Working with Quickbooks Timesheets: Time Tracking Simplified 101


If you are looking for a platform that can track the time of your employees’ working hours, then Quickbooks Timesheets is your right choice! Quickbooks Timesheets is a time tracking software that simplifies your business processes. You can easily monitor the working hours of everyone in your organization and keep a track of their progress. TSheets by Quickbooks is also used to schedule your employee schedules by jobs or shifts. You can also leverage your team management with Quickbooks Timesheets.

In this blog, you will be introduced to Quickbooks Timesheets and their features. The steps involved in setting up Quickbooks Timesheets will be elaborated. The pricing of TSheets by Quickbooks along with its pros and cons are also discussed. Other alternatives of Quickbooks Timesheets are also explained here.

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What is QuickBooks Timesheets?

QuickBooks Timesheets- QuickBooks Timesheets logo
Image Source: QuickBooks

QuickBooks Timesheets, also known as QuickBooks Time is used to track time and schedule the work progress in a solution pipeline. This saves the time and money of the stakeholders. This evolution replaces the old punch clock or spreadsheets, job costing, TSheets payroll, and invoicing. Using QuickBooks Timesheets, the employees of your organization can track time from anywhere anytime. You can track QuickBooks Timesheets using a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. TSheets by Quickbooks is the one and only time tracking system inbuilt in QuickBooks. You can avail the options of running TSheets payroll, completing the costing task, and creating invoices within QuickBooks itself.

If you wish to switch to QuickBooks Timesheets, you have two options:

  1. Update any mention of TSheets on your website and marketing materials to QuickBooks Timesheets, including the logo. You can find the QuickBooks Logo guidelines in the QuickBooks Design System.
  2. Update any links to

Features of QuickBooks Timesheets

Here are some interesting features of QuickBooks Timesheets:

  • Extraordinary employee scheduling software: You can record your employee’s schedules much faster using TSheets by Quickbooks. This can be shared across your team. This is used to synchronize the workflow in a team. You can ensure perfect harmony between time tracking and work scheduling using QuickBooks Timesheets. This has also got an option to give alerts to employees when they have a post-new shift or when they forget to clock in or out.
  • Real-time Project tracking: You can completely eliminate the guesswork out of your project with QuickBooks Timesheets. This is a boon for project managers to track the project in real-time. With QuickBooks Timesheets, you can estimate the project upfront and then adjust and proceed. You have always compared the estimated hours and the actual hours worked.
  • Exclusive Customer support: You can avail of unlimited support by phone or online free of cost. QuickBooks Timesheets provides you with the best customer support. All the queries are addressed by team QuickBooks Timesheets at the earliest.
  • Geofencing and Mobile time tracking using GPS: QuickBooks Timesheets Geofencing assures high accountability and transparency. This Mobile time tracking QuickBooks Timesheet will notify the employee to clock in or out when they leave a job site. This creates a more accurate TSheets payroll.
  • Faultless time for client invoicing and easy TSheets payroll: QuickBooks Timesheets provides accurate employee work hours, this reduces the chaos in preparing the TSheets payroll. This makes the process easier. You can track the billable time against the customers, projects or jobs, classes using TSheets by Quickbooks. You can use these accurate hours for enhanced job costing estimates and speedy invoicing.

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Steps to set up Quickbooks Timesheets

The Quickbooks Timesheets set up has three parts. They are:

  • Set up the Timesheet and Time entry in QuickBooks
    1. Steps to setup QuickBooks Desktop for tracking time
    2. Steps to use Timesheets for job costing purposes
    3. Steps to set up employees for time tracking
  • Create Timesheets
    1. To record hours worked
    2. To enter Batch Weekly Timesheets
    3. To create Paychecks
  • Print a blank Timesheet

Set up the Timesheet and Time entry in QuickBooks

1. Steps to setup QuickBooks Desktop for tracking time:

  • Sign in as Admin and ensure that you are in single-user mode.
  • In the top menu bar, click Edit and navigate to Preferences.
  • Select Time & Expenses from the list given in the left end.
  • Navigate to the Company Preferences tab.
  • Select Yes for the option asked for tracking time.
  • Choose the First Day of Work Week your company uses.
  • To save all the changes made, Click OK.

