With Snowflake intuitive dashboards, it is easier to analyze and visualize data, thus making analyzers’ jobs easy. It will speed up the decision-making process for the business owners. Gaining deeper insights into TikTok Ads data using Snowflake leads to quicker implementation of optimization methods without wasting time crunching the data.

This article aims to learn how to integrate TikTok Ads to Snowflake. In addition to that, it also describes TikTok Ads and Snowflake extensively.

What are TikTok Ads?

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TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on a wide range of random topics. TikTok is a very popular app with over 1 billion active users worldwide till April 2022. It s available in over 155 countries and approximately in 75 languages. TikTok is rising rapidly and giving tough competition to other social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

TikTok Ads are for various businesses to reach their target audience and drive traffic to their websites and products. More reach to potential customers leads to business growth and better ROI(Return On Investment). TikTok Ads are not free and can be created using the TikTok Ads account according to your budget, schedule, and requirement.

Key Features of TikTok Ads

TikTok advertising is booming these days, and it has reasons for the same.

  • TikTok High Reach to Generation Z: TikTok is very popular among the young generation or Gen Z. Its unique features and creative tools make it a great platform for business advertisements that directly impact generation Z.
  • Reach of TikTok Videos: TikTok provides a free platform for video creation across many countries. It reaches its customers in approximately 155 countries, thus making it an appropriate platform for advertisement.
  • TikTok High User’s Engagement: TikTok’s unique and creative features with diverse tools keep users engaged for more than an hour on average. It is an impactful engagement time for noticeable brand endorsement.
  • Different Ads Format: TikTok supports various ad formats like In-feed ads, top view ads, brand takeover ads, and branded hashtag challenges. These ad formats encourage enormous engagement among the range of users belonging to different zones. 
  • Multi-Lingual: TikTok supports approximately 75 languages worldwide. Users can be from different regions and can belong to different language zones. It has extensive coverage across the globe.

What is Snowflake?

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Snowflake is a cloud computing-based data warehousing company launched in October 2014, based in Bozeman, Montana. Snowflake’s Data Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that provides data storage with processing, and analytic solutions. Snowflake data storage services are faster, easier to use, and more flexible than traditional offerings.

Snowflake eliminates the need for hardware infrastructure of the traditional data warehouses. The Snowflake data platform is built on a new SQL query engine which is designed for cloud storage and services. It offers special features and unique storage and processing capabilities that fit an enterprise analytic database.

tiktok ads to snowflake: snowflake architecture
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Snowflake’s architecture is a unique hybrid of traditional shared-disk database and shared-nothing database architectures. It contains a central data repository that is accessible from all nodes in the platform and works in cluster mode as well.

Snowflake’s architecture consists of three main layers:

  • Database Storage: Snowflake manages all aspects of data storage. It stored optimized data in the columnar format in cloud storage. Data objects stored in Snowflake can not be accessed directly by the users but are accessible through SQL Query operations.
  • Query Processing: Snowflake executes queries using ‘Virtual warehouses’. Each virtual house is an independent cloud cluster node that does not share resources among themselves.
  • Cloud Services: At this layer, various cloud services of Snowflake like Authentication, Infrastructure and Metadata management, Query parsing and optimization, and Access control takes place.

Key Features of Snowflake

Here are some of the features of Snowflake as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution:

  • Snowflake enables you to enhance your Analytics Pipeline by transitioning from nightly Batch Loads to Real-time Data Streams, allowing you to improve the quality and speed of your analytics. By enabling Secure, Concurrent, and Monitoring Access to your Data Warehouse across your organization, you can improve the quality of analytics at your company.
  • Snowflake uses the Caching Paradigm to deliver the results from the cache swiftly. To avoid re-generating the report when nothing has changed, Snowflake employs Persistent (within the session) Query results.
  • Snowflake allows you to get rid of silos and ensure access to meaningful insights across the enterprise, resulting in better Data-driven Decision-Making. This is a crucial first step toward bettering partner relationships, optimizing pricing, lowering operational expenses, increasing sales effectiveness, and more.
  • Snowflake allows you to better analyze Customer Behaviour and Product Usage. You can also use the whole scope of data to ensure Customer Satisfaction, drastically improve product offers, and foster Data Science innovation.
  • Snowflake allows you to create your own Data Exchange, which allows you to communicate live, controlled data securely. It also encourages you to improve data relationships throughout your business units, as well as with your partners and customers.

Why Integrate TikTok Ads to Snowflake?

The popular advertising platform TikTok Ads is used to increase engagement, brand awareness, and revenue. You probably want to analyze the various metrics of ad campaign performance with different channels, such as sales data from your CRM, billing, or support, if you’re using TikTok Ads to target business professionals with your marketing campaigns.

This will help you figure out which channels and campaigns are most effective at generating leads and revenue for your business. Integrate TikTok Ads to Snowflake so you can identify efficient marketing channels and ascertain the lifetime value of your customers using all the business data in Snowflake.

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TikTok Ads to Snowflake Integration

To run the analytical queries on TikTok Ads data, the organization needs to load TikTok Ads to Snowflake. Using Snowflake features and capabilities, it is easy to analyze and visualize the TikTok Ads data. Furthermore, it gives an elaborative inside picture of Ads running on TikTok. Using Snowflake, the efficiency of TikTok Ads, and the company’s performance, can be calibrated. Accordingly, steps can be taken to improve organization performance and ROI.

