Conversations.
  • Capture and convert more deals with the click of a button.
  • View entire details of Leads with last viewed details and status.


Intercom conversational support for Pipedrive starts at $79/month. Other plans vary depending upon seats and people reached. 

Link to Pipedrive Integration



To recapitulate, Pipedrive CRM Solution is not as complex as other CRM systems. It is simple to use, has a clear interface, and requires little training. True visibility into Sales Processes and Lead Stages boosts productivity and eliminates a lot of guesswork inside teams. Pipedrive streamlines every step in the process of transforming a potential deal into a successful sale. As a cloud-based application, the solution is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via any web browser or dedicated mobile apps.

When the normal Pipedrive functionalities aren’t enough, you may use Pipedrive integrations to increase the functionality and strengthen your CRM Solution. We covered a wide range of Pipedrive integrations in this post, including Outfunnel, Trello, Google Meetings, Zoom Meetings, Asana, Xero, Kixie, and many others.

Pipedrive integrations via the Pipedrive Marketplace are simple to set up and use in your business workflow, but when it comes to tracking, analyzing, and consolidating customer data from a variety of applications, knowing where to begin and how to integrate can be a challenge that every organization faces at some point.

Hevo Data with its strong integration with 100+ Sources & BI tools such as Asana, Trello, Xero, Intercom, HubSpot, and Mailchimp allows you to not only export data from sources & load data in the destinations, but also transform & enrich your data, & make it analysis-ready so that you can focus only on your key business needs and perform insightful analysis using BI tools. 

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Hevo lets you migrate your data from your favorite applications to any Data Warehouse of your choice like Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, or Firebolt (Integration Coming Soon!) within minutes with just few clicks.

Want to take Hevo for a spin? Sign Up here for a 14-day free trial and experience the feature-rich Hevo suite first hand.

Share your opinions on Pipedrive integrations and the ones you use for your Pipedrive CRM in the comments below. We’d be interested in hearing your favorite ones.

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