2. Steps to use Timesheets for job costing purposes:

  • Navigate to the top menu bar and Click Edit and then select Preferences.
  • In the list available on the left, select Payroll & Employees.
  • Navigate to the Company Preferences tab.
  • Check the box Job Costing for Paycheck Expenses.
  • For job costing, now set up Service Items.

3. Steps to set up employees for time tracking:

  • Navigate to Employees in Payroll Center.
  • Double click on employee name.
  • Click the Payroll Info tab.
  • Check the box Use Time Data to Create Paychecks.
  • Select OK.
  • Repeat this for each employee.

Create Timesheets

  • From the Home window, click Enter Time.
  • Choose one of the two options:
    • Use Weekly Timesheet
    • Time/Enter Single Activity

1. To record hours worked:

  • From the drop-down arrow, Select employee name.
  • Ensure to have your Week Of date range right.
  • Select a Customer: Job and Service Item when the hours worked is billable, and click to select Billable? in the last column.
  • Enter hours for each day worked in the Payroll Item for time worked. Save the process and repeat for all the employees.

2. To enter Batch Weekly Timesheets:

  • You can choose to record the same timesheet for each of the employees when you have many employees working on the same hours for the same customer, .
  • Select Employees and navigate to Enter Time and select Use Weekly Timesheet.
  • Choose multiple names in Payroll
  • Select the names from the Select Employee, Vendor, or another Name box, and click OK.
  • save the process and repeat for all the employees.

3. To create Paychecks:

  • From the Home page, navigate to Pay Employees and Create paychecks.
  • Cross check if the period end dates match the period end date from timesheets.
  • Paychecks are usually created from the time previously entered in the timesheet. This can be edited by clicking Open Paycheck Detail in Enter Payroll Information of the payroll window.

Print a blank Timesheet

  • From the top ribbon, Click Employees.
  • Select Enter Time.
  • Select Use Weekly Timesheet.
  • Now Print Blank Timesheet.
  • The blank timesheets can then be used by employees to record their daily time and customer jobs.

Pricing of QuickBooks Timesheets

The pricing of QuickBooks Timesheets are given in the table below:

Price$8per user/month + $20 base fee/month$10per user/month + $40 base fee/month
FeaturesOne free admin
Track time on any device
Mobile app with GPS
Payroll and invoicing
QuickBooks integration
Job and shift scheduling
Real-time reports
See who’s working
Time-off management
Alerts and notifications
Photo attachments
Time clock kiosk with facial recognition
Unlimited live customer support
All the features in Premium plus,
Time clock kiosk with facial recognition
Unlimited live customer support
Track project progress to plan
Project estimates vs actuals reporting
Project activity feed and messaging
Timesheets signatures
QuickBooks integration

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Timesheets

Pros of QuickBooks Timesheets

Here are the pros of TSheets by Quickbooks:

  • QuickBooks Timesheets provide full tracking of all the work activities of your employees, allowing you to constantly review the breaks they take during each daily workday, and hence you can calculate the amount of pay based on the amount of work and hours worked by your employees.
  • You can get a complete schedule of activities from the main tab of QuickBooks Timesheets. This is configured by the main administrator, the Shift manager. This is to ensure that everyone involved in the use of QuickBooks Timesheets can see the activities.
  • QuickBooks Timesheets comes with an efficient alarm system. This will remind you when you must carry out a particular task.
  • The customer support of QuickBooks Timesheets offers you great support in clarifying your concerns about the payment methods of the service.
  • QuickBooks Timesheets provides convenient plans that fit your needs and budget.
  • QuickBooks Timesheets is a dynamic service that helps you to make it easier to schedule and make revisions to all operations during working time. This is helpful to delimit the hours of delivery of each file.
  • One important thing about this software is that since it is easy to use, all employees of your organization can submit their activities and hours without any problems.

Cons of QuickBooks Timesheets

Here are the cons of TSheets by Quickbooks:

  • QuickBooks Timesheets does not provide an accurate GPS location tracking capability which leads to unwanted errors. The GPS sometimes shows the previous location of the employee instead of the current location.
  • A lot of limitations are present in the notes tab. Though it shows great utility, it does not allow attaching content in any kind of format beyond text documents.
  • The lack of Artificial Intelligence capability leads to manual entry of the hours. This system does not adapt to your management and memorize the daily schedules and operations for future sessions to be automatic.