Method 1: Using Hevo to Set Up TikTok Ads to Snowflake

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Hevo provides an Automated No-code Data Pipeline that helps you move your TikTok Ads to Snowflake. Hevo is fully-managed and completely automates the process of not only loading data from your 150+ data sources(including 40+ free sources)but also enriching the data and transforming it into an analysis-ready form without having to write a single line of code. Its fault-tolerant architecture ensures that the data is handled securely and consistently with zero data loss. Manual data transfer process is very time-consuming and also needs technical knowledge for the same. An easy solution is offered by Hevo to do the same in a few minutes.

Follow the steps mentioned below to connect TikTok Ads to Snowflake using Hevo.

  • Step 1: In the Asset Palette, click on PIPELINES.
    • Step 1.1: In the Pipelines List View, Click on +CREATE.
    • Step 1.2: Now the screen will show various source options. From the options, select TikTok Ads on the Select Source Type page.
    • Step 1.3: To configure TikTok Ads click +ADD TIKTOK ADS ACCOUNT on the Configure your source page.
tiktok ads to snowflake: configure tiktok ads account
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  • Step 1.4: Now, Log in to your TikTok Ads account using your email Id or phone number.
tiktok ads to snowflake: log in to tiktok ads account
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  • Step 1.5: After successful login into the TikTok Ads account, authorize Hevo to access your TikTok Ads account and related statistics by clicking on Confirm button. Note: The permissions that Hevo needs to successfully load data are auto-selected.
tiktok ads to snowflake: Hevo permissions
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  • Step 1.6: Configure the TikTok Ads Source page with the following entries and click the TEST & CONTINUE button.
    • Pipeline Name: Give a unique name for the Pipeline, not exceeding 255 characters.
    • Ad Accounts: Select the TikTok Ad account(s) from which data needs to be extracted.
    • Historical Sync Duration: The duration for which the existing data in the Source must be synced. Default duration: 1 Year.
tiktok ads to snowflake: configure tiktok ads as source
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  • Step 1.7: Now proceed further with the data ingestion configuration and Destination setup.
  • Step 2: Configuring Snowflake as a Destination
    • Step 2.1: In the Asset Palette, Click on DESTINATIONS.
tiktok ads to snowflake: choose destination
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  • Step 2.2: Once the Destinations List View opens, click on the +CREATE button.
  • Step 2.3: Select Snowflake for the Destination type, on the Add Destination Page.
  • Step 2.4: Now configure the Snowflake warehouse with the following details:
    • Destination Name: Give a unique name for your Destination.
    • Snowflake Account URL: Give the Snowflake account URL.
    • Database User: Give the database user name which has a non-administrative role in the Snowflake database.
    • Database Password: Password of the database user.
    • Database Name: Give the name of the Snowflake database where the data is to be loaded.
    • Database Schema: Give the name of the destination database schema where the data is to be loaded.
    • Warehouse: Give the Snowflake warehouse name which is associated with your database, where the SQL queries and DML operations are to be performed.
tiktok ads to snowflake: configure snowflake as destination
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Choose advanced settings as per your requirement.

  • Step 2.5: Click on the TEST CONNECTION button to test the connection.
  • Step 2.6: After a successful test connection, click SAVE & CONTINUE to finish the set-up process.
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Method 2: Using Custom Code to Move Data from TikTok Ads to Snowflake

The first method is to manually integrate TikTok Ads to Snowflake using TikTok Marketing API. Follow the steps mentioned below to connect TikTok Ads to Snowflake manually.

Step 1: Prerequisite

  • An active Snowflake account with adequate privileges.

Step 2: Transfer TikTok Ads data to Google Sheets

tiktok ads to snowflake: marketing api
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  • From TikTok, Marketing API registers as a developer and obtains your Auth code and access token from the app’s settings.
  • Transfer TikTok Ads data to Google sheet using the full request URL in the request URL field, and include your access token in the Headers section, where Key = Access-Token and Value = your token. For detail click here. With the full request URL, the data will be as shown in the below image.
tiktok ads to snowflake: cofigure api request
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Step 3: Load data from Google Sheets to Snowflake

To load TikTok data from Google Sheets to Snowflake, you need to build a custom-built data migration script to get the job done. 

  • Login to Google Developer Console and Enable Google Sheets API.
tiktok ads to snowflake: load data from google sheets to snowflake
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  • Create Key credentials and download them to use during migration.
  • Now time to migrate data from Google Sheet to Snowflake using Python script.
  • Copy your saved Google Sheets API credentials into googlesheets.json file.
  • Copy your saved Snowflake credentials into Snowflake.json file.
  • Install below python packages for Google sheet and Snowflake connection.
pip install –upgrade Snowflake-connector-python

pip install gspread oauth2client PyOpenSSL
  • Run Python script for Google sheet data transfer.
  • Check if data is properly transferred by running SQL Query on Snowflake Worksheet.


In this article, you have learned to integrate TikTok Ads to Snowflake using Hevo. Data is not easy to work with, and uploading it to the Dataware house in the required schema is not an easy task. It needs expertise and hands-on to do the same for a non-technical guy. But using hevo, even a non-technical guy can also load TikTok Ads to Snowflake with a few clicks. Hevo’s flexibility, reliability, and easy-to-use GUI make it highly recommended for data loading from different sources to the destination data warehouse.

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