Alternatives of QuickBooks Timesheets


QuickBooks Timesheets- 7shifts logo
Image Source: 7shifts

7shifts is used in restaurants schedule more efficiently for more intuitive scheduling, communication, time tracking, and compliance tools. This drag-and-drop schedule builder automatically factors in availability, time-off, overtime, and compliance. 7shifts can be easily integrated with POS to keep in track with all your employees. This comes with a free app for staff to submit availability requests, swap shifts, and chat, building schedules. 7shifts pricing starts at $17.99 per feature, per month. There is a free version also.


QuickBooks Timesheets- deputy logo
Image Source: Deputy

Deputy is one of the best workforce management tools. You can schedule the works of your employees and keep a track of all the work progress. Deputy is used to managing employee leave, track time & attendance. This can be seamlessly synced with payroll and timesheets. Deputy can be easily integrated with over 300 leading POS and Payroll providers for end-to-end security. They provide free iOS and Android apps for you to manage your business from anywhere.


QuickBooks Timesheets- Tradify logo
Image Source: Tradify

Tradify is one of the commonly used job management apps designed exclusively for electrical contractors. This is preferred mostly for companies with 1-20 employees. Tradify has everything needed by an electrician to cut back on admin. Quotes, invoices, timesheets, field service management, purchase orders, scheduling, and job reporting are all available in it. Over 15,000 electricians, plumbers, HVAC, builders, and other trades use Tradify across the world.

Comparison between Quickbooks Timesheets and its alternatives

Here is a brief comparison between Quickbooks Timesheets and its alternatives with their features and price as metrics.

QuickBooks Time
• Time tracking
• Geofencing
• Interactive reports
• Scheduling
Premium – $20/month + $8/user/month
Elite – $40/month + $10/user/month
• Timesheets
• Project reporting
• Invoicing (with integration)
• Workflows (with integration)
Free – $0 forever
Solo – $12 per month
Team – $12/user/month
Wrike• Time tracking
• Kanban boards
• Gantt charts
• Automated workflows
Free – $0/user/month
Professional – $9.80/user/month
Business – $24.80/user/month
Enterprise – Contact for custom quote
BigTime• Time tracking
• Billing & invoicing
• Reporting & analytics
• Project management
• Gantt charts
Express – $10/user/month billed annually (minimum 5 users)
Pro – $30/user/month billed annually
ClockShark• Time tracking
• Geofencing
• Kiosks
Basic – $3/user/month +$15 per month base fee
Standard – $6/user/month +$25 per month base fee
Pro – $8/user/month +$45 per month base fee
Expert – $12/user/month +$90 per month base fee
Replicon• Billing & invoicing
• Reporting & analytics
• Activity dashboard
• Expense tracking
Small Business – Starting at $5/user/month
Medium Enterprise – Contact for custom quote
Large Enterprise – Contact for custom quote
Paymo• Time tracking
• Task management
• Team scheduling
• Kanban boards
• Gantt charts
• Time tracking
• Task management
• Team scheduling
• Kanban boards
• Gantt charts
Hubstaff• Time tracking
• Geofencing
• Project budgets
• Optional screenshots
• Scheduling
• Productivity measurement
• Reporting
Free – $0 per month
Basic – $7/user/month
Premium – $10/user/month
Enterprise – $20/user/month
Toggl• One-click timers
• Calendar integration
• Reporting
• Project & revenue tracking
• Team scheduling
Free – Free
Starter – $10/user/month
Premium – $20/user/month
Time Doctor• Time tracking
• Optional screenshots
• Web & app usage
• Payroll
• Reporting
Basic – $7/user/month
Standard – $10/user/month
Premium – $20/user/month
Table Source:


From this blog, you have learned about Quickbooks Timesheets and their features. The steps involved in setting up Quickbooks Timesheets will be clear to you now. The pricing of Quickbooks Timesheets along with its pros and cons are will help you to decide on its use now. Other alternatives of Quickbooks Timesheets that you will clear to you now.